Rep. George Santos Expelled from Congress

Do you support the expulsion?

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    Interesting list of who in the House didn't vote to expel Santos. 

     "Lawmakers backed the resolution to expel Mr Santos 311 to 114, with 206 Democrats and 105 Republicans voting in favour."

    Who voted to keep Santos in the House?


    Scott, Virginia
    Williams, Georgia


    Alford, Missouri
    Arrington, Texas
    Babin, Texas
    Baird, Indiana
    Banks, Indiana
    Bean, Florida
    Biggs, Arizona
    Bilirakis, Florida
    Bishop, North Carolina
    Boebert, Colorado
    Bost, Illinois
    Brecheen, Oklahoma
    Buchanan, Florida
    Burchett, Tennessee
    Burlison, Missouri
    Cammack, Florida
    Carl, Alabama
    Carter, Texas
    Cline, Virginia
    Cloud, Texas
    Clyde, Georgia
    Collins, Georgia
    Crane, Arizona
    Davidson, Ohio
    DesJarlais, Tennessee
    Donalds, Florida
    Duncan, South Carolina
    Emmer, Minnesota
    Ezell, Mississippi
    Fallon, Texas
    Finstad, Minnesota
    Fischbach, Minnesota
    Fitzgerald, Wisconsin
    Fleischmann, Tennessee
    Fry, South Carolina
    Fulcher, Idaho
    Gaetz, Florida
    Gallagher, Wisconsin
    Good, Virginia
    Gooden, Texas
    Gosar, Arizona
    Graves, Missouri
    Greene, Georgia
    Griffith, Virginia
    Hageman, Wyoming
    Harris, Maryland
    Harshbarger, Tennessee
    Hern, Oklahoma
    Higgins, Louisiana
    Hill, Arkansas
    Huizenga, Michigan
    Hunt, Texas
    Issa, California
    Jackson, Texas
    Johnson, Louisiana
    Jordan, Ohio
    Kelly, Mississippi
    Kustoff, Tennessee
    LaMalfa, California
    Lamborn, Colorado
    Lee, Florida
    Lesko, Arizona
    Loudermilk, Georgia
    Luetkemeyer, Missouri
    Luna, Florida
    Luttrell, Texas
    Mace, South Carolina
    Massie, Kentucky
    Mast, Florida
    McCaul, Texas
    McClintock, California
    McCormick, Georgia
    McHenry, North Carolina
    Miller, Illinois
    Miller, West Virginia
    Mills, Florida
    Moolenaar, Michigan
    Mooney, West Virginia
    Moore, Alabama
    Nehls, Texas
    Norman, South Carolina
    Ogles, Tennessee
    Palmer, Alabama
    Perry, Pennsylvania
    Posey, Florida
    Reschenthaler, Pennsylvania
    Rogers, Alabama
    Rosendale, Montana
    Roy, Texas
    Salazar, Florida
    Santos, New York
    Scalise, Louisiana
    Self, Texas
    Sessions, Texas
    Smith, Missouri
    Smith, Nebraska
    Spartz, Indiana
    Stefanik, New York
    Steube, Florida
    Strong, Alabama
    Tenney, New York
    Tiffany, Wisconsin
    Timmons, South Carolina
    Turner, Ohio
    Van Duyne, Texas
    Van Orden, Wisconsin
    Walberg, Michigan
    Waltz, Florida
    Weber, Texas
    Williams, Texas
    Wilson, South Carolina
    Wittman, Virginia

    Who voted "present"?

    Al Green, Texas
    Jackson, Illinois 

    Who didn't vote?


    Ocasio-Cortez, New York
    Jackson Lee, Texas
    Phillips, Minnesota


    Crawford, Arkansas
    Johnson, Ohio
    Kelly, Pennsylvania
    McCarthy, California
    Rodgers, Washington

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    I think Santos is a terrible person who never should have been elected in the first place.  But...I think expulsions should only be for those convicted, not accused.  Obviously he'll be convicted.   And at that point he should have been expelled, not before.  Of course, he clearly has no integrity.   Because if he did he would have resigned.    

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    Just surprised Santos lasted this long which was only due to both parties not researching his background (Republicans for letting him run and Democrats for not using his background against him in the election), and Bipartisan House support of expulsion processes.

