BILL: Disease X Act of 2023 (H.R.3832)

Tell your reps to support or oppose the bill.

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    Yesterday at 5:44 PM

    This week is rare disease week on Capitol Hill. As a person who is battling Myasthenia Gravis & now Meduullary Thyroid Cancer, two rare diseases, I urge my representatives to support help & research for those battling these overlooked, serious diseases. 


     If you are too, or know someone who is, here is more information:

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    Step #1 should be to restore the protocols and early detection and early wanring teams that #45 disbanded and disabled!  That WOULD have been our protection against COVID even BECOMING a pandemic, and would protect the world TODAY had it not been destroyed.  #45 was able to destroy it because it was not required by law, and it is time now to FIX that! 

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    Much needed bipartisan legislation (2 democrats, 2 republicans) given the disorganized response to Covid which has a better than average chance of making it out of committee (12% versus 2023 average of 11%) and being enacted (4% versus 2023 average of 2%).

    "This bill expands the priorities of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) to specifically include viral threats that have the potential to cause a pandemic."

    "In particular, the bill expands the scope of innovation grants and contracts that may be awarded by BARDA to specifically include those that support research and development of certain manufacturing technology for medical countermeasures against viruses, including respiratory viruses, with pandemic potential. It also expands BARDA's authorized strategic initiatives to include advanced research, development, and procurement of countermeasures and products to address viruses with pandemic potential."

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    I strongly support this bill.  We don't need to be caught with our pants down again(thanks to Trump's eliminating Obama's pandemic group) when another looming pandemic hits.  We have the capability to be better prepared and we need to implement and expand that capavility.

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    Better to have a plan and not need it, than a tRump administration who tossed the pandemic handbook. 

    I hope the bill addresses mask and medication production in the USA. 

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    Dear Representatives,

    I wholeheartedly endorse the objectives of H.R.3832, the Disease X Act of 2023. I urge you to vote to pass it. 

    This Bill must indicate a robust backing for the CDC and a reinvigorated commitment to our ties with the health surveillance efforts of all nations, as well as those of the United Nations. It should be an "all hands-on" for those with the medical science expertise across international borders to mitigate threats of potential pandemics.

    I trust that there will be the necessary funding for the administrative and the monitoring systems, and for the the labs put on overdrive.


    Best Regards. 

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    The idea is a good one.   That being said, we have a bought and paid for SCOTUS, Special Interest groups buy our politicians and we have a Nazi quoting Fascist 2nd party (THE GOP) in, at this point I do not trust any branch of the Government at all.

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    The idea of the Disease X Act of 2023 is good.  

    It purportedly gets the country ready to deal with another pandemic like Covid and the "Spanish Flu".  


    But the devil is in the details.  

    So, as a retired physician, I would have liked more information about what this legislation says.  

    Also, I hope this bill has some plan to undo the Trumpist sabotage of Americans' trust in Public Health Procedures and Vaccines

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    One of the reasons COVID-19 was so devastating to the United States was our lack of preparedness for it, exacerbated by the incompetent Trump administration which had scrapped plans for just such a case. 

    We should have a permanent policy of readiness and preparation for another pandemic, whether it be a coronavirus, a flu outbreak, or a disease such as ebola. We do not know when the next viral outbreak will happen nor how damaging it can be, and we cannot wait until it's started to ramp up efforts to stop it.

    Since Americans are doing a terrible job of staying vaccinated and ready, it's the government's responsibility to have a plan in case the next virus evades our resistances.