BILL: Should We Streamline the Visa Process For Skilled Migrant Workers? - EAGLE Act of 2023 - S.3291

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    To improve the calibre of talent in occupations, the US must enact legislation requiring only talented individuals to get visas beforehand.

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    Greeting I hope you're doing well. I can see that you're looking for donations faster, and that's a great cause! But have you connecting with philanthropists who might be interested in supporting your campaign before?

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    No not now 

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    BILL: Should We Streamline the Visa Process For Skilled Migrant Workers? - EAGLE Act of 2023 - S.3291

    Representatives and Senators, 

    I ask that this Bill Be Stongly Opposed.

    I am very, very reluctant to recommend supporting anything other than very short term VISA legislation, three to five years at most. Switching over to lenient VISA Policies seriously hurts fixing American's workforce weaknesses in the fields of STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

    America's failure in STEM is an issue which highlights one of America's huge, odiferous Buffaloes—the education systems.

    Math education: US scores stink because of how schools teach lessons

    U.S. academic achievement lags that of many other countries | Pew Research Center

    "An international comparison of upper secondary mathematics education. 24 Country Profiles"

    Comparative Indicators of Education in the United States and Other G-20 Countries: 2015

    International Comparisons in Education | American Institutes for Research

    By all accounts America's public schools are continuing to suffer at every level and in every area. In particular, America's large urban school solutions requires small class sizes, a willingness to reimplement homogeneous groupings (AKA Honor's also called SP, Regular, and Remedial Classes. Note: this is different from the various categories of Special Education.) Heterogeneous (Mixed) grouping has been US Urban Education's biggest failure. When classes are too large and abilities to diverse teachers cannot teach multiple lessons. Also needed is a re-implementation of alternative sites for those with chronic behavioral issues. Of course, we must prioritizing developing (or rediscovering) rigorous STEM Education programs up and down the Pre-K through 12 curricula including serious, meaningful reforms and cash infusions to recruit people willing to specialize in teaching STEM in the primary and secondary grades in public schools. In addition we must recognize that people willing to teach the "hard" subjects must not also have to deal with the kinds of discipline problems introduced since the "reforms" of the 1970's and every failed effort since including under Reagan, GW Bush and Obama. 


    States with the Highest and Lowest Math Scores - Learner

    This should make people sick. 

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    We should reform the Visa system for workers of all kinds. We need more skilled workers and we need more migrant workers, and neither of these systems should be random or based on a lottery. We should prioritize skills we need in high-need industries and jobs, and we should make these visas stable and certain for the length of time we can use these workers. 

    But until the Republicans stop their insistence on building a wasteful wall and using law enforcement or soldiers at the border, I don't see this going anywhere. Republicans don't really care about workers, humanity or need.

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    Should We Streamline the Visa Process For Skilled Migrant Workers?


    Answer = Yes 


    Democrats could have reformed immigration. They had a unified government. Instead, they sat on their hands and did nothing. And then they complained about conservatives not doing enough to negotiate. 

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    I think this bill or any other that reduces the backlog for workers from countries with huge demographics is the need of the hour. I have seen blatant partiality preventing workers from those countries from progressing in their careers. Switching jobs on temporary visa (H-1B) is next to impossible and always carries the risk of being thrown back to their home countries. They can't start their own business to generate employment for American workers due to the nature of the temporary visa. 
    Removing country cap will ensure all the workers stuck in this backlog will be able to avoid all of these drawbacks. Their kids, who don't know any other country than the US and are ageing out of dependence, will be able to continue their studies without having to apply as a foreigner. 
    The biggest benefit of removing country caps and giving permanent residencies to workers from these countries will be to return them their self respect, passions and dreams, which were the primary reasons to immigrate to the United States. This is what America is about! Being stuck in the backlog kills their drives to innovate and make life better for everyone around them. 
    Agreed that this is not the best solution, but there is no best solution, unless the very start of this chain of events, i.e. H-1B is regulated. There are unlimited H-1B visas for any coutnry within the capped 85k visa, but Green Card is capped at 11k. We know the biggest number of H-1B beneficiaries are Indians, so capping the H-1B visa itself at 7% would make the equations at both ends look balanced and then the parliament can decide on the best course going forward, i.e. whether to increase the number of visas allocated in both the immigrant and non-immigrant categories.
    Until there is the mentioned H-1B reform, the backlog from India and China will keep growing and several Indians who genuinely work hard towards the growth of American will never get the fair share of it, and removing country caps, even if temporarily, will be the only solution in sight.

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    Believe it or not there are areas of agreement on Immigration - we recently did a survey where there is support for certain work visa reforms.

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    The U.S. has a shortage of highly skilled workers especially in fields requiring math and/or science background mainly because U.S. STEM education is lacking in K-12, and higher education in these fields can cost $100K-$300K for advanced degrees in the U.S. while other countries provide advanced education at a low cost or free.

    As a result U.S. companies sponsor many foreign workers for green cards just to fill their open positions. Having worked in tech & science companies, and a very high portion of the work force was foreign born and trained. 

    As long as the U.S. doesn't fix the educational system, businesses will continue to recruit abroad.

    "U.S. STEM education lags many other countries. Out of 37 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries, the U.S. ranks seventh in science and 25th in mathematics literacy, falling behind countries such as Japan, South Korea, Estonia and the Netherlands."

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    Let's also deal with the problem of citizenship/greencards for Dreamer/DACA recipients 

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    The Eagle Act would facilitate the mass-scale transference of America tech jobs to foreign workers from India & China.  Already, we have a huge problem with foreign tech workers engaging in blatant ethnic nepotism & fraud to get various work visas (H-1B, B1, L1), so they can build their ethnic economic colonies in Silicon Valley.  If the Eagle Act passes, these foreign tech workers would be given quick permanent residence and then would proceed to import a huge number of their co-ethnics.  

    I'm old enough to remember when American tech companies hired American workers.  Then during the 2000s, huge numbers of Indians & Chinese started to flood in, due to ethnic favoritism among foreign hiring mangers based in the USA.  This totally foreignized the tech workforce and made it very hard for Americans, especially young people, to gain empoyment in Silicon Valley.  Even worse, many older American tech workers were blantantly pushed out and replaced with younger foreigners.

    If the Eagle Act passes, this problem will become far more extreme.  If you want a middle-class in the USA and jobs for your kids & grandkids, then you absolutely must speak out against the Eagle Act.  Call your local Congressmen and Senators and let them know to oppose this horrendous bill.

    The Heritage Foundation has written an excellent policy paper about why the Eagle Act is so harmful to the economic & national security interests of the USA. See here:

    Please oppose the Eagle Act!






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    This bill would undercut our American workforce and may be utilized to hire workers only from certain countries (I'm thinking lighter, whiter countries). The way to ensure our work shortage needs are met, is to ensure we increase visas for high need areas, like agriculture and medical care.