     Highly suspect he has Russian backing given his background.

     Santos, openly gay as a Brazilian drag queen, married a woman to immigrate to the U.S, and then ran for and won a Congressional seat on multiple false claims (US born, Jewish heritage, colleges attended, companies worked for, broadway plays produced, business deals, etc).

      Amazingly they let Santos on the Small Business Committee running PPP loan program considering he was involved with a company being investigated for running a Ponzi scheme, and people and companies with Russian ties documented in the Mueller Report.

      I was not previously aware of his Russian ties, nor the Ponzi scheme, or ties to DJT which appear in the Mueller probe. Normally I'm not a fan of NY Post or CIS but they both do a great job on the gossip & dirt, which is confirmed by Reuters, a more reliable source.

      "A filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission reportedly showed that Intrater put hundreds of thousands of dollars into Harbor City Capital, the Florida-based investment firm where Santos worked for more than a year — and which is under investigation for allegedly running a Ponzi scheme."

      "Intrater’s investment firm Columbus Nova is closely tied to Vekselberg, whose conglomerate was the business’ largest client as recently as 2018, when he was sanctioned by the Treasury Department, according to the Washington Post."

      "Intrater’s 2016 and 2017 contacts with former Donald Trump lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen were investigated during Robert Mueller’s probe of alleged links between the former president’s campaign and the Kremlin, but the special counsel did not accuse Intrater of impropriety."

      "Intrater and Cohen — who pleaded guilty in 2018 to tax evasion and campaign finance law violations — exchanged hundreds of texts and calls, and the financier’s company paid Cohen to flag business deals, records examined by the outlet showed."

      "Santos, 34, also said Columbus Nova was a “client” of his during a Harbor City Zoom call in 2020, when the aspiring politician was tasked with finding New York investors, the outlet reported."

      "Santos signed a deal with Brazilian prosecutors that he would confess and agree to pay almost $5,000 in fines and restitution in exchange for dropping the charges"

      "Brazilian prosecutors alleged he used a fake name and a stolen checkbook to buy goods, including tennis shoes, in a store in Niterói. He was formally charged in 2011 but authorities lost track of Santos until he became a U.S. congressman in 2022."

     "Santos, once an alien, married the lady, presumably a U.S. citizen, so that he could become a citizen, and that only because of this marriage was he able to run for the House. Their marriage took place on August 2, 2012, in Manhattan and can be verified in the city’s files."

     “U.S. Representative George Santos competed as a drag queen in Brazilian beauty pageants 15 years ago”

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    "Innocent until proven guilty" is the rulle of law in this country! Unless that takes too long apparently. The ethics committee cannot issue a legal ruling of guilty. That can only be achieved by the Judicial system.

    I'm certainly no defender of Santos, but why is Bob Menendez allowed to stay on? Why is the citizen with 91 felony indictments allowed to be on the ballot for president?

    So, Innocent until proven guilty for some but not others.

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    Republican Sen. J.D. Vance said Ukraine needs to cede some territory, how about Ohio State the one he represents? Putin in 2014 took Crimea that didn't stop him!

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    Trump sounds like Putin or is it the other way around?

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    Trump Casino!

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    Trump said he going to date a child in ten years? I think, with his dementia being so bad, he think some one changing his depend diapers, is a date? Every day is a new day for him and a date!

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    It's about time he was expelled! 

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    This is totally non-related but it's so asinine I thought it bears mention: Republican senators said today at four and government or spying on Americans cell phones. If there's spying on my cell phone they must be bored out of their Skulls 💀. LOL Hey Senator's how about you stop talking about the low hanging fruit and start talking about global warming Or the slaughter of our children in their own schools by AR 15's or some other issue of importance.

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    What you get with republicans

    santos, graham, tuberville, cruz, hawley, jordan, kennedy, trump, gaetz ... you can add more

    A deluge of violent messages: How a surge in threats to public officials could disrupt American democracy

    Trump and his allies are threatening retribution against the press. Their menacing words should not be ignored

    no womens rights - A Texas judge ruled that a pregnant woman who sued the state seeking an abortion can legally terminate her pregnancy

    dictatorship, total discord, demolition of institutions, dysfunction, destruction of relationships & treaties 

    if you thing the trump in power years were bad ... if trump and republicans are in power - you aint seen anything yet .... zomby rule and all the wackos will be in charge of everything 

    shame on congress

    shame on scotus / judiciary 

    for not stopping all this nonsense when they could! 


