The Latest: Israel To Expand Ground Operations in Southern Gaza

How do you feel about the U.S. response so far?

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    Haven't seen any humanitarian corridors established to provide Palestians with food, water, drugs, fuel nor safe areas designated, especially all existing hospitals.

    While Israel has a right to defend itself and the US has armed Israel over the years ($3B/year) it does not have a right to bomb Palestians civilians and infrastructure which is not only a war crime but escalatory as Hezbollah may join the fray in the north even if Lebanon and Jordan don't officially.

    Asking 1M civilians to evacuate in 24 hr is not feasible even if they all had cars, had a place to go, and roads that were not bombed. Think about the planning that goes into US evacuations for fires and hurricanes where 2-3M people are involved that happen over days, to shelters with provisions where everyone has a vehicle.

    Time to remind Israel about the rules of war, and  not destroying civilians or non-military infrastructure.

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    I'm saddened by recent events and worried about the implications for the United States and our NATO allies. Although this attack seemingly did not make intelligence agency's radar, it's been brewing for a while & Isreal is not blameless, in my opinion. 

    This region has been fought over for centuries, because of religion. I find it ironic that the major tenet of each of these religions is, in a sense, "the Golden Rule".


    Here is a brief history:

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    To tell the truth, I'm not sure how I feel.  While, I don't condone the attack, I know that Israel is not innocent as they have launched attacks in the past that seemed unprovoked (although I don't live over there so I can't really say for sure that the past attacks on Gaza were without provocation).  All I know is that both sides have acted like spoiled toddlers and need to sit down like real adults and work out some solution that benefits both sides.  Obviously, Gaza has reasons to not like or trust Israel and likewise Israel has reasons to not like or trust Gaza, but at some point this shit has to stop to stop the senseless killing on both sides.

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    Unfortunately, the U.S. response is the same as every other time that Palestinians have lashed out against Israel for the terrible Apartheid treatment they've suffered.  

    This retaliation will not provide any positive results, but the Palestinians' suffering has reached a breaking point.  

    The U.S. must become an advocate for justice for both sides--not a cheerleader for Israel.

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    I read the whole comments.  I will look at another alternative.

    The enmity between Israel and Hamas is complex and multifaceted, butI believe that religion and claims to religious buildings certainly play a role.

    Both Israel and Hamas are religious movements with strong ties to Judaism and Islam, respectively. Jews believe that the land of Israel is promised to them by God, while Muslims believe that Jerusalem is the third holiest city in Islam. The Temple Mount/Al-Aqsa Mosque complex in Jerusalem is sacred to both Jews and Muslims, and competing claims to the site have been a source of tension and violence for centuries.

    So one could say the war going on is because of religion and land grab on both sides.  

    I don't know what the solution is other than for them to grow up and realize religions are not good reasons to go war.  Historically, many wars happened because of religions.  

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    i'm so proud of President Biden and the state department for standing with israel

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    CAUSES TELLS ME, THEN ASKS:  " Welcome to Monday, October 9th, nations... . Over the weekend, the Hamas militant group carried out shock attacks on Israel. Rocket attacks from Gaza continue to target Israel. Israel says it regained control of its communities near Gaza, but militant groups remain active. More than 700 people have been killed in Israel, and over 500 people have died in Gaza since Israel began retaliatory air strikes on the area. More than 120,000 Gazans have been displaced from their homes.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday:        “We are at war and we will win it.” How do you feel about the U.S. response so far?"

    ME:  Angry, very angry. There has been absolutely NO acknowledgement on the part  of the US Government (and the West in general) of the fact that the Gaza strip is considered in international circles as "the world's biggest outdoor prison," nor has the entire West -- other than those involved in humanitarian efforts -- recognized Israel's creation of this "prison."   How many years in prison would YOU tolerate?

    "UN human rights expert: ‘I’m horrified by the narrative’  “Like many, I’m totally petrified by what’s happening,” Francesca Albanese, the UN special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, told Al Jazeera. “Before anything else, I’m horrified by the narrative,” Albanese added. “It’s possible, and necessary, to stand with both the Palestinians and Israelis without resorting to ethical relativism, selective outrage or worse: calls for violence.” Albanese, who has been in the role as an independent UN human rights expert for 16 months, said that “violence escalating against defenceless Palestinians [is] something that has been ongoing for over six decades now. Fifty six years just in the context of the occupation,” She acknowledged that Israelis were in pain but that this needed to be put in the “context of decades of oppression imposed on the Palestinians”. “The militarized, settler-colonial occupation that Israel maintains traps both people,” she added. Politicians and policymakers “should prioritise restoring legality and accountability, using diplomacy and peace as conflict resolution methods,” said Albanese, “rather than advocating for more violence or standing with one side or another”."  []

