IDF Ground Offensive to Likely Move South

Are you worried about expansion of the war?

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    Don't know which is worse - moving the fighting further south or depriving the civilian population of food, water and medical care.

    Maybe the solution is for the US to tell Israel they lose US support unless they evacuate civilians to a safe area equipped with tents, food, water and field hospitals and only then can they move in the military to route out Hamas.

    "Israel has dropped leaflets into southern Gaza telling Palestinian civilians to leave four towns on the eastern edge of Khan Younis, raising fears that its war against Hamas could spread to areas it previously said were safe."

    "The flyers told civilians in Bani Shuhaila, Khuza’a, Abassan and al-Qarara that anyone in the vicinity of militants or their positions was “putting his life in danger”, local people told Reuters."

    "The United Nations was forced Friday to stop deliveries of food and other necessities to Gaza and warned of the growing risk of widespread starvation after internet and telephone services collapsed in the besieged enclave because of lack of fuel."

    "UNRWA and other humanitarian groups need at least 120,000 liters (31,700 gallons) a day to run lifesaving functions, Touma said."

    "Gaza has received only 10% of its required food supplies each day in shipments from Egypt, according to the U.N., and the water system shutdown has left most of the population drinking contaminated water, causing an outbreak of disease."

    "Dehydration and malnutrition are growing, with nearly all residents in need of food, said Abeer Etefa, a Mideast regional spokeswoman for the U.N.’s World Food Program."

    “People are facing the immediate possibility of starvation,” she said Thursday from Cairo."

    "With Israeli troops fanned out around the Shifa hospital complex, doctors spoke of horrifying conditions inside. Electricity has been out for nearly a week, leaving incubators for infants and ventilators for ICU patients defunct. Nearly 7,000 people are trapped there with little food, including patients, staff and civilian families."

    "Hospital Director Mohammed Abu Selmia told Al Jazeera television that 52 patients have died since fuel ran out — up from 40 reported before Israeli troops stormed in on Wednesday. He said staff were amputating limbs of some patients to avoid infection spreading because of shortages in medicines."

    "More were on the verge of death as their wounds are “open with maggots coming out of them,” another doctor, Faisal Siyam, told Al Jazeera."

    "Dr. Ahmad Mukhalalti said most of the 36 premature infants suffer from severe diarrhea because there is no clean water. He said Israeli troops had taken away all the bodies from the morgue and from a mass grave that staff dug days earlier in the courtyard. The Israeli military had no comment on the report. The doctors’ accounts could not be independently verified."

    "Abu Selmia said Israeli troops should either bring them fuel to power equipment or allow an evacuation."

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    Meanwhile, the leaders of Hamas aren't even in Gaza. What is Israel's plan to find them and hold them accountable? How much more of Gaza will they destroy?

    I don't think Netanyahu has a plan, and I wish the people of Israel would find a better leader.

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    IDF using Russian tactics of total destruction won't build stronger ties anywhere.

    Bibi wants to burn it all down to ruin any Palestinian state options.

    Biden needs a win here -- hence the "pause with hostage exchange."

    Why isn't Lapid prime minister by now?

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    The Israeli government is doing what they need to do for their refreshing! 

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    The agenda / pattern is amply clear

    its taken years to orchestrate little by little 

    lie cheat steal obfuscate deny delay and convincingly creat a 'two state solution' namely israel & jordan 

    for all intents and purposes Palestine does not exist any more 

    No surprises ...

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    President Biden, Senators & Representatives:


    It is clear that Netanyahu is pursuing a course of Palestinian Genocide, and is intent on reducing all of Gaza to rubble.

    Our Country Must Stop Blindly Supporting and Funding Israel! 

    First, we need to see a two state solution fairly and justly implemented.

    Second, we need Israel to make  funds available to rebuild Gaza and to compensate all now homeless and destitute Palestinians. 

    After that we should wait until there are clear and transparent conditions developed before to providing any further funding to Israel.

    As a country and as private citizens we need to seek ways to help rebuild Gaza and the West Bank and ensure that Palestinians have peace and prosperity. 

    Note:  This is not Anti-semitism, it is getting Israel and especially Mr.  Netanyahu to face the consequences of a unspeakably disastrous policy.


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    Keep moving until Hamaz is gone.

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    Stop funding and suppling weapons to Isreal until Gaza

     has recived humanitarian aide and the people of Gaza have a chance to relocate.

    Perhaps then the hostages will be realeased and a two state solution can be worked on.


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    We have got to demand a cease fire & STOP all aid $ & weapons to Israel!  Until they end the war & the occupation of the Gaza Strip! End this now! This is a genocide happening before our eyes! 

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    Both sides are wrong! 

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    This is awful.

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    CAUSES TELLS ME, THEN ASKS;  "IDF Ground Offensive to Likely Move South. Are you worried about expansion of the war?"

    ME:  From day one Israel has never NOT bombed ALL of Gaza or NOT attacked Palestinians in the West Bank.  It has targeted hospitals and UN schools in Gaza from north to south, destroyed half of the residential housing in Gaza and  killed over 13,000 Palestinians -- approximately 70% of them women and children -- with thousands more buried under the rubble.  A sample from the AlJazeera blog today:

    (23:40 GMT)  Gaza Strip being bombed ‘from north to south’: AJ correspondent  Hani Mahmoud Reporting from Khan Younis, southern Gaza There are more air strikes taking place right now at different locations in the Gaza Strip from north to south.  Literally the entire northern part of Gaza City right now is under heavy bombardment and air strikes. Confrontations with the Israeli military are also taking place right at the centre of Gaza at the axis where the Israeli military pushed their armoured vehicles. Where we are reporting from, in Khan Younis, has also been a major target of Israeli air strikes. We are talking about both sides – the eastern side of Khan Younis and the western side of the city. People from the eastern side who were told to move to the western side have found themselves the target of Israeli air strikes. We are talking about more residential homes and an apartment [which] was also targeted in one of the residential towers.

