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    last Sunday

    In reading the bill, there might have been ways to accommodate instead of the lies that were to on the Sunday shows about it.   

    We should be looking at the total migration per day and understanding what is needed instead of blindly looking at a number. Say it comes out to 10,000 people a day. We accept all of the people who applied and have been vetted. 1 day that could be 8000, another it could be 10,000.  We do an estimate of those who cross illegally which could be another 1000 a day.

    We restrict those who did not apply until there is room. Cities should report how much room they have and jobs open and individuals should be sent to those locations during their initial stay and court proceedings. 

    Anyone who crossed the border and cannot provide proof they did it legally is automatically deported, regardless of reason. 

    No government assistance should be given past 30 days during the first 5 years someone arrives.  We have millions of job openings and we should let them work. If the economy takes a downturn, the total number of daily immigrants will reflect that until the economy improves. 

    For those claiming asylum they need to bring or show documentation why they cannot go back. Wanting to make more money or economic hardship is not a valid reason.  

    Entering through the southern border should be reserved for those south of the border. How people from china and Africa and wherever else think this is the most direct route into the United States baffles me. If they did not qualify to be allowed to fly into the US, yet flew to another country and then crossed Mexico to enter the US, then that should be a red flag and claims should be fully vetted before allowing them in. 

    Last, our border patrol needs to be protecting the border and not a bus service for thousands of people a day.  Placing the restrictions above would help ensure that those crossing illegally and those who wish to do us harm can be apprehended. 

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    I'm tired of Republicans complaining about the border and in the same breath doing nothing to try and fix it.   Incompetence.