    IMHO, the root causes for today's war lies directly in the thought-less decisions by the allied powers in 1948 to simply remove people who had lived in the area for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and give their land over to others. And then, repeatedly and for decades thereafter fail to condemn these new occupiers for their hostile and illegal acts against those they displaced: building illegal settlements? Tisk, tisk, you shouldn't do that. Blockading their means of support, jobs, food, medicine, electricity, water? Tisk, tisk. Again and again and again with impunity -- while providing their aggressors with the guns and ammo then, as now, used against them. DO I CONDONE HAMAS? Absolutely not.  DO I CONDEMN HAMAS? No. But IMHO it's the repeated failure by the West -- and especially the US (perhaps from some sort of guilt for its failure to accept Jewish immigrants during the Holocaust) -- to long ago take strong steps to adequately and firmly address the "Palestinian Problem," and the West's willful and blind support for Israel no matter what -- that's got us to where we are now. It doesn't, of course, help that the Palestinians are Muslims.

    Since most Americans are totally ignorant when it comes to the Middle East in general and the divided Palestinian states, I STRONGLY urge them to skip the Western propaganada for a while and read this basic guide:

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    It sounds more and more like Israel is about to commit mass casualties, possibly genocide, in Gaza starting as soon as their morning tomorrow.

    The international community and our US leadership needs to speak out loudly and strongly that while the horrors of last weekend were abominable and terrorism cannot be accepted, the destruction of human lives in retribution and in violation of international law is completely unacceptable.

    Netanyahu has long been a right-wing extremist when it comes to treatment of the Palestinian people, and it looks like he's finally found his reason to carry out his darkest impulses. 

    May God have mercy on the people of Gaza.

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    Money talks...  

    President Biden needs to threaten to withdraw monetary support for the Israeli GENOCIDE of Palestinians  civilians in Gaza and the West Bank unless Israel accepts a Ceasefire...  

    Let the UN provide for the needs of the surviving Ppalestinians.

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    Biden is correct. An Israeli ground invasion of Gaza could very well prove to be a collosal mistake.

    There is a good chance of it proving counterproductive in terms of subdoing Hamas;

    A good chance of serious unintended consequences,

    A chance of it sparking a larger confilct in the region, including possible world war;

    And finally, a full scale invasion in civilian territory will likely paint Israel in a very negative light internationally.

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    We need to use our power and influence to stop the killing of innocent civilians in Gaza Strip. Too many innocents are dying.

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    Good on the President for saying what he said. 


    President Biden called Hamas' attack on Israel "pure unadulterated evil," as he vowed, "We stand with Israel."

    "We'll make sure Israel has what it needs to take care of itself," Biden said Tuesday from the White House.

    Hamas militants attacked Israel on Saturday, killing more than 900 people, including at least 14 Americans. Israel has responded with a siege and heavy bombing of the Gaza Strip.

    "Like every nation in the world, Israel has the right to respond — indeed has a duty to respond — to these vicious attacks," Biden said.

    Biden has expressed full-throated support for Israel in the wake of what he and his officials have described as terrorist attacks.


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    Today at 1:41 AM

    I am absolutely appalled by my country's complicity in this genocide.  We need to be better than this.  We need to make it clear to Israel that we do not tolerate this gross violation of human rights.  We need an immediate and unconditional ceasefire and Israel needs to be held accountable for the atrocities that it has committed that far exceeds whatever act of terror Hamas has done to it.

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    Yesterday at 5:22 PM

    End the apartheid & occupation now! European & US imperialism have destroyed the lives of too many people. Enough is enough. Greedy imperialists & white supremacists have co-opted the real fears of a historically oppressed people to justify the disgusting, inhumane treatment and murder of Palestinians. Antisemitism *is* and issue and should be eradicated EVERYWHERE; it should not be used to commit ethnic cleansing and genocide of other groups of people. I believe in a world where Jewish people are safe *and* Palestinian people are free in their own homes. We can build it together, but funding this genocide MUST STOP NOW!


    (asterisks used to show emphasis)

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    Today at 12:08 AM

    The Biden administration is doing the best job that can be done when Israel is ruled by B Netanyahu.  He is too right wing and he is prejudiced against Palestinians.  He is not following world-sanctioned rules of war.  He is killing too many innocents.

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    Yesterday at 9:19 PM

    Dear causes maxist and fellow disgusting democrats, 


    Had Hamas and Palestinians not attacked a concert on October 7th this war would not be happening. 


