BILL: Postal Vehicle Modernization Act (H.R.1636)

Tell your reps to support or oppose this bill

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    All I know is you gotta die that SOB Louis Dejoy from his office as postmaster general. He's got private business in competition with USPS and he'll be happy only when USPS is privatized. He's part of the Republican nutjobs who want to undo every single thing former president Franklin Delanore Roosevelt did. What capitalism does is life all the restraints off the rich. They do massive public damage through their corporations. Their corporations take all the blame for their devilry. It's so shockingly stupid. Our politicians are legally bribable by the rich since 1978 thanks to the Supreme Court. How incredibly stupid that is. It's the most backward thing America has ever done besides slavery. Those justices like chief Justice John Robert's should've been thrown in the asylum decades ago. Where is any intelligence at all in America. We got the most backwards people on earth as citizens of America. The Bible says most people is going to hell and I sees why! Y'all lost and blind and that's the nicest way on earth to put it. Mentally ill is the other. Like your government you allow the schemes of the devil to run rampant. Strike/ protest. Oust the Representatives who have been nothing but propaganda traitors and have done nothing for the good of the people of America. They work for greed and oligarchy and allowed monopolies and broken laws. They rewrite our constitution now to help Trump. They do not show any intelligence in their rulings. They walk with satan just like our Representatives across America. No bribery ever again. No propaganda ever again. Our mainstream media must never be taken over by fascists, sociopaths, psychopaths, and traitors again. I don't care what you think, you want fox news as of as remains, as a lying entertainment station that tricks people into thinking their a news station when actually only an entertainment station. So just like national enquire they push absolute bullcrap in your head and there you get what Republicans love to do, but the truth. It's evil and our politicians helped them do it. Get out in your head. Knowledge is great for you. Seeing these slimeballs for what they are is what matters. Less money is in our institutions boys and girls. That means less taxes will be collected, less voter protection, less justice, less everything and higher prices. We're all children all of God so listen little children, God has been great to me. He says obey the laws of the land. You have power today and airways under this republic and our constitution. It's being rewritten into something horrible because Republicans are in charge of the Supreme Court and congress. The media ignores it and they have only fox entertainment by Satanists in republican areas. Even Trump's military only saw fox news and God knows if that's what they do get even today. Our Representatives do not teach my neighbors the truth. They don't sum m send letters to tell them facts about the last 6 republican presidents were all treasonous. They don't because it's a one party system and they're all phony since after 1978 when money took out politicians away from us. We're dead in the water guys. Historically we are to oust them by protesting. We strike and protest and shut America down and make them resign. Over 60% of us required. Do we have the intelligence? I do.

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    The USPS currently runs 236,532 postal vehicles. If we assume a one-to-one replacement, that comes to a per-vehicle cost of $25,366.55. Currently, the cheapest commercial EV that you can come by is the Chevrolet Bolt EV 1LT, which comes in at $27,495. While final assembly of this vehicle is accomplished in Michigan, the battery, motor, and drive unit are manufactured in South Korea. This means that even though the US Government may see a discount per unit for buying American and for a bulk buy, this is likely offset by the higher cost American labor involved, so it's probably a wash. To replace each vehicle with an EV would cost, at a minimum, $6,503,447,340.
    This also doesn't include the cost of installing the charging infrastructure necessary to run all these electric vehicles. The hardware for a Level 3 electric charging station alone costs betweeen $10,000 and $40,000, which doesn't include the cost of running the high voltage lines and power management hardware necessary. But again, let's assume these companies give a discount for Government purchase and bulk buy, and let's call it $20,000 per installation. There are currently 31,132 post offices in the country that would require charging stations for their new electric delivery vehicles. That comes to a cost of $622,640,000.
    So, best case scenario, this bill should cost $7,126,087,340. And that's way too much money for us to be spending upfront for technology that is not ready for prime time. There is other infrastructure that more desperately needs investment, like bridges, roadways, and rails.

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    Provision for this should have been made in 2016, and we should be running an EV fleet by now.  Congress needs to step up to save the world, or we will not HAVE a country! 

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    First fire Louis DeJoy

    second phase out tue/thu/sat deliveries

    third stop subsidizing long rural routes for ecommerce packages - charge by cube/weight/distance

    fourth phase out fossil fuel usage

    Immediately install solar panels on all facilities and parking lots - where feasible 

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    It is time to move away from fossil fuels, and this is an appropriate way to begin. 

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    This would be a real plus for the environment and at this point the env. needs all the pluses we can provide.

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    All new vehicles purchased by the Federal government or its agencies should be electric vehicles, in order to demonstrate environmental responsibility and a commitment to climate action.

    The USPS has a lot of problems, but every vehicle it buys going forward should be operating on zero emissions.

    I support this bill.

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    The Postal Vehicle Modernization Act was initially introduced in 2021, and is being reintroduced in 2024 with 44 Democratic co-sponsors in a Republican controlled House so unless some Republicans are willing to cross over and support it will not progress despite its value in replacing 66,000 fossil fuel vehicles with EVs, and 41,500 charging stations since each post office will be required to have a charging station.


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    This is awesome & shows leadership in utilizing greener transportation!!!  I love vehicles must be Made in America!!!  More of this, please!


    DeJoy will find a way to ruin it, if it passes. Is he gone yet?

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    Dear @causes, Jared Huffman (D-Cali.) isn't from Cali. because there is no such place. He is either from CA or the rarely used 5 letter rule for states, Calif., both acceptable forms of abbreviation for California. In the same way that Cormer is from KY, not Ky. Because two letter abbreviations for states has used all capital letters since 1963. 

    Cuz werking n media basic language skillz shud b a gibbin.

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    Although I am not a big fan of long distance EVs, if you are traveling less than fifty miles a day, and traveling within city limits, I agree with the Posta Office using EVs. But as far as rural deliveries, I am not sold. This is a positive step forward. But we still have that Trumpet in charge of the Postal Service. 

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    Prioritize the removal of DeJoy.

    Also. Focus on keeping Trump out of the White House.

    It's 2024 #VoteBlue

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    Why highlight legislation with near Zero chance of passing?

    People with a Republican Congressperson need to step up.