BILL: Should We Invest in Child Care? - Child Care for Every Community Act - H.R.953

Tell your reps to support or or oppose this bill

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    Who would I send a letter to regarding this bill? 

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    You think ????? Jesus was crucified because of this pre-Seaview by others!


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    This should not even be a question. But realizing GOP feels if you have children, you should be responsible for their welfare and education. Most of these members only bow down to big businesses and money folks. They would have a hard time looking at the average working constituent. Or even how they could help them. Every child in all schools should receive free breakfast and lunches. If we can feed prisoners, we should be able to feed children. Child care needs addressed. Wages for child care workers needs to improve way above minimum wage and include benefits. At the same time wage earners pay has not increased enough to adaqutely pay for child care. I guess as long as we have a GOP who only cares for itself, adequate child will only be a dream for the working class. I see what it costs for our grand kids just for after and before school care. It just amazes me. But I know the care center has to meet all health and safety requirements along with qualified child care workers. Along with transportation to take and return children from schools. Yes this is investing in our future. Children will be our workers, our educators, our elected officials, our law enforcement, or health care workers, the list goes on. I am not against a strong military or helping other countries, but if we can spend billions on that, we should be spending billion or two on child care.

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    Causes, who are you kidding? The gop would never support this.

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    To me, the question is "Why AREN'T we investing in child care?" 

    What is more important than the future of our country? Why should our children come after the profits of corporations and millionaires, and below the interests of the military industrial complex? 

    Part of the reason so many people feel our country has lost its way is because we have really terrible priorities. 

    Our children should get the best: food, healthcare, education, shelter, and care. 

    If we're not willing to invest fully in our children, then we really are doomed.

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    HELL YES!!!!  Children are the future of this country, that is if we don't fall under a fascist dictatorship with Trump and the GD Republicans and we still have a planet that will support life.  Whether we should support children shold not even be a question, the question should be what all can we do to support children who will growup to be productive, critically thinking citizens who will respect the right of all humans.

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    Yes, yes & yes! Support child care and high quality early childhood education...especially for populations falling under the poverty line. PreK makes all the difference in leveling the playing field for language, academic, & the technology skills necessary to be successful in Kindergarten and beyond!!!

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    Represenatives & Senators, 

    Child Care for Every Community Act - H.R.953

    See your way to go beyond simply strongly supporting H. R. 953.

    Since there is already some bipartisan support someone or a group needs to step up and find a way to get more support in every one of our 435 Districts. Following the 2020 Census each of 435 congressional districts has roughly 761,179 people in each district. Many if not most families among 761,179 citizens-voters in each one of those 435 district will benefit from child care for children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

    Do your jobs! 




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    There are 79 co-sponsors of Child Care for Every Community Act - H.R.953, all democrats so in a Republican controlled House it has little chance of being passed. gives it a 1% chance of making it out if committee (2022 average is 11%), and a 1% chance of being enacted (2022 average is 2%).