Facebook buys social media aggregator FriendFeed

Facebook 'breaches Canadian law'

Facebook is breaching Canadian law by holding on to users' personal information indefinitely. Read the complete story by visiting ASK FACEBOOK TO RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY page. While you are visiting the page, please take advantage of the action center's INVITE…Read More

Latest news about Facebook's effort on privacy.

Facebook has privacy gaps: Canadian watchdog

Twitter Hack Raises Flags on Security

You might think your password protects the confidential information stored on Web sites. But as Twitter executives discovered, that is a dangerous assumption. To read the complete story, you must visit our page. Please use your invite tool and invite your…Read More

Facebook plans to simplify privacy settings

Google admits to cracking Facebook private data

Over the weekend, Google admitted it used private information about Facebook users to target advertising, AllFacebook reports READ MORE
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