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Help Refresh Ase in January

Dear Ase Cause Members, Thanks for your support in our December 2010 fundraiser. With your help - via donations and word-spreading - we raised over $12,000! And now the fun is just beginning... We were informed by The Pepsi Refresh Project that we were…Read More

Ase Academy Updates + Need Your Help

Dear Ase Cause Members - We're engaged in an exciting summer, getting ready to launch our 12th year in the fall. We received a capacity building grant to enhance operations, we'll be launching a new website later in the summer, and we're working with some…Read More

4 hours left

If you're reading this and haven't voted yet, now's the time. the contest is over at 11:59pm. We need every vote we can get. Vote now, go into chat and ask friends to vote. Call/text people. If a bunch of you can grab us 2-5 additional votes before midnight,…Read More

Chase contest extended to Saturday at midnight

More time for Ase/Lions Story to get more votes, just like every other organization competing near the top. So if you haven't voted yet and thought you'd run out of time, you now have until midnight TODAY (Saturday) to help us stay in the running. Please…Read More

Last Day. Please Click to Vote Now.

Dear Cause Members - Lions Story Inc / Ase Academy is in the running for one of the Chase Community Giving $25,000 awards, but we need to make up some ground then secure our position. Your vote will make that happen. The contest ends Friday night,…Read More

Please vote so we can win.

We're in the final week of the Chase Community Giving Campaign. If you haven't done so yet, please vote for Ase's parent nonprofit org, Lions Story Inc., by clicking this link, http://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/charities/1297334. We're in the…Read More

10 Days Left in Competition, 30 Days Left in Year

All - Ase Academy/Lion's Story Inc is trying to reach 3 goals over the next month... 1. Win $25,000 through Chase Community Giving. We must be one of the top 100 vote-getting organizations to win, so please help us get there by voting today and encouraging…Read More
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