    (15:30 GMT)  MSF [Doctors Without Borders] says Gaza City clinic came under fire  The medical aid group says heavy fighting had taken place around the clinic and an Israeli tank was seen in the street. “Four MSF cars burned down. A fifth car, parked across the street, was broken in two pieces as if crushed by a heavy-duty vehicle or a tank. All the cars and the clinic were clearly identified with the MSF logo,” MSF said. An MSF staff member and 20 relatives are in “extreme danger” inside the clinic, and the organisation said their status was uncertain. “We urgently call for a stop to the fighting in the area. Over 50 other people, including MSF staff, are in nearby buildings, with a wounded person needing medical attention.”

    (10:55 GMT)  Bodies of those killed by Israel still lying outside Indonesian Hospital  We can now bring you some more updates on what’s happening at the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza. Munner al-Bursh, general manager of the Health Ministry in Gaza, has told Al Jazeera that:

    Israeli forces are continuing to attack the hospital.
    Israeli artillery started in the middle of the night and targeted the surgical department, wounding the doctors working there and killing 12 civilians who were taking refuge.
    Israeli forces then targeted people who were leaving the hospital by shooting them near the hospital. Their bodies are still lying on the ground, and nobody has been able to bury them.
    The al-Kuwait UN school was burned down by the Israeli forces. People were taking refuge there, and we don’t have any information on the death toll there.
    In addition to around 700 patients and 5,000 refugees before the attack, there were 10,000 people in the shelter centres around the hospital.
    We are using a small power generator that runs on vegetable oil, manufactured by some creative individuals who sacrificed some of their food supply to run the generator. Medical staff appeal for urgent UN intervention as Israeli strikes hit Indonesian hospital  


    And ALL humanitarian organizations around the world  say time and time again that there is no safe place for anyone anywhere in Gaza.  Israel appears to be hell bent on leveling the Palestinian territories and evicting if not killing all the people. It seems the logic is this:

    Hamas must be destroyed

    Hamas hides among the people.


    To be sure of destroying Hamas

    We must destroy all the people.




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    Israel, a country created for the victims of genocial hatred  early on became a heinous victimizer.
    Animated map of Israel taking over historic Palestine - Palestine Remix



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    The State of Israel As A Cruel Oppresser

    Explain: The emigration pokicy from Gaza and the West Bank since 2000

    Emigration policy from Gaza and the West Bank since 2000 is a complex and controversial topic, as it involves political, economic, and humanitarian factors. Here is a brief summary of some of the main points:

    - The West Bank and Gaza are Palestinian territories that have been under Israeli military occupation since 1967¹. The Palestinians living there have limited rights and freedoms, and face various restrictions on their movement, access to resources, and economic opportunities²³.
    - Since 2000, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has intensified, with several outbreaks of violence, such as the Second Intifada (2000-2005), the Gaza War (2008-2009), and the Gaza-Israel War (2014)⁴. These events have caused widespread death, injury, displacement, and destruction in the Palestinian territories, and have increased the humanitarian crisis and the desire of many Palestinians to emigrate .
    - However, emigration from the West Bank and Gaza is not easy, as it depends on the policies and practices of Israel, Egypt, and other countries. Israel controls most of the borders and crossings of the Palestinian territories, and imposes strict security measures and permit requirements on Palestinians who want to leave. Egypt, which shares a border with Gaza, also limits the opening of the Rafah crossing, and imposes its own restrictions and conditions on Palestinian travelers. Other countries, such as Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey, have varying degrees of openness and accessibility for Palestinian refugees and migrants, depending on their political and economic situations.
    - According to the United Nations, the number of Palestinian refugees and migrants in the world was estimated at 7.8 million in 2019, of which 5.6 million were registered with the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). The main destinations for Palestinian emigration are Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the Gulf states, Europe, and North America.
    - Emigration from the West Bank and Gaza has significant demographic, social, and economic impacts on the Palestinian population and society. On one hand, emigration can provide opportunities for education, employment, income, and security for the migrants and their families. On the other hand, emigration can also result in brain drain, loss of human capital, social fragmentation, and reduced political participation and resistance .

    (1) West Bank and Gaza Immigration Statistics 1990-2023.
    (2) Palestinian Migration from the West Bank and Gaza: Economic and ... - JSTOR.
    (3) Palestinian return to Israel - Wikipedia.
    (4) Gaza: what life is like under the continuing Israeli blockade.



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    Let's just call a spade a spade.  They want them all dead.  It's a genocide.

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    Israel has given fuel to fire other countries to increase terrorist acts.  

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    Where the hell does Israel want people to go when they are attacking sites in the north and south.  If you tell people to move south for safety, then stop the damn bombing.

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    Netanyahu has been tolerating Hamas for years in oder to avoid working toward a two state solution for the Palestinians. He ignored the building resentment and hostility which fueled the attack by Hamas and now he is brutally engaged in an attack of revenge which is barbarically inflicting horrible injuries and death on Palestinian civilians. It is also creating an image if Israelians as evil terrorists.

    The problem in trying to annialiate a group of terrorists is that they embody a movement an ideology that isn't destroyed by war. The Taliban, Isis and other terrorists organizations are still active despite years of war and attempts to eradicate them. It's the ideology that has to be changed in order to accomplish reconciliation and change in their methodology for meeting their goals and needs.