U.S. Continues To Strike Iranian-Linked Militias in Syria

Do you support the U.S.'s response?

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    Can't have countries attacking our military people abroad. Either defend them or bring them back to the US.

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    cAUSES TELLS ME, THEN ASKS: " The U.S. carried out airstrikes on two facilities linked to Iranian-backed militias in eastern Syria following drone and rocket attacks against U.S. forces in the region. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin emphasized these attacks are separate from the Israel-Palestine conflict.  Do you support the U.S.'s response?"

    ME: First, Austin is dead wrong to say these attacks are separate from the Israel/Hamas conflict.  They have everything to do with the totally uncritical US "My Israel Right or wrong" stance together with its billions of dollars of military support used against the Palestinian people.  As the UN Secretary General has said, this war has not happened in a vacuum.  Next, considering the very high risk that this war will erupt into a regional, if not global, war, it behooves the US to bite it's metaphoric tongue at provocations rather than willy-nilly raise the ante.  

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    Last week, the House passed a bill to provide Israel with advanced weapons systems and support for their Iron Dome missile defense system.
    Israel is our greatest ally in the Middle East, and they need our help to fight Hamas terrorists.
    The best part about this package is that it’s completely paid for by cutting $14.3 billion from the IRS to offset the costs.
    This bill had support from 12 Democrats… the rest chose to fund an army of IRS bureaucrats rather than fund an army to fight Hamas.
    The Senate should take this up and pass it immediately… unless Senate Democrats prefer expanding the IRS over supporting Israel.

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    I can support strikes in response to attacks on our soldiers, so long as we are not striking Iran and others first. We do not want a hot war in Iran or the Middle East in general, so we must protect our troops without provoking others. 

    I wish we could bring Iran to a diplomatic agreement that they would stop funding terrorists, but it seems right now that is unlikely.

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    Not enough.  There were over 20 times ourtroops were under attack.  This Presdient is weak.  He won't touch Iran because he thinks he can still make a deal with Iran on Nukes.  He's dreaming.  He's out of touch with reality.  Only thing they understand is force.  

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    US Air/Missile strikes should continue ‘Full Bore’ against all identified Iranian proxy terrorist targets.  “Go For Brokeʼ’.    SP

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    Why do you think Hamas attacked Israel? 
    Hamas did what Russia could not do for two years, have the west take its focus off Ukraine! Russia friend Iran pushed this! 
    The we gave Republicans holding up aid to Ukraine and Israel! Why are the Republicans supporting Russia and Iran? Republican Brad Finstad sends out a flyer about football, where is his mind at? While Russian lawmakers talk about annexation of Alaska! 
    We have some serious problems and the Republicans are playing the fiddle! 
    please stop playing and get to work! 

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    terrorism needs to know ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. There is no place to hide and Justice will be swift and sevear. 

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    Lets send the message but please use caution.

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    Ensure no civillians will be harmed prior to attacks.

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    We destroy HAMAS. 

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    Obama was hesitant to get too involved in Syria. Maybe these airstrikes are just followups on what Washington thinks in hindsight should have been done back then.

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    If what is being reported is true then yes, I support this as they were the aggressors.  However, as our Government HAS lied to us before to get us into a war with Iraq after 911, I am more measured in my responses since then I was before as I do not trust what gets told to us 100% anymore.


    So, if the reports are actually true, then yes, I support this response, but again , that's IF

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    Too little, too late. Biden stopped oil here, raising prices. Then stopped enforcing oil sanctions on Iran. Iran gets rich, funds terrorists.

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    Until Congress is willing to have a meaningful discussion about the underlying reason all this is going on then it will not stop. The reasons are in the koran and mohammeds hatred of all things not islam.

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    Might makes right & truth is the first casualty of every war. If & when you see might makes right becoming the truth, don’t you dare let it too become a casualty.

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    Yes I support the strikes since we were attacked first.  I just hope that this doesn't escalate into a more involved military effort.  We don't need to be drawn into another endless war.