BILL: Reaffirming the State of Israel’s Right To Exist (H.R.888)

Do you support Congress "reaffirming Israel's right to exist"?

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    Both Israel and Palestians have a right to peacefully co-exist.

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    Actions have consequences. The Israeli government's barbaric actions Is leading people around the world to look at the current situation and history and questioning Israel's very right to exist. Further, it is not surprising that anti-semitism in all its ugly manifestations is on the rise.



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    Israel has a right to exist, but so does the Palenstanian state/people.  The scorched earth policy that Israel is operating under is wrong and should be stopped.  Furthermore, Jewish settlers have no right to take over the Gaza area and push ot the Palestanians.  A two state solution needs to be implimented and each side needs to respect the other's territory.  Both sides are wrong and both sides need to stop the insanity.  What the hell did Israel expect when you oppress a group of people after so long of a time they are going to strike back.  So, both sides need to act like mature adults and work out a peaceful solution.  More killing on both sides will never bring any kind of peace to the region.

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    Another 'Truth', whether you like it or not!


    Being kept HOSTAGE, as the Israeli children were, had additional challenges as relayed in the article below (though Palestinian children under a bombing umbrella probably have similar mental health conditions as well).

    Interesting CNN Films' documentary, 'Chowchilla', that explorers the lives of several Texas young school children who were kidnapped on a bus heading to school in 1976 and imprisoned in a trailer that was buried underground! These kids escaped with the help of the bus driver and one older child!

    But after some 47 years, those children/grownups, are STILL TRAUMATIZED!

    All children on both sides of this war will probably need a lifetime of help, whether they get it or not.


    Chowchilla story ....

    The captive children's story starting to come out ...

    Hey Reps., Some relevant history for you dumbasses.

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    The farcical hearings held by congress asking college presidents to refute 'antisemitism' was an abomination

    jewish diaspora were represented but no other association of international students or ethnic communities 

    Silence led to the holocaust

    silence again is allowing another genocide

    anti zionism, apartheid, land grab is NOT antisemitism 


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    We as a country, republicans are abandoning Ukraine and democracy !!!!!

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    Yesterday at 5:10 PM

    Israel has existed for over 2,000 years, there are historical facts that support this to be true. Israel has a right to exist and to live in peace. To deny that would be to deny them that right and it would be to deny history. It is our duty to support their right to exist and to live peacefully. Stand with Israel's right to exist, anything less would not be acceptable.

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    last Monday

    Not rocket science! Lets do the next right thing

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    last Monday

    I am writing to you as a concerned constituent to express my strong support for legislation that recognizes and supports Israel’s right to exist as a sovereign nation. The state of Israel, since its establishment in 1948, has been a beacon of democracy and stability in the Middle East. It is crucial that our nation stands with Israel, affirming its right to self-determination and security amidst the complex geopolitical challenges it faces.

    Israel shares core values with the United States, including the pursuit of freedom, democracy, and peace. Supporting Israel not only aligns with our moral and democratic principles but also serves our national interests in promoting stability and peace in a region that has seen too much conflict.

    I urge you to support any legislative measures that reaffirm the United States’ commitment to Israel’s right to exist. This includes backing diplomatic efforts that encourage peaceful coexistence with its neighbors and ensuring Israel’s security against threats.

    Our support for Israel is a testament to our dedication to democracy, peace, and security not just in the Middle East, but around the world. I trust that you will consider this matter with the seriousness it deserves and will stand in support of Israel’s sovereignty and safety.

    Thank you for your attention to this important issue. I look forward to your response and to seeing your efforts to support legislation that upholds Israel’s right to exist.

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    last Saturday

    The Palestinian people were on that land first. It's not fair for Isreal to force their way in through violence. Yes, what Hamas did was horrible but what Isreal is doing is just as bad if not to a larger scale. We cannot support Isreal's murder and destruction. It is not antisemitic to demand justice and safety for the Palestinian people. A decision must be made without the unnecessary murder of innocent citizens. 

