馃寧 Are You Ready To Take Action Against Climate Change?

Donate to your favorite climate orgs with our Climate Spread, and help us protect our planet and its inhabitants.

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    Another reminder that individuals are not the biggest problem.


    We must call on the big polluters to stop!

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    I do all that I can to reduce carbon. I recycle, reuse, walk, have eliminated single use plastics, eat vegetarian, utilize solar, and my next vehicle will be electric. Those who should be paying, are those making a profit with a large carbon footprint.

    Here are the companies with the biggest carbon footprint. https://amp.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2017/jul/10/100-fossil-fuel-companies-investors-responsible-71-global-emissions-cdp-study-climate-change

    Our government needs to work with other governments around the world to move to sustainable, renewable, green energy sources!!!

    Stop lining your campaign coffers with dirty energy! And, for the sake of humanity, DO something that will make a difference!

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    Have spent time reducing my personal carbon footprint, and encouraging legislation that will better regulate activities impacting climate which is all I can do at a personal level.

    1) recycle metals, paper, plastics, etc which is what our county facility handles. Our country recycling rate is 60%+ while our state is only 30%, and our building is among the top contributors recycling more than the County rate. Recently our County made it illegal for businesses not to recycle as business is responsible for 50% of waste in the county, and food service from using polystyreneproducts. Has made me very aware of the level of waste and trying to buy upfront things packaged in an eco-friendly way.

    2) use public transit when possible, and Ubers if not. Uber also has a feature to request EV cars though I've notice 50% of my drivers have EVs without using this feature.

    3) discontinue Snail Mail as much as possible. Use email option on all accounts, and request vendors remove me from snail mail lists, email only communication. Unbelievable amount of paper eliminated, and less mail in the box. Also use the option in shipments to consolidate into 1 delivery which also gives me a discount credited back to my credit card.

    4) replaced all light bulbs with eco friendly. This was a building wide initiative that was encouraged by handing out free bulbs for every non eco friendly bulb turned in.

    5) switched to rechargeable batteries so I'm not disposing them. They cost more but it's a one-time purchase. Also have experimenting with solar lighting to see if I can replace all my lighting with this. If I owned the rooftop I would go solar like most if friends gave which is an investment that quickly pays off. Interested in the new biofilms to see if I can use it n my windows.

    6) switch off heating & cooling as much as possible and adjust for temperature using clothing layering.

    7) went vegan for the most part with only occasional animal protein usually fish.

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    The most important thing we can do is to advocate for climate-friendly policies: Engage with our representatives and strongly advocate for policies that prioritize climate action.聽

    The best way to advocate for climate-friendly policies is to find, support, and keep an eye on truly Progressive Candidates. This rules out every single Republican politician as well as a fair number of Democratic politicians.

    I repeat a link to an article previously posted by @larubia:

    Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global 聽emissions, study says

    It will not be easy.聽

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    I've supported organizations and chosen earth saving practices for decades. Sometimes I'm better than others, but I'm mindful to do what I can.

    i try to practice zero waste as much as possible, which is to practice these habits in order. It's also to try to avoid recycling as much as possible.

    Recycling is actually downcycling. That water bottle cannot be recycled into another water bottle because it's lesser quality the next time. It might be a thin grocery bag, and the version after that and eventually will be microplastics. So I avoid things that will be garbage, but I also avoid things that are only downcycled recycling. (Even most cans are lined with plastic.) If both my trash can and recycling can are both empty or near it that week, I know it's been a good week.

    Also, zero waste is cheaper! With higher prices now avoiding packaging lowers costs. You also realize a lot of stuff you've bought out of habit, you really don't need. Buy in bulk and bring your own (non plastic) containers.聽

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    its wrong to put the burden on consumers. Capitalism has no mechinism to hold corporations accountable for the destruction they caused, and continue to cause and profit from. blaming private citizens lazy, and distracts from the need to seize the wealth of pollutors, nationalize oil production and quickly transition to sustainable energy

    I have not made a dime destroying the planet. I'm not fracking in my yard. citizens have no real choices in avoiding products and actions that contribute to the climate dissaster. We are forced to drive a car that burns gasoline-very few people can afford E cars. water comes in plastic bottles. food comes wrapped in plastic.聽

    society will have to change the way products are manufactured, what products we use. but before we can address this, first the issue of capitalist production must be delt with. Capitalism's only driving force is profit, and they have made a killing destroying the environment.

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    I do intend to take climate action in every way I can! I write to my representatives and governor nearly every day asking for specific actions they can take to stop the crisis.

    We must ignore the anti-science deniers and industries standing in the way and stop the climate crisis now.聽

    Our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews will not forgive us if we do not do our part to ensure they have a safe, healthy future on this planet.

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    We are in trouble--folks! 聽

    Las year was the hottest year globally in Human History. 聽

    And the first 2 months of 2024 is even HOTTER! 聽

    Do you remember that scientists have been saying for decades that we must keep our Earth's global average surface temperature below 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels? 聽

    Well, both January and February 2024 set new records AND they both were more than 1,5 degrees Celsius higher than preindustrial levels... 聽

    This could be a Barn Burner... 聽

    More Wildfires. 聽Heavier Rainfall when it does rain. 聽But More Drought most places. 聽Bigger badder storms and hurricanes. 聽And Hotter days and nights--deadly heat that kills people who work outside. 聽