IT: Israel is expected to expand operations in southern Gaza, and... Do you support Rep. George Santos' expulsion?

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    Stop sponsoring the genocide America! Just because European Americans did the greatest genocide ever on earth in the Americas doesn't mean you get to sponsor genocides elsewhere. You've been sponsoring it for 57 years but no more. I denounce it! My taxes need to go towards peace, not war! Stop the war propaganda while you're at it!

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    It was long overdue throwing Santos out of office.

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    He should've been expelled a year ago.

    And on a even crazier point did Mike Johnson that's right The congressional Republican leader just say today that he plans on blowing out the faces of capital rioters on his bogus Fishing trip to impeach Biden. That's right this idiot Mike Johnson is going to blur the faces out of the people that invaded the capital of this United States to try to overthrow the government to protect them. Mike Johnson is proving himself to be complicit in the overthrow of the government. This idiot must go now. Expel Mike Johnson from Congress now.