BILL: Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act (H.R. 3266)

Tell your reps to support or oppose this bill.

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    Elisa S.

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    What about peace and tolerance in Israel.s education materials?  Both sides need to learn to practice tolerance and work to live peacefully.  Yes, Hamas was wrong to invade Israel, but Israel is wrong for how they have confied Palestian citizens to a narrow strip of land which is basically a concentration camp.  Furthermore, yes Israel has a duty to protect it's citizens, but they also have a duty to limit as much as possible civilian casualities in Gaza and to allow aid to reach the citzens of Gaza.  

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    Peace for Palestine and Ukraine. One was started by Hamas the other started by Russia. Both were started by someone with the idea of destruction of the other

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    This is none of our business. The country and people of Palestine are not under our jurisdictation and we should not have any influence in what is going on in their country. The fight between Israel and Palestians is older than any of us. Besides, don't we have enough problems in our own country that we are avoiding based on misled idealisms.

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    It is important for the Palestinian Education System to be free of biased hateful propaganda. Do you really think it is legitimate to allow people who want to live peacefully to have to be coerced into learning how to hate other people? If their educational materials are not regulated, why are we involved in peace keeping treaties? 

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    maybe you should teach zionists a lesson in humanity? 
    the absolute blind support in arms and aid is absolutely undeserved and directly responsible for the total takeover of palestine and palestinian genocide

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    Can someone explain to me what government does Palestine has? What is the United States policy?

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    We all know that the money going from US taxpayers into Palestine is being co-opted for nefarious purposes. This bill is an exercise in futility until we can guarantee that US money is actually funding textbooks.

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    The only way, and I mean THE ONLY WAY this legislation would have any effect is if it were called for by BOTH Israel and the Palestinians, and if it were effective WITH both jewish and arab/palestinian schools!  Arabs are Semites, just as Jews are Semites, and being against either is anti-Semitic.  BOTH are guilty of educatingchildren to hate the other, and no effort that fixes only ONE side of that will work.  In addition, the USA has no authority to monitor or control education in any other country!  Those countries must AGREE to this or it is worthless andd wasted effort!  Satecraft, not legislation, is the first step.  

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    I agree with the other posters who have expressed their concerns about the audacity of some people who think they can dictate how other countries should educate their children. While I fully believe in tolerance and compassion, I think we should focus on our own problems first. Our political system is broken, and our country is heavily divided. We have instances of book banning and the promotion of revisionistic education. Given our own issues, we have no right to tell any country how to be more open-minded.

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    I'm all for tolerance, but tolerance has to be applied equally to all parties and all parties must respect the rights of others and promote learning to co-exist with those who are different.  I'm not sure I would support this law as it seems quite one-sided.

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    Oh! Here we go again. I ask my elected representatives to vote No on this Bill. Folks definitely do not understand Tribalism of the Middle East. Our Primary education system is failing big time. Now we are going to tell other countries how and what to teach. This is a shambles.  
    I feel we should keep our nose out of others education. Our class rooms, I can only speak for our local schools, don't use books anymore. Teachers have to teach with our local school propaganda. Israel has been poked by other tribes ever since Great Britain and United Nations created Israel. Then Gaza voted to have Hamas to govern their country. I feel for the innocent Palestinians caught in the middle of this. Humas was voted in by the residents of Gaza. We should bow out from telling any other country what they should be teaching. You can see how our education system is working when folks support an individual who wants to be a dictator, others want books banned, a party wants it's citizens uneducated and ignorant. Now you are going to pass this on. 

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    Stop calling California cali. I know you are headquartered in the east bay, and apparently think you know better, but whoever thinks Cali is correct is both uneducated and uncool. It's derogatory.

    This bill just smacks of who do we think we are to me. While I might not like what they teach, it's another country. We don't get to tell them how to raise their kids. WTH. We can't even get that right here.

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    So now zionists (tail) wags the dog (USA) and directs them to legislate what is taught in palestinian schools? 
    and someone actually tabled a bill!?

    how stupid can congress be?

    is anyone telling zionists what they should teach their kids? Its okay to grab land and displace palestinians - they have been learning this for 70 years! 

    Zionists shows such outrage at the icj (typical tactic shout and flail to drown other voices out) - slaughtering 25,000 women & children IS GENOCIDE! 
    hamas is not innocent however zionists take the cake on crime! 

    America may be dumbed down but the world isn't

    Shame on congress

    Shame on the admin

    Shame on the Zionists 


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    Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act is bipartisan legislation with 34 cosponsors (21 Republicans, 13 Democrats) that has already been passed in the House (11-1-23) on a voice vote with no record of the vote, and is headed to the Senate with a better than average chance of being enacted (23% chance compared to the 2021-2023 average of 21%).

    "This bill requires the Department of State to report on the curriculum (including textbooks, leaflets, pamphlets, magazines, and other instructional materials) used in schools in areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority or located in Gaza and controlled by any other entity. Among other topics, the report must address (1) whether the materials used encourage violence or intolerance toward other nations or ethnic groups, (2) the steps the Palestinian Authority is taking to reform such materials, and (3) whether U.S. foreign assistance is used to fund the dissemination of the offending materials."

    Wondering where U.S. schools stand on teaching tolerance. This same reporting requirement should be required of U.S. schools.

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    If and when the Peace and Tolerance in Palestinian Education Act comes to a vote, I ask that you Vote No.

    Best Regards in the New Year

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    Interesting piece of legislation, but it may not be used as intended.

    I would like to see goals for both Israel and Gaza and aid tied to those goals.

    I certainly would like to stop any anti-Palestinian Propaganda Stopped in Israel.

    Given the historical treatment of Palestinians, I fully support a curriculum supporting the recreation of a free and independent Palestine

    It seems to me that Israel had lost its damn mind and therefore aid should be cut off and sanctions placed.

    It also seems that we need to at least provide more humanitarian aid to Gaza.


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    I think we have bigger problems with educating our own children in this nation than to worry about what's happening in Palestinian schools.

    No, we should not be accepting of antisemitism in Palestinian schools (I've still seen no evidence of this; just heard about it from the right in this country and from Israeli officials).

    But we still can't educate our children against antisemitism and Islamophobia in this country, let alone teach that diversity is essential to our democracy and we should accept people of all faiths, ethnicities, and sexualities.

    Let's clean up our own damn schools first before we go preaching to other countries.