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    I just have to say this today the house censored Jamall Bodewin for pulling a fire alarm but they could care less the Donald Trump tried to overthrow democracy, was found guilty of sexual deviance, His company was found guilty of fraudulent practices and it's not the first time he's been brought up on charges of sexual deviance bribery and campaign violations. It's utterly astounding what in the hell is wrong with the Republican party!

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    Santos seems to be just another typical Republican a liar and a criminal. And while we're at it through this lap dog meat puppet of Donald Trump ass kisser Mike Johnson out of office. He's a waste of human organs in a disgrace to America.

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    Time to vote all who opposed removing him out !!!!

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    I am shocked that the NY voters elected him in the first place!  He was pathetic from the beginning.  And yet  Trumpers did not want to kick him out of Congress considering his lies, displayed ignorance, and all. Again, the GOP made it very clear, they do not care about our country and certainly our future.  All they care about is maintaining their slim majority.  The confirms once again how low Congress has stooped and how voters do not know their candidates. 

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    The things that he has done have been considered and he has been removed according to the rules. The only thing we all need to do now is to stop giving him the attention he craves. No media reporting on anything other than his trials for any criminal acts he has done that he can be convicted of.

    This should be the same for DT just stop giving him the attention he craves and let him fade into the sunset.

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    And this guy is the speaker?! 
    America is doomed 

    House Speaker Johnson wants to blur January 6 footage to protect Capitol rioters

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    Now we need to get Menendez to leave along with people like schiff who lied for years about the former president to benefit from devastating lies and country changing implications that were never proven to be true

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    Is there anyone in this country that doesn't think that Tommy Blubber-Ville isn't a complete idiot! From George Santos to Blubber-Ville to Donald Trump to Lazy Ass Lindsey Graham to the new speaker of the house and possibly the biggest moron in the history of this nation, Mike Johnson, What the hell is wrong with the republican party.

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    Need a laugh?  Like Political Humor? 
    Well, anyway, I am so sure many of you have been so very concerned about the fate of Expelled Congress-they/them George Anthony Devolder Kitara Ravache Santos.

    Well, it seems the day of or maybe the day after expulsion Mx Santos joined Cameo.(1) A Santos video was going for $200 for a 30-60 second personalized video as of last night. Today he's not available. He might be preparing for court but who knows🤷🏻 What a hustler! 😆

    See a sample greeting at

    (1) Cameo is a platform that allows users to book personalized video messages from their favorite celebrities. It enables fans to connect with their favorite celebrities, athletes, influencers, and more by getting custom video shoutouts or messages for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasion. Users can request specific messages, and celebrities can fulfill these requests in exchange for a fee. Cameo is a popular way for fans to get a unique and personal interaction with their favorite public figures.

    (2) I heard but could find the greeting Senator Fetterman PA-D had Santos send to Senator Melendez.😝

    (3) Looks like the Long Island Liar made over a grand for a few minutes of ad libbing. 

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    I SUPPORT THE REMOVAL OF SANTOS .  misuse of campaign funds, deceiving donors, money laundering, identity theft , and lying to Congress. He Deserves to be Removed. 

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    He should have been expelled a long, long time ago.  Finally, the GD Republicans grew some balls and actually did the right thing.  Amazing!!!!!

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    He's just your average Republican and speaking of that, Why would evangelicals feel Trump is like a ‘mercenary’ for their beliefs?

    The question really should be why wouldn't they, he's a convicted sexual deviant, his corporation has been convicted of business fraud, he paid $100,000 for a porn stars silence, stormy Daniels. And then did it again for Playboy playmate. He has everything in common with in the evangelicals. At least they must think so or they wouldn't support him. Ahhhh Good old Bible thumping Christians. I'm sure if Jesus can see it he's rolling over in his grave.

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    The members of Congress who did not vote to expell Santos can no longer say they are for law and order.