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    It is sad that it has to be said - but it has to be said. This statement in no way condones atrocities or encourages neglect of the necessity to insist on humanitarian aid and pressure on Israel's government to protect innocent lives in Gaza, nor does it contradict support for an independent Palestinian state. But until Israel is safe and antisemitism soundly condemned, progress toward peace and coexistence will continue to be blocked over very justifiable fears of attack. There can't even be a conversation until the world makes it clear that antisemitism and attacks on Israel will not be tolerated.

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    What about the people of Gaza?!?! They have a right to live as well! Why do we never talk about all of those lives lost needlessly!!! We need to demand that Israel MUST stop the bombings in Gaza!!!! If not we are complicet in their genocide of Palistine!!! 

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    I do not support the stand alone bill for military aid to Israel presented by the Republicans in the house! 
    I support the Bipartisan bill from the senate with border security, aid to Ukraine and Israel included! ! 

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    A state that commits genocide forfeits its right to anything 

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    We need to define a stark difference between Israel's right to exist and Netanyahu's Zionist land grabbing child killing aspirations.

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    Denial of Israel is not antisemitism. It is anti-imperialism.

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    The Bipartisanship boarder bill being introduced that includes funding for Ukraine and Israel needs to be passed! 
    it's very important that we secure our borders, and fund Ukraine that is defending itself from one of our own arch enemy Russia! 
    Russia's friend Iran has stirred up trouble in the Middle East, to distract the west to allow Russia to make gains! 

    The republicans delaying the funding to Ukraine is playing into the hands Russia, Iran, and China! 

    Finstad wake up and do the right thing get behind this bipartisan bill! 

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    I chose this thread as it is most relevant to today's situation! 
    Congress was close to a bipartisan solution to secure the border and funding for Ukraine and Israel! Ukraine needs the weapons now to defend itself from Russia! Mr Finstad you better work really hard to get this passed! You pal Trump wants this to fail so he has a campaign issue! 
    You Mr Finstad failing to work to get this passed, makes me wonder where your allegiance is America or Russia? 
    You spend my hard earned taxes going to the southern border for political gain, now get your job done ! 

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    Do not support Israel's right to exist unless the same is done for Palestinians! 
    Jan 23, 2024
    Where is the legislation demanding the fair treatment of Palestinians and guaranteeing Palestinians their own country free from Israeli tyranny?
    Do not support Israel's right to exist with doing the same for Palestine!

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    Israel has every right to defend itself.  What if Canada and Mexico were constantly trying to eliminate the us?  what we would do?  oh wait, Dems are letting mexico destroy via a open border.  

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    The October 7 terror attacks by Hamas against Israel, shale never be forgotten! It is a date that we shall live in infamy. Israel has a right to exist, it has been deemed by God since the beginning of time. Specifically outlined since the Exodist out of Egypt! They are our ONLY democratic ally in the Middle East! Israel should be supported in its fullest from America on their war going on. To stop the antisemitism and hate against the Jews for their religion. Hamas is to blame for the war that they started and should be condemned since day one. But we have a clown in the White House, who leads a circus of a cabinet everyday! Trump would never had let this happen! His administration got rid of Isis!  This bill would put blame where it rightfully belongs and support Israel, a beacon of freedom and a USA based form of government. Thank you! 

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    Isreal has right to exist as do the people in Gaza.

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    Peaceful co-existence between Israel and Palestinians may not be feasible. Both groups are dominated by radical minorities who are not going to agree to any peace plan. Minority groups can not be controlled by the government or a third party. The conflict can never end until the majority in both groups can control the radical minority.

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    Why do the rights of the Israeli occupation out weigh the rights of indigenous Palestinians? Displacement, dispossession, and mass murder aren't the methods of a legitimate state.  

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    Does Palestine have the same right? I guess not.

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    Unnecessary legislation which is redundant and a waste of Cingressional time. Our blind support of an Israeli state who is committing genocide and breaking international law and human rights should NOT receive any more money from the us.