White House Releases Its National Climate Assessment

Is the U.S. doing enough to fight climate change?

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    Are we doing enough? No


    Global warming is THE number one existential threat to life on planet Earth. Alarm bells have been going off for decades, yet there are still those in leadership who deny that global warming exists. 

    We have choices to take action with a sense of urgency, or do exactly what we've been doing...trying to manage this with incremental steps that don't keep up with this devastating change.


    I really thought humans were smarter than dinosaurs. Perhaps not  


    Maybe someone can find the answers in ChatGPT?

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    I think it's a mixed bag, but overall I think Bideen is trying to initiate apporpriate changes, but as usual, the effing Republicans, who are pd. off by the big oil/coal/gas companies are blocking a lot of progress.

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    Studies have shown that the wealthy use more of the fossil fuels, and pollute the most, but pay less taxes. In addition, too many of our politicians are being "gifted" by the fossil fuel industry, so what needs to be done isn't being done fast enough! Too many of the poor and middle classes can't afford a hybrid or electric vehicle today! Prices are very high for these vehicles! Maybe our government need to give tax credits to those who have chosen to drive a hybrid, which mostly runs on electricity, or an electric vehicle. I drive a hybrid and love that I use so little gas, but I am paying for it over 7 years! So I suggest the following:

    1. Tax credits for those making the switch to hybrid or electric vehicles.

    2. Higher taxes for the wealthy & corporations. In the past, everyone paid the same percentage in tax dollars, but not now! The GOP cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations! 

    3. Remove Citizens United because a Corporation can Never be seen as a person, and should not be able to give a lot of money to any political party, and the Supreme must be called out for approving it to begin with!!

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    We've already exceeded the maximum average temperature the world can endure with a collective yawn that does not bode well for the near future as the world burns.

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    While the effects of climate change and weather extremes are overwhelming it's important to remember it can be changed by taking actions, and the current administration has invested $6B to do this which is an investment in trying to turnaround the $150B/year in extreme weather events.

    Also important in the 5th edition is an interactive atlas to look at local temperature and precipitation to see how each of us is affected, and to plan and take action locally.

    "A new national report finds that the impacts of weather extremes — exacerbated by climate change — are far-reaching across every region of the United States. However, the report also finds that rapidly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and accelerating adaptation can limit further warming and protect lives and property from many climate risks. In coordination with the release of the report, President Biden announced more than $6 billion through his Investing in America agenda to make communities across the country more resilient to climate change."

    "extreme climate events are costing the nation an estimated $150 billion each year."

    "an interactive online NCA5 Atlas, which allows users to explore the latest localized temperature and precipitation projections. The atlas is designed to be used by national, state, tribal and community leaders, adaptation planners, researchers, educators and the general public."



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    Not even close...

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    Those right old white men need to listen to millennials and gen z since they no desire to get a career in fossil fuels and came more about solar and green energy and EV's

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    Selfish short-term financial gains and unwillingness of people to make necessary changes to turnaround or just to slow climate change continues our world as we know it towards the point of no return. 

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    we have fallen so short, gone so far past the tipping point. Greedy capitlists will let the world burn to cling to their privilage, and power.

    I pity the children of the world over. future generations will have every right to spit on the graves of every politician, every climate denier who refused to act.

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    Climate change is real! 

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    For @Larubia

    A simple AI query about Environmental Activism. 

    Prompt:  "What should we do to convince people take climate change seriously?"

    Response <Quote> 

    That's a great question, and one that many people are asking these days. Climate change is a complex and urgent issue that affects everyone on the planet, but not everyone is aware of its causes, consequences, and solutions. 🌎

    There is no single answer to how to convince people to take climate change seriously, but there are some general strategies that might help. Here are some of them:

