House Impeaches Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

Do you support the impeachment effort?

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    Mike Johnson appears to be the secret love child of Leonard Leo and Ginny Thomas, conceived in the woods at midnight during a Christian Nationalist Coven ceremony involving burning requisite totems in a raging campfire.  Someone must have said this somewhere - so, by Republican Cartel logic, it must be true.

    Mike Johnson, as most House members of the Republican Cartel, is incapable of breaking with the goal of formulating a constant stream of disinformation to enrage their MAGA branch’s conspiracy laden base. 

    Johnson reminds me a lot of that homeless drug addict who had a remarkably good speaking voice that people tried to rehabilitate a few years back. Many tried to reform this drug addled homeless man and failed. 

    It appears that Johnson also, cannot overcome his Christian Nationalist’s idolatry of the trump to do what is best for the nation - and just stop the formulated disinformation, warrantless impeachment endeavors and obstructionism for the political expediency of demeaning the Cartel’s political arch-enemies. 

    This BS would stop if Mike Johnson could put the practice of being an actual Christian before his ambitions tied to being a Christian Nationalist and a trump idolator.

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    Better idea: instead of trying to take down the Biden administration, why not DO YOUR JOB?


    It is the responsibility of CONGRESS to put in place effective immigration laws. Day one, Biden had a plan! And, here we are with Republicans fiddly f*ing doing nothing, but blame Biden, impeach Mayorkis, and obstruct!  

    If you are upset about immigration, you need to look at Republicans. They are the reason for the failure at the border  


    DAY ONE IMMIGRATION BILL: U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021
    On his first day in office, President Biden sent the Biden-Harris immigration reform bill to Congress, outlining his transformative vision and commitment to building a 21st century immigration system that welcomes immigrants and refugees. While the legislative text has not been made publicly available, the White House released a fact sheet revealing key provisions of the bill, known as the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021. The members of Congress leading the introduction of the Biden-Harris immigration bill are Rep. Linda Sánchez (D-CA) in the House and Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) in the Senate.

    Select Key Provisions
    In a dramatic shift away from the prior administration’s harsh immigration rhetoric, the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 promotes inclusion. The bill removes the word “alien” from immigration law and replaces it with “noncitizen.” This bill is a welcome departure from the racism and xenophobia of the Trump era and provides funding to promote integration and inclusion, increasing English-language instruction, and providing assistance to individuals seeking to become U.S. citizens.

    Core to this bill is the creation of new pathways to U.S. citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants who live, work, and are an essential part of the United States. Undocumented individuals are permitted to initially apply for temporary lawful status with the ability to apply for lawful permanent residence after five years, whereas DACA recipients, people with temporary protected status (TPS), and farm workers are eligible to apply for lawful permanent residence immediately. After three years, qualifying lawful permanent residents under this bill are permitted to apply for citizenship.

    According to the outline, the bill also:

    Includes provisions from the NO BAN Act, which, among other things, seeks to prevent any president from issuing future bans such as the discriminatory Muslim and African bans — bans the Biden administration rescinded on Day One — by limiting dangerously overbroad executive authority to suspend people from entering the U.S.
    Aims to reduce the ballooning immigration court backlog by improving technology and expanding training for immigration judges. In an effort to make immigration court proceedings more fair, the bill provides immigration judges with discretion to review cases and grant relief to certain individuals. The bill also authorizes funding for legal orientation programs and counsel for children and vulnerable individuals.
    Supports asylum-seekers by eliminating the one-year filing deadline for asylum claims and allocating additional funding to reduce asylum application backlogs.
    Protects vulnerable populations by raising the annual cap of U visas from 10,000 to 30,000.
    Removes barriers to family-based immigration, repealing the three- and ten-year bars, as well as the permanent bar on admission for individuals unlawfully present in the United States from adjusting to lawful status.
    Seeks to reduce lengthy visa backlogs by recapturing immigrant visas lost to bureaucratic delays.
    Improves protections for immigrant workers, ensuring that victims of serious labor violations are afforded an opportunity to apply for relief from deportation without fear of retaliation.
    Creates a $4 billion four-year interagency plan that would provide assistance to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to address the underlying causes of migration, and creates new systems for Central Americans to initiate the process — from within their countries — of seeking protection and resettlement to the United States or other partner countries.
    Calls for the deployment of improved technologies at U.S. ports of entry and in between ports of entry. While the bill’s fact sheet mentions that the DHS inspector general is authorized to conduct oversight of this technology, the fact sheet does not address to what extent it will include robust privacy laws to prevent the sharing of data between local, state, federal, and foreign agencies for use in immigration enforcement. Mass data collection of personal information and the storage of sensitive information is increasingly vulnerable to misuse by government employees and foreign actors.
    The fact sheet does not specifically address immigrants’ access to health care and nutrition supports for those obtaining lawful immigration status under this bill. Current law denies many types of immigrants access to such programs, leading to harmful effects that have been profoundly exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular because of the high number of immigrants who are essential workers. Given the importance of addressing these access barriers, we will closely analyze and advocate for immigrant-inclusive proposals in this and other legislation.

