BILL: Federal Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Act of 2023 (S.3205)

Tell your reps to support or oppose FAIRMA

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    Step in the right direction, joining the EU with a risk based guideline though the EU implementation is socioeconomic while the U.S. is spread across government agencies in collaboration with tech companies but could benefit by aligning with the EU especially since tech companies implementing this are global.

    The proposed Senate legislation is bipartisan, with a 15% chance of making it out of committee to the floor (2022 average is 11%) and a 5% chance of being enacted (2022 average was 2%). The most risk in enactment is getting passed by the House, as no legislation is being passed by the Republican House.

    “Development of the AI RMF was called for by the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Act, part of the 2020 national defense authorization. The AI RMF follows the template of previous information risk management and governance frameworks from NIST, the Cybersecurity Framework released in 2014 and a Privacy Framework released in 2020. Like these, it is the product of a highly consultative and iterative process, with two drafts released for public comment, multiple workshops, and other forms of public engagement.”

    “The EU and U.S. strategies share a conceptual alignment on a risk-based approach, agree on key principles of trustworthy AI, and endorse an important role for international standards. However, the specifics of these AI risk management regimes have more differences than similarities. Regarding many specific AI applications, especially those related to socioeconomic processes and online platforms, the EU and U.S. are on a path to significant misalignment.”

    “More can be done to further the EU-U.S. alignment, while also improving each country’s AI governance regime. “

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    Well, the EU just announced their first AI Act ...

    No real specifics ...

    Definitely beyond the reach or realm for my TX state/national Reps!

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    Why should I trust ai? It can be hacked can't it? 

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    It's good to see Congress do something about AI, after seemingly ignoring the problem and refusing to act in the past year of warnings and testimonies. 

    I think Congress needs to do much more to be proactive and protect our country and citizens from abuses of AI, but this is a good first step.

    I hope my representatives and Senators will support this.

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    Are there legitimate concerns or our people are being fed a diet of pure fear—AI as the 21st Century Boogeyman as part of an agenda?

    I think the media may be doing the latter simply to get eyes-on. Articles inducing fear but providing little of substance. 

    Further, I have little confidence that we have office holders with the expertise needed; they rely on "invisible" others who themselves may have nefarious agendas. 

    Let's look at some possible specifics.


    There are several legitimate concerns about Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to a Harvard Gazette article, AI presents three major areas of ethical concern for society:

    1. privacy and surveillance,

    2. bias and discrimination, and

    3. the role of human judgment. 

    An article from Dataconomy highlights several security issues associated with AI, including

    1. lack of transparency and explainability,

    2. overreliance on AI,

    3. bias and discrimination,

    4. vulnerability to attacks,

    5. lack of human oversight,

    6. high cost, and

    7. privacy concerns. 

    A "Built In" article lists several risks of AI, including

    1. automation of jobs,

    2. spread of fake news, and

    3. a dangerous arms race of AI-powered weaponry.

    Finally, a Scientific American article reports that 36% of AI experts surveyed fear that AI development may result in a "nuclear-level catastrophe" ⁴. 

    It is important to note that AI is still in its early stages of development, and many of these concerns are being addressed by researchers and developers. However, it is crucial to continue to monitor and address these concerns as AI continues to evolve.

    Ethical concerns mount as AI takes bigger decision-making role.
    Artificial Intelligence Security Issues: AI Risks And Challenges
    12 Risks and Dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Built In.
    Here's Why AI May Be Extremely Dangerous--Whether It's Conscious or Not.



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    Ivette a little nervous when it comes to AI. I have a  worry that it could get to "smart." It could find a way o get rid of any chance of regaining. Contro, by us, I'm not saying I'm afraid of a "Matrix."  ButYou can use AI to coppy a persons voice and look. So we don't know if we are watching a real person or an AI. We don't  if we are hearing a song played and sung by real people or AI. I just feel we should tried wisely .

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    Don't let AI run amok & replace our jobs.

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    Knowledge is Survival, Insurance is Cheap.  We need to invent a Secure COMM methology, Train A. I. to Learn to detect A.I. creations/manipulations.

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    Companies needs a guardrails. The reason is that companies for the most part, only care about profits.  With oversight we can at least make sure that AI being used responsibly. 

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    We need to regulate AI before it's too late.

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    AI needs to be regulated just like any other potentially dangerous technology

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    Please vote for this bill- ai threatens every facet of our democracy as it could easily be made to spread false information.

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    AI is an existential threat. It can not be understated. Action is vital. Anything that you are doing however is likely to not be enough. 

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    AI is essential for the US's future economic growth.  I am not sure if it is even possible to regulate the use of AI, and even if the government proposes regulation, I don't see how we can enforce the regulations. The major companies may agree with the regulation, but this will not prevent the misuse of the technology. This bill basically sets up government agencies to come up with rules, but how will they enforce those rules?

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    This is a law feels a little after the fact as it's coming a littlelate to the party. AI parameters need to get regulated as do the tech companies that develop these new technologies but it needs to be on a global level as it's a global issue. A promise to the world that AI won't become our worst nightmare. 

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    please address this aggressively. 

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    Prevent Skynet from gaining sentience!

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    It is a start.

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    Greeting I hope you're doing well. I can see that you're looking for donations faster, and that's a great cause! But have you connecting with philanthropists who might be interested in supporting your campaign before?

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    Again, time is of the essence as we should adopt a global approach to AI as it's country agnostic and will affect the human race. Europe clearly cares about this issue far more than the US. 

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    I would tell my US house Representative to do so regulations on AI, but all Rep Finstad can to is support Russia against Ukraine by delaying aid! Has Representative Finstad done anything to regulate META? Has Finstad supported the IRS to get TAX Cheaters? Has Representative Finstad done anything about climate change, as Minnesota suffers from drought? 
    Then Finstad with no evidence in hand votes to open impeachment of Biden! 
    Has Finstad done anything across the isle to fix boarder/ Immigration policies? 
    What have you done Finstad ? 

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    Artificial intelligence? What could go wrong? Isn't that the same as fake news? OOPS.....

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    This is only one step in protection from unwanted AI. I only wish or Congress would listen to the professionals on what steps should be taken before they begin passing Bills, especially when it come to protection of industry and the public. That is where the EU has it over us. But we all know the squeaky wheel get all the grease.