2023 Breaks Record for World’s Hottest Year

Will climate change impact your vote this year?

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    Voted Yes

    The top 3 global risks for the next 2 years are misinformation, extreme weather events and social polarization but over the next 10 years extreme weather events becomes the #1 risk followed by weather related problems (critical changes to earth's systems, biodiversity loss, natural resource shortages).

    Disinformation and misinformation rises to the top because of its contribution to electing governments to take action on extreme weather events and social inequities causing polarization.

    "The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2024 says the biggest short-term risk stems from misinformation and disinformation."

    "In the longer term, climate-related threats dominate the top 10 risks global populations will face."

    "Two-thirds of global experts anticipate a multipolar or fragmented order to take shape over the next decade."

    "The report reveals a world “plagued by a duo of dangerous crises: climate and conflict.” These threats are set against a backdrop of rapidly accelerating technological change and economic uncertainty."



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    Voted No

    CAUSES ASKS: "Will climate change impact your vote this year? Let us know."  ME: No, Dems win hands down.  Of FAR greater importance to me is whether the Biden administration will end it's willfully senseless and incredibly destructive (on multiple levels) support for Israel and stop providing it with the arms being used to destroy Palestinians and inflame the Middle East if not the rest of the world. So far, I have heard noting but language -- or should I say doublespeak -- fhat flies in the face of reality and continues to give cover to this rogue and genocidal/apartheid  country which now firmly believes -- since, with US backing, it has gotten away with it for decades -- that it is above all international norms and laws.   Unless and until Biden and his administraion substantially changes it stance on Israel, it remains a question as to whether I will, in good moral conscience, be able to vote for Biden in 2024.

    BTW, if one wants to see what another Trump presidency might look like one need look no further thatn Florida, Texas, and Netanyahu's Israel.  

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    Voted Yes

    Not only will climate change, but I'll be voting to hopefully defeat the fascist pig Trump from getting back in the WH and turning us into another Nazi Germany.  Perspnally, I'm a big fan of democracy and having rights that are upheld by our gov. and the courts.

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    Voted No

    Listen Mr. Schumer especially you because I see you back in his climate change the most when was there climate change in the dinosaur age those were the worst weather instances in history not what's happening now listen Mr. Chuck Schumer there is no way in heck that climate changes an issue and its scientifically proven and you know this it's all about money so stop trying to shove this down our throat because it's natural occurrences it has nothing to do with fossil fuel it has nothing to do with jet fuel or gasoline fuel or any kind of fuel so you need to back off with this climate change fossil fuel crap we don't want the electric vehicles we don't want the electric furnaces we want our gas and diesel and propane it's all a bunch of crap sorry but it's the truth there's no such thing natural occurrences occurrences that's all they are there's nothing anyone can do about it there's nothing you can do to change what is happening in our atmosphere absolutely nothing so please  do something against the people about climate change we need to have our own industry drilling for oil not Russia Ukraine or anywhere for that matter not in the Middle East we have our own drill our own country we need to be independent you're hurting our pockets you're taking our money by doing what you're doing we don't want to switch nothing to electric we will not stand for it we don't like it we don't want it and we don't need it  what happens with the weather is natural occurrences scientifically proven and IA don't need to show you anything but I can show you if necessary or other scientist out there that has proven it so please stop pushing climate change they are natural occurrences and there's nothing you can do about it there's nothing I can do about it there's nothing Elon Musk can do about it 

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    Voted Yes

    Enough is enough. We the people and our elected officials need to get our act together and fight climate change because our lives depend on it!

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    Voted Yes

    As a voter deeply concerned about the future of our planet and the legacy we leave for the next generations, I want to emphasize that my vote is increasingly influenced by how candidates address the urgent issue of climate change. The scientific consensus is clear: climate change is a critical challenge that threatens our environment, economy, public health, and global security. Its impacts are already being felt worldwide, necessitating immediate and decisive action.

    Candidates who recognize the severity of climate change, advocate for strong environmental policies, and commit to transitioning towards renewable energy sources will have my support. I am looking for leaders who prioritize sustainability, conservation, and environmental justice, understanding that these are not just moral obligations but also opportunities for economic innovation and resilience.

    Conversely, candidates who deny climate science, ignore environmental degradation, or are unwilling to take bold actions against the fossil fuel industry’s contributions to global warming, will not earn my vote. The stakes are too high, and the window for effective action is rapidly closing.

