Can Universal Basic Income Tackle AI Impact?

Do you support universal basic income as a solution the impact of AI on jobs?

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    Raising minimum wage or a basic income are good ideas. 

    Here's a better one: institute a Maximum Wage!


    No one person makes more than $2 million. The rest of the $ goes to employees, higher education/trade school costs, to bring down national debt, and pay for Universal Medical Care. 

    Can you imagine?  I can!!!


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    Well, from what I've read, in the places where UBI has been tested, it really works. Rather than not encouraging people to work, it's done the opposite - helped them afford the basic things so they can actually get a job.

    I also support retraining people for the jobs AI can't do, of course, but no one can, say, take classes if they can't afford a place to live or food to eat. We definitely don't need 300 million people worldwide suddenly without any money coming in at all.

    Plus, you know, anyone who both complains about crime but also doesn't want to help poor people with basic human needs can just piss right off.

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    Your skill no longer needed??? Re-train. Learn something useful.

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    any step towards improving the social good, I support. automation, and AI should be used to free up human workers, but workers should not be forced to compete with robots. 

    We still need universal, nationalized healthcare, as well as housing for all.

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    In some ways, it'll depend on who/what jobs AI will have the most impact on. Considering that AI still has some hurdles to leap ...

    "Meta’s AI image generator really struggles with the concept of interracial couples"

    From the article ...

    "Generative AI tools like the ones created by Meta, Google and OpenAI are trained on vast troves of online data, and researchers have long warned that they have the potential to replicate the racial biases baked into that information but at a much larger scale.
    While seemingly well-intended, some of the recent attempts by tech giants to overcome this issue have embarrassingly backfired, revealing how AI tools might not be ready for prime time."

    ... End


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    You should never take responsibility for others to stay current or find new job skills. Eventually there is no one left to take their money from to hand to another.

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    "Can Universal Basic Income Tackle AI Impact?"

    An overly simplistic question leading to incredibly complex and indefinite considerations. 

    My answer is too long, but I have no definite answers. However you may be able to infer many things. 

    This may be our greatest challenge since Malthus asserted his theory. Malthus’s main theory, aknown as the Malthusian Growth Model, states that population growth is potentially exponential, while the growth of the food supply or other resources is linear. This imbalance between population growth and food supply growth could eventually reduce living standards to the point of triggering a population decline.

    We can and should start to consider and address the likely impact of AI on peple's lives. and the economy. We also should address the eventually likelihood that eventually we will neither want nor need people of low intelligence and / or low education. Hence strict population control will be more important than  ever.

    To start we need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of Universal Basic Income. Further,  we need to consider what capacities AI will likely add to automation and production. Last, we need to determine what AI will not be able to replace in automation and production. 

    In consideting this we need to prepare our children and our grandchildren for the fundamental changes to human productivity, the countries economy, and the global economy as a whole


    • Reduces Poverty and Income Inequality: A UBI set at a certain amount per adult per month could eradicate poverty entirely.
    • Improves Physical and Mental Health: UBI can enable individuals to afford medicine, improve sanitation, gain access to clean water, eat more regularly, and reduce their anxiety levels.
    • Boosts Aggregate Economy: Every poor person gets the purchasing power, which can stimulate the economy.
    • Provides Monetary Value to Unpaid Work: UBI recognizes and compensates for unpaid caregiving and other work.


    • Cost: Implementing UBI will likely be considered very expensive.
    • Potential Disincentive to Work: There is a concern that people might choose not to work if they receive money for free.
    • May Deprive the Poor of Needed Targeted Support: If we provide UBI for everyone, so it may not provide enough support for those in dire need.
    • Potential Economic Impact: There are concerns that UBI could weaken the economy.

    AI can add significant capacity to automation and production in several ways:

    • Reducing Errors: AI is used in manufacturing plants worldwide to reduce critical errors.
    • Improving Production Times: AI can drastically improve production times.
    • Boosting Safety Measures: AI can enhance safety measures in the manufacturing industry.
    • Automating Complex Tasks: AI can fully automate complex tasks and provide consistent and precise optimum set points in autopilot mode.
    • Increasing Efficiency: AI algorithms analyze data, identify patterns, and optimize manufacturing processes in real-time, resulting in faster production cycles, lower costs, and higher profits.
    There are certain aspects that AI may not be able to replace in automation and production:

    • Human Intuition and Creativity: One of AI's current limitations is its inability to match human intuition and inventiveness.
    • Emotion: AI currently lacks the ability to understand and respond to human emotions.
    • Complex Tasks Requiring Human Judgment: Certain tasks may be challenging to automate due to their complexity or their dependency on human judgment.
    • Data Privacy and Ethics: The use of massive volumes of client data for AI analysis poses some issues of data privacy and ethics.
    • Technical Barriers: There are still technical barriers to overcome, such as software glitches, hardware failures, or cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

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    We need support for the poor, not the rich.

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    If AI eliminates thousands/millions of jobs and there is no replacement for those jobs, then yes a UBI would be helpful.  Data shows that where UBI has been tried it is successful and does not increase the number of people who don't work.  In addition, I'd be in favor of re-educating the workforce for jobs that do exist or will exist.  Furthermore, Congress needs to get ahead of the curve and pass laws that will limit the negative impact of AI, but when has Congress ever done anything proactively?  Hell, they do even do things reactively unless it is some stupid imagined problem-like voter fraud.

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    UBI is foolish and does not solve anything.  Think about this if everybody had a million dollars do you not think that the prices would not go up to the point where a million dollars would not get you much if anything?

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    Everyone deserves a place to live, food to eat and the medicines they need.  

    Those who can work should.  

    Those who cannot should not be penalized because of their incapacity.

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    Need to combat income inequalities... 

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    Time to look out for the working class and not millionaires and corporations.  

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    we saw during the pandemic shutdown how well this could work.  the issue is how to fund a permanent solution.

    TAX WEALTH, NOT WORK:  we have also seen how the super rich have siphoned wealth from those who need money the most (and I'm one of them).

    When the US had a strong growing middle class (even though it was mainly White males with those good jobs with benefits and pensions) the weatlhy and corporations were taxed way more than they are now and there were few ways to dodge those taxes.

    We must bring back the best of the days where corporations that wanted their taxes reduced could only do so if they paid their employees well and funded good benefits and pensions.  We must bring back the days when executives didn't make outsized profits while laying off workers.

    Bernie Sanders has always been right, Elizabeth Warren has always been right, AOC is right - we need to support Main Street instead of Wall Street.

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    America is the land of opportunity for those that WORK hard. People deserve a hand up when nec,never a hand out unless totally incapacitated. 

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    I like what Rhode Island did during the pandemic. They retrain people who jobs where discontinued. I believe this was free. What a way to support 👏 🙌 the people in your state.

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    AI, retirement, medicine, etc all have unforeseen effects on the population that reduces the money we have to live in a very expensive country. Jobs will be very limited and the length of time following retirement from the remaining jobs is too long and expensive to save for. A minimum UBI is needed today, as much as in the future when there are no jobs. 

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    I'm not opposed to UBI, and I am hopeful that it's really helped people in several cities that have tried it. There are going to be jobs that go away and those workers won't get a replacement, and AI might displace too many people to retrain at some point, and we need a plan for that.

    I favor the tax we discussed last week as a method of funding this UBI. If you, corporate "citizen", think you don't need human workers anymore but are raking in the profits, then you should pay for the people you displaced until they can find a suitable job to replace the income you took away. If they never find one, there needs to be a UBI or other safety net for them.

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    Work harder become more invaluable 

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    Motive to work? 

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    AI does not mean people do not have to work. An excuse for socialism.