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Be the first to win the long-awaited Rwandan Children's Choir music CD. We will deliver it to your door. Up to three CDs to be won, fully autographed by all the 24 children. Plus three other gifts. The trick? Invite the most friends to join the choir cause.…Read More


It's Coming

Dear Asante Choir Champion, Thank you for being a part of something really big and meaningful. A few people have made it possible for me to go to Rwanda this Thursday to capture the stories of these children for you. I will be returning with pictures and…Read More

And the winner is...

Kennewick, Washington

A New Name

What a mouthful the phrase "Rwandan Children's Choir" is! The Choir is actually called ASANTE which is a Swahili word for "Thank you". Thanks to Amy for the cool logo.
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