    - **Know your audience.** Different people have different values, beliefs, and motivations, so it's important to tailor your message to what matters to them. For example, some people might care more about the economic impacts of climate change, while others might be more concerned about the moral or religious implications. Try to find out what your audience cares about and frame climate change as a threat or an opportunity for those things¹².
    - **Use credible sources.** People are more likely to trust information that comes from reputable and authoritative sources, such as scientists, experts, or organizations that they respect. You can use facts, data, and evidence from these sources to support your arguments and show that climate change is real, human-caused, and solvable¹³. However, avoid overwhelming your audience with too many numbers or technical terms, as this might make them feel confused or bored. Instead, use simple and clear language, and explain how the facts relate to their lives⁴.
    - **Tell stories.** Stories are powerful tools for communication, as they can capture people's attention, emotions, and imagination. You can use stories to illustrate the impacts of climate change on people, animals, and places that your audience cares about, or to showcase the benefits of taking action. You can also share your own personal story of why you care about climate change and what you are doing to make a difference¹⁴. Stories can help your audience empathize with you and others who are affected by climate change, and inspire them to join you in taking action.
    - **Be positive and hopeful.** While it's important to acknowledge the seriousness and urgency of climate change, it's also important to avoid being too doom-and-gloom, as this might make your audience feel hopeless, helpless, or defensive. Instead, focus on the positive aspects of taking action, such as the co-benefits for health, economy, and society, or the opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and justice¹⁵. You can also highlight the examples of success and progress that are happening around the world, and show that change is possible and desirable. By being positive and hopeful, you can motivate your audience to take action for a better future. 😊

    I hope these tips are helpful for you. Remember, you don't have to convince everyone, but you can make a difference by reaching out to those who are open-minded and willing to listen. You can also take action yourself by reducing your carbon footprint, supporting climate-friendly policies and businesses, and joining a climate movement. Together, we can tackle climate change and create a more sustainable and equitable world for everyone. 💚

    Source: Conversation with Bing, 11/21/2023
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    <End Quote>

    We can drill down and find strategies pulled from psychology and marketing.

    The real problem is changing those in the upper 5% who use fossil fuels to derive their wealth.

    There are answers to this within the AI I used. They involve using

    • Social Pressure, 

    • Legal Pressure, and

    • Economic Pressure

    But we need to Flip the House and gain a substantial lead, and get 60+ Senators seated to support Environmental Actions, and make sure we vote in a President fully committed to take Environmental Action.


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    The US is NOT doing enough. We have to commit to going 100% fossil-free on a short timeline and start imprisoning big polluters and stripping away their fortunes from their families 100% to pay for the transfer to renewable clean energy and industry.

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    We know we have to move faster to fix this problem!

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    Too much

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    Are you kidding? If anything, politicians are making worse wtih their greed. And I mean ALL of them.

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    This report is absolutely correct that, by the time 30 years have elapsed, the US will need to have reached zero carbon emissions. Fewer than 30 years if possible.

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    Too  much. Ruin our economy, improve China

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    About time the mega group in Congress take appropriate actions. 

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    UN's latest report predicts an increase in global average temperature of nearly 3 degrees Celsius (more than 5.2 degrees Farhenheit).  

    Let's see... 

    3 > 2  


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    The White House was given access to two U.S. Patents assigned to the University of Central Florida that could stop CO2 emissions.  Both Patents demonstrate a way to break the chemical bonds of the CO2 molecule making it harmless so you could even burn coal without any CO2  emissions.  You can even get creative and cap a stack and have no emissions at all.  It's ignored because of $$$.  Follow the money and you'll understand why.  

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    Funds intended for use to militarily protect our country being deferred by the President to his climate change agenda is not the decision a person of sound mind would push. He says climate change is scientifically backed, but more respected scientists do not back the information this President puts forth. Study history and you will find climate has changed little, it is cyclic. God controls tornados, cyclones, hurricanes, droughts, floods, etc., not man. I am amazed that this President repeatedly takes money set aside for a specific purpose and moves it elsewhere, never held accountable. These monies are never given a full report, taxpayer dollars just disappear. Gas reserves that were sold and never replaced, military equipment abandoned, money moved about in shell games, American taxpayers fully funding illegal aliens while watching their own families suffer. Do we not have any government bodies in place to protect the American citizens from this tyrannical behavior?