Hurricane Beryl Pummels the Caribbean and Eastern Texas

How concerned are you about this year's hurricane season?

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    last Wednesday

    Call out the climate change deniers.

    Make corporations that have high carbon footprints accountable for restitution to those devastated by climate change. 

    Invest in clean renewable energy. 

    Utilize & incentivize the use of clean renewable energies. 

    Work with other countries to do the same. 

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    Yesterday at 12:45 AM

    Republicans can’t even make the power grid work in the one state with the most energy  

    Historic Texas power outage begins to have deadly consequences as heat continues.


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    Yesterday at 12:12 PM

    Good thing I don't live anywhere near the Atlantic.  Hurricane Beryl is just the first hurricane to make landfall in the USA this season.  There will be a lot more!  The surface seawater of the Atlantic ocean between Africa and the USA this past May was the hottest ever recorded.  This could be one of the worst hurricane seasons in living memory!  

    The Hotter the Water the Stronger the Hurricanes!  

    By the way---

    Last year we did it.  

    We had an entire year with the global surface temperature more than 1,5 Degrees Celsius higher the pre-industrial average temperature!  


    This was NOT supposed to happen for another decade or more!!  


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    last Tuesday

    While I don't live in a hurricane-prone area, I am very concerned about the devastating effects a record hurricane season (as predicted, and off to a bad start) could present to our country. 

    At a time when insurance companies are raising rates or dropping states from their coverage, FEMA is fighting for its existence in the face of Republican promises to defund it, and a severe housing shortage in nearly every state, how will we handle the effects of even one major storm, let alone a dozen? 

    I'm going to say it again, doing nothing about climate change as these disasters continue to ravage our economy and threaten lives and homes is NOT conservative. We have a chance to prepare and prevent these disasters, but most politicians are doing nothing about it. 

    When will we learn?

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    Today at 6:06 AM

    Hey Reps.! Sat. 7/13 @ 8:30AM starts DAY 5 WITH NO ELECTRICITY even in My Republican't Party controlled Montgomery County, just north of Houston/Harris county!!

    WHERE THE F$CK ARE YOU GUYS! That means YOU ...

    TX Senate District 4 Creighton!

    TX House District 15 Toth!

    TX Gov. Abbortt(sp?😂)! (Oh yeah, overseas trade conference)

    TX Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick!

      (I still wish @Causes had successfully setup

       contacting State Reps. as well!)

    US House District 2 Rep. Crenshaw!

    US Senator Cornyn!

    US Senator Cruz!



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    Yesterday at 3:50 PM

    Preview of life in the U.S. under Project 2025 as the State of Texas tries to implement Project 2025 recommendations, specificly those for DHS (FEMA) and DOE to make states responsible and privatize energy.

    Expect more hurricanes like Beryl as they start earlier in the season and double in frequency due to climate change which Project 2025 will make worse when DOE increases support for fossil fuels, rescinds green investments and privatizes energy development and infrastructure like power grids.

    The Texas privatized power grid failed once again during a heat wave and hurricane, and the state of Texas delayed requests for FEMA response because Project 2025 (DHS changes) calls for FEMA to be handled by states not the federal government with disastrous results for Texans.

    Meanwhile hospitals aren't discharging patients and are overflowing so an arena has been set up to handle patient overflow. Home medical equipment is failing with no powe so people needing it either die or try to get help from overwhelmed hospitals, as well as, those suffering heat stroke from days of 100+ F temperatures and no ac, and delays in setting up cooling centers and providing water. EMTs and ambulances are unavailable because they can't drop off patients to overflowing emergency rooms.

    No wonder Abbott left the state for Taiwan business development (trying to get a piece of Biden's Chip Development from Taiwan for Texas?) just like Cancun Cruz did during a blizzard letting overwhelmed state officials struggle with problems caused by privatized, profit driven energy companies (Project 2025 vision for DHS, DOE)

    " Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick...Houston officials transformed NRG Arena, one of the event spaces used by the city’s annual rodeo and livestock show, into a field hospital for 250 discharged patients to free up space in local hospitals. He said this is necessary because several area hospitals are having trouble accommodating new patients."

    "Some patients have seen their discharges delayed because medications must be kept in a cool place."

    "Texas Division of Emergency Management Chief Nim Kidd said the hospital backup has also caused issues for 911 services as regional ambulances cannot drop their patients off until a room becomes available."

     “The City of Houston told us they had an ambulance shortage because all of their ambulances were in the emergency department waiting to offload patients,” Kidd said. “Some had been sitting there for three-plus hours.”

    "TDEM sent 25 additional ambulances to Houston this week and worked with local emergency services and hospitals to address the backlog in 911 calls."

    "Kidd said hospitals, physicians, and patients will decide who goes to NRG Arena. Any of the regional hospitals can send a patient to the arena."

    " we had a police officer who was shot in the leg, and when the mayor went down to see him the next day, he still didn’t have a room,” said Patrick, who is serving as acting governor this week while Gov. Greg Abbott is in Taiwan on a trade trip."

     "Texas is receiving federal aid for Hurricane Beryl later than needed because state leaders were slow to request an official disaster declaration from the White House"

     " With Gov. Greg Abbott out of the country on an economic development trip in Asia, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has served as acting governor amid the storm, making him responsible for putting in the state’s request for aid."

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    last Wednesday

    And it continues! Still NO power since 8:30 Monday morning! What a clusterf$ck!

    Continue to run our generator a little more often since the gas companies have finally caught up with demand. Lines for gas still exist but I haven't seen lines with more than 5-10 cars waiting!

    As for our energy provider, they didn't coordinate well with getting people and trucks together! That's on them!

    As for ALL MY REPS., state, local and national, all share a majority of the blame! 



    Hoping for power this evening, but there is talk of it taking till the weekend due to the Huge Amount of tree damage.

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    last Tuesday

    Damn concerned.  We have brought these destructive forces on ourselves via climate change due to our refusal to transition to green energy and now we're all paying the price.  So, to the big oil/gas/coal/auto companies and all other high poluting companies and to ourselves for not demanding change when we were first warned all of our/their money will not ward off the effects of these disasters on all of us.  Way to go idiots.

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    last Tuesday

    On an hour or so on the generator to keep the fridge up and at this hour, connect to the internet! Texas Power Sucks! Hear Me Reps!

    Figured we'd over prepped! Ok, some 95 mph winds HERE IN MONTGOMERY COUNTY! Electric out at 8:30 am this morning! Lots of shit down all over! Have Abbortt(sp?😂) or Paxton or any other part of the Texas legislature learned anything, much less done anything, year over year, to LEARN ANYTHING from how Mother Nature is Not Liking our current actions and trying to do ANYTHING/SOMETHING about it?

    In any case, the say power back up maybe TOMORROW!🤞🖕