IT: Trump has been convicted of 34 felonies, and... Are you concerned about election interference this year?

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    This is a strong reason to get rid of the electoral college in federal elections to stop the corruption, the voter fraud in the the electoral college, the gerrymandering, the dark money, citizens United and all religion out of government. To Up hold the separation of church and state, and also the separation of corporations and states! Power and Money corruptes absolutely and strips freedom and rights from the individual. To give up freedom for security you end up with neither, nor a democracy!

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     A Nevada judge on Friday dismissed a case against six false electors who declared former President Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election

    america no more a country of law and order! 

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    Trump was a great actor as president. Now he is Don the Con. Waiting 

    for a visa with Stormy Daniels!

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    Lindsey Graham calling Biden a felon

    when any person stoops so low they lose the right to be called a human

    if biden is a felon there are simply no words in the dictionary to describe your dear leader let alone you? 

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    Trump says business executives should be 'fired for incompetence' if they don't support him

    intimidation, retribution, unwarranted harassment, abuse of power, traitorous & treasonous acts, nepotism, bribery are the new norm for republicans

    And these greedy dodos continue to fund a brainless twit thinking they will make out like bandits, in the short term perhaps but they would have destroyed this country to their own detriment 




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    I do worry about election interference based on how Russia HAS BEEN ACTIVELY MEDDLING WITH ELECTIONS ACROSS EUROPE!!!  I do worry when the "GLOAT" (Greatest LOSER of All Time), brags how he can get Americans held in Russia out for nothing, HOWEVER IT WILL NOT BE FOR NOTHING!!!  It will be at the cost of Ukraine and any other country Putin wants to invade.  So we know Putin helped the "GLOAT" in the past, he has more incentive to do it again in 2024!!!

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    pls share with as many trumpers as possible!

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    Justice Clarence Thomas formally reports trip to Bali paid for by conservative donor


    cant buy your own tickets & meals? shame on your grift and greed - no wonder they like bozo - birds of a feather 

    how do these jerks get a pass and such appointments with such low standards? 

    shame on congress

    shame on scotus 

    impeach / #13 / #termlimits

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    The only concern I have about election interference is the bullies stalking the polling places who claim they are monitoring the integrity but are really just harassing anyone who might not be voting their way.   

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    @Causes, what's going on? Why are you still doing the long threads that we can't navigate? 

    Why aren't there daily opportunities for us to engage with our representatives?

    What's your relationship with Gravvy?


    Your regular contributors are waiting for you to communicate, Causes.