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Please join Asante Mariamu for our first fundraiser in the Washington DC area!

Friends and supporters, Please join us on October 15 for some award-winning barbecue, authentic Tanzanian food and crafts, and the opportunity to meet an outstanding woman named Vicky Ntetema, the former BBC Bureau Chief in Tanzania who first brought to light…Read More

Watch ABC 20/20 Friday August 27 at 10PM ET

FROM ABC News pressroom: Imagine being hunted down by another human because your body is thought to possess magical powers that people want to bottle. That is the gruesome reality for people with albinism living in Tanzania, Africa.…Read More

Attacks against people with albinism on the rise in Tanzania

The year 2010 has witnessed a growing global awareness of the plight of people with albinism in East Africa. Sadly, the brutal acts of violence are on the rise, with five attacks in the last two months. Of those five attacks, a four year-old child was…Read More

Another brutal attack in Tanzania occurred two days ago against a person with albinism

On April 10 Said Abdullah, 41 yr-old man with albinism was attacked by two men and his arm was chopped off. The incident took place in Merela village about 300 km west of Dar es Salaam. Said, a farmer, was fetching firewood in the bush when two Maasai…Read More

Rep. Connolly presents Mariamu's shawls to President Obama

Yesterday, Congressman Gerald E. Connolly presented the two shawls that Mariamu brought for President Obama and the First Lady at the White House. Connolly was at the White House to attend a bill signing ceremony for a jobs bill known as the HIRE Act, and he…Read More

Congress passes House Resolution 1088 to support people with albinism in E. Africa

Yesterday, Congress passed House Resolution 1088 recognizing the plight of people with Albinism in E Africa! Congressman Gerald E. Connolly (D-VA) was joined by more than 30 co-sponsors, and the House Resolution received 418 YAY and 1 NAY (Rep. Ron Paul).…Read More
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