IT: 馃毎 The EPA imposed a drinking water limit on 'forever chemicals,' and... How can you promote animal welfare on National Pet Day?

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    Happy to see that we have a national pet day.聽 All pets deserve to be cared for and loved.

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    First, I volunteer my time & money to save abandoned animals, am a vocal advocate for wild horses & the environment, and have my own pets at home.聽

    Second, your topics are not timely, are left to fester on this site for weeks, all while legislation & court decisions are being made, eroding the rights of US citizens.聽

    In some states, women no longer have autonomy over their own bodies. If you don't have dominion over your body, you don't have freedom, liberty, or rights. We're more than half the population in the USA...and not a peep from you???

    When asked how fascism starts, Bertrand Russell replied, "First, they fascinate the fools. Then, they muzzle the intelligent." 聽

    Have you been muzzled??? 聽Or, just succumbed to the greed of profit, running ads a posting arbitrary, little meaning threads every other week?