    In every election, whether local, state, or federal, my vote will go to those who demonstrate a commitment to combating climate change and working towards a sustainable and equitable future for all. This issue transcends political affiliations; it’s about the survival and well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. As voters, we have the power and responsibility to support policies and representatives that address climate change head-on.

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    Voted Yes

    We need to do something about it! It is not a coincidence that we keep having record setting seasons and 50 year disasters every couple of years!

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    If we don't get a handle..reverse what is happening with our climate, we will not have a livable planet so what else will matter? Voting matters, democracy matters, truth matters, everyone's health matters, a livable wage for everyone matters, affordable housing matters. Can the world afford to rebuild after all the disasters that are coming because we all can't agree to stop pollutions and consider environmental impacts on everything we choose to do with our natural world? Climate change, is it real? Well, ask Mother Nature, she is telling us loud and clear.

    What and where ever pollutions occur, we must put a stop to it. Humans are the only ones to blame and the only ones to fix this. Now, before the end comes!

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    Voted Yes

    our earth keeps getting warmer every year. glaciers are melting too fast , it's too warm in the winter for enough snow to form on  mountains- resulting in too many wildfires in the summer. i will DEFINITELY VOTE For CandidateS that SUPPORT ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION LAWS 

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    Voted Yes

    The idea of Trump winning the election and his stance on climate change scares me. I am aware that he is famous for denying climate change and holds many other beliefs that offend me. However, I will continue to vote and pay close attention to the politicians' stance on climate change and other important issues. I hope that our country can move forward with compassion and intelligence.

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    530 East Hunt Highway
    Voted No

    Climate issues are very low priority. There are way bigger fish to fry, like 2 new candidates for a start

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    Did anyone else catch the debate last night, where DeSantis basically admitted he isn't going to do anything to reduce fossil fuels, even though his state of Florida is one of the most at risk of sinking into the ocean even as their insurance rates are skyrocketing and becoming the highest in the nation?

    I hope voters of Florida and the GOP were listening, because he is NOT a leader on this issue.

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    As a concerned citizen I am deeply worried about the escalating climate crisis. Our planet is at a critical juncture, and the decisions we make today will have a lasting impact on future generations.

    The evidence of climate change is undeniable and pervasive. We are witnessing more frequent and severe weather events, rising sea levels, and devastating impacts on biodiversity. These changes are not just environmental issues; they are also economic and social challenges that affect the very fabric of our communities. Not just globally but in towns cities and regions across the USA  

    As our elected representative, you have a crucial role to play in this fight against climate change. It is imperative that we take bold and immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition to renewable energy sources. Investing in green infrastructure and sustainable practices is not just beneficial for the environment; it also offers economic opportunities and job creation.

    Moreover, climate action needs to be equitable and inclusive. Vulnerable communities, often the least responsible for climate change, are disproportionately affected by its impacts. We must ensure that our policies support these communities and provide them with the resources they need to adapt and thrive in a changing world.

    The time for debate and delay is over. We need decisive action and leadership to address this existential threat. I urge you to support strong climate policies and legislation that will reduce emissions, promote renewable energy, and protect our natural resources. Our actions today will define our legacy and the world we leave for future generations.

    Thank you for your attention to this critical issue. I look forward to seeing your leadership in action on climate change.



    In shared humanity,



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    The Rev Dr Edward
    Voted Yes

    I wouldn't vote for anyone who denies scientific fact.

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    Voted Yes

    Just one of many reasons I'll never vote for a Republican again is their total denial of the fact that humans have contributed to climate change.

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    Voted Yes

    2023 was almost certainly the Hottest Year in Human History.  We must change our ways or we are going to suffer and massive die-off.  

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    Voted Yes

    Climate change and other environmental issues are always my top concern and have been since before I was old enough to vote.

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    Voted No

    Call me a climate denier. There are lots of experts that disagree but are ignored.

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    Voted Yes

    Politicians may worry about their next election - everything encourages them to show short-term thinking. But if we want our country, and the world more broadly, to be a pleasant or even tolerable place to live ten or twenty years from now, we need to urgently reduce use of fossil fuels.

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    this is a global crisis! it should be on all our minds, on our news, daily!

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    Voted Yes

    I will be voting for people who want to save the Planet because I have read the literature and I follow the 98 % of Scientists who have shown that the climate crisis is REAL and caused by actions of humans.  Fossil fuels are killing our only home!

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    Voted Yes

    Will never vote for climate change denier.