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    Lying to Congress should be an impeachable offense.  Being totally incompetent may not reach a level of impeachable offense but if the Secretary had any self respect he would resign.  I agree he is just a puppet of President Biden but he should have some self respect, which he does not.  Why Democrats would let millions of "illegal" immigrants, of which also include gang members is a travesty.  

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    The split screen of the House failing to impeach Mayorkas while the Senate Republicans were melting down over refusal to pass a bill they wrote was just classic Republican dysfunction and reminds us why we should never give them the chance to govern again. 

    The Republicans had a once-in-generations chance to fix the border and obtain far too many concessions for Democrats like me to love, but instead of taking the win, they'd rather blame others and do nothing so that the border can stay as it is for another year just to please their dictator Donald. 

    I hope Johnson continues to fail at leadership, I hope Biden and the Democrats run on having tried to fix the border, and I hope Donald continues ruining that party by turning them all against each other.

    This is what the GOP has wrought.

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    I didn't think it was possible for extremist republicans to fail at counting votes, BUT THEY DID!  


    Math is not a republican strength...

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    So the oath is only for the Republicans? This is absolutely disgusting behavior 

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    Yesterday at 7:42 AM

    a nation founded on stolen land by immigrants submitting to isolationism is selfish, evil... and, just asinine.

    its like Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes grew up, had a kid... and, started chastising the kid for having imaginary friends.

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    Yesterday at 2:34 AM

    This is political nonsense from the MAGA CLOWN CAUCUS.

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    last Thursday

    The law should either be enforced or amended. 

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    STUPID!  Means nothing and cost Taxpayers a lot.

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    Get a rope and a tree for the Parasite

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    Expidite trump persecution and stop squandering our taxpayer dollars putting Fanni Willis on trial when trump is tenfold  guilty of the same and worse.

    Far worse. 

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    Instead of spending so much time on non-issues, I wish the House would "do their jobs" and produce legislation.

    And by the way, President Biden is the current President of the USA. So why are members of Congress getting their marching orders from Citizen T ???

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    This guy is the worst leader we had in this position. Get rid of him. He is hurting the country.

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    Absolutely impeach!

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    Please stop wasting tax dollars on this foolishness. Republicans refused to even look at a border deal despite blaming democrats for years. Please get others to do there jobs. Work for the people not for Donald Trump.

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    Speaker Johnson waste his time totally on this kind of nothingness, all the while people are dying violently in Ukraine and he sits on his thumbs acting out his role of Donald Trump's meat puppet. He does the same thing with the legislation on the border it was everything the Republicans have asked for Did Johnson pass it absolutely not why because he's Trump's meat puppet and Trump wants to run on it the Republican Party does nothing at all to serve this nation.

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    This totally a politically motivated move by the Republicans.  They did not present any evidence of Secretary Mayorkas' violating any laws.  No evidence of high crimes or misdemeanors.  Not that Republicans feel they need any evidence in any of their investigations.

    The MAGA Republicans are desparate to find things to make President Biden look bad.  It needs to be called out as such as well.

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    this impeachment is a another waste of time by congressional Republicans.There are no charges of high crimes or misconduct that would warrant an impeachment. This is going to be swiftly dismissed in the US Senate. Congressional Republicans are just throwing red meat to their base for more election year showboating.

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    Republicans try to blame the president as to the cost of goods and high prices? That is not how the free market works, government has no control of the market or price control. Price control would be a communist country like Russia, North Korea, China, Cuba and many others that country that prices control and kick backs. 
    What causing inflation and high prices is corporate greed and the buy back of stock to boost portfolio, sort of like insider trading of their own stock buying and sell. Corporations run the stock then pay the employees in inflated stock. Which usually collapse the price, but corporations get it as a write off and you got stuck with taxes. Example, I was pay in stock it, took 10 years to get back to the Price at which I got the stock at in the first place.

    Corporate gree is at the root of all the problems they pit communities, states and counties against each other by design. There really is not a thing as a free market when capitalism is price fixing like OPEC. Energy price fixing in Texassssss.

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    He does not have the national security of our country at heart. I don't know who he is working for, but it is not America and Americans. 
    Having said that, there are other members of the Democrat Party that are not working in our interests either.

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    Blaming others for the abject failure of the House to address the issue as statesmen would and should is a new extreme in dirty politics and dishonest projection. Those who voted for this have no regard for honesty, the law, or their responsibility. So very ugly. 

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    Republicans fail to pass legislation to deal with the border, tying the hands of those in charge with dealing with the border. Then they try to blame the guy stuck dealing with it.  More gross incompetence on the part of our legislators.   

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    We the people are sick and tired of our elected representatives doing what is best for their party and NOT what is best for the country!

    if you can't do what is right you need to find a new vocation!  I will not say job because you aren't doing your job now.  

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    Distract, Distract, Distract