    It's disgusting how algorithm propaganda has turned so many Americans into retards, Marxist loving morons, now I see how morons like Wyden and Merkley got elected.


    Netanyahu,  keep on bombing Gaza until all those false religion terrorist are eradicated. 


    To my moron Senator's,  I support Israel. 

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    Yesterday at 7:58 PM

    To be honest, knowing what is appropiate action requires vast knowledge of the region, history and experience. So, I do not have the background to make an intellegent answer.  I do know that no group of innocents should be slattered for political gain and retalition.

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    Yesterday at 7:09 PM

    the israelis are massacring the palestinians and they dont have any thinng or anyone to ddefend them how many palestinans lives must be lost to satisfy the blood thrist of the israelis , how many innocent unarmed palestinian babies , children men and women must be murdered until the israelis are satisfied, the palestinains do not have surface to air missles , they do not have fighter jets to meet the israelis in the air they do not have tanks to deffend them on the ground we are pa[rticipating in genocide and it needs to stop we need to defend those that can not defend themselves protect the palestinains and their children we need to defend theri right to exist and their right to their lands and homes that the israelis have stolen, we need to correct our mistake and stop the massacre and genocide of the people of palestine

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    Yesterday at 7:06 PM

    Genocide in Gaza is a foreign policy disaster. 

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    Yesterday at 7:55 PM

    As a Jew I'm grateful for the support from the United States. Destroy Iran and 99% of the problems will go away. Keep attacking our ships and you will get what you wish for. The people that demonstrate against Israel. You truly are morons. October 7th obviously means nothing to you because you all were here enjoying your rights to protest and gather. While childen were butchered,burned alive,limbs severed,women raped. All out criminal. But why shoud you care. It wasn't your family or friends. Just like you all pretend that the holocaust never happened. So I say long live Israel. Keep up the fight untill you destroy Hamas and all the other flunkies. 

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    Yesterday at 6:45 PM

    I'm pleased that the administration is doing what it can to avoid wider war but the resistance to their efforts is disappointing.

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    Yesterday at 7:38 PM

    The Palestineans are innocent victims who deserve our full support.  The Jews are their hostile neighbors that need to learn how to be good neighbors.  Hamas is the enemy of humanity that must be exterminated.  The Jews may deserve our military aid, but not our money.

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    Yesterday at 6:56 PM

    Support Israel and not Hamas nor Hamas supporters. Israel's enemies are our enemies.

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    Yesterday at 6:54 PM

    The US, as per history, supports all dictatorial, racist and genocidal political States.  israel is no different.  Zionism began as a racist ideology with ethnic cleansing the goal.  it was a European, white supremacist rooted ideology created by people who wanted to be the very power they railed against and  now are the 21 centuray Hitlerian nazis they ran from.  The US is only making the most mealy mouthed suggestions of caution for the Palestinian people's safety while funding this apartheid genocide with unlimited financial and military aid.  It has sent military people to help with war strategy, money to buy more American armaments and military equipment to better bomb the Palestinians out of existence.  Hamas is a total smoke screen for this long sought fascist extremism. Remember Israel helped create Hamas for divisive purposes and is still using them as a False Flag to justify this murderous genocide and the US has helped all along the way.

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    Yesterday at 6:38 PM

    If you support Ukraine how do you not support Israel  Hamas raped women  took people hostage who they still have and murdered people Hamas needs to be eliminated   

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    Yesterday at 4:19 PM

    You got two religious porxy wars, Christians nationalist orthodox Church fighting Jews in Ukraine-Russia. Now you got nationalist muslims fighting Jews in Gaza-Israel. When religion is governments and vice versa, you get religious wars with the civilian people in the middle. Dictatorship use religion to justify their suppression and action for killing and war. 

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    last Sunday

    The Administration has done an excellent job of supporting established US policy while bringing what pressure it can on the situation to reduce loss of US lives. That said, it is a difficult situation for us.  The US has no authority in this, none whatever.  When we speak in support of Israel we are seen as supporting apartied and Zionist terrorists.  If we say anyting that support Palestinians we are seen as supproting Hamaz terrorists.  There is no way to support the innocent Jews or innocent Palestinians without being seen as supporting terrorist and war criminals because both sides are terrorists and war crimminals!  I wish we had a functional Congress that could consider this and assist the administration!

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    last Saturday

    Harris says US will ‘under no circumstances’ permit forced relocation of Palestinians

    Which planet are you on?

    Has been happening for decades and now is in its last phase

    if you mean what you say bring them all back home 

    shame on congress

    shame on the admins 

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    last Friday

    First day after truce 200 palestinians killed who knows how many injured with no working med facilities 

    and you expect sympathy with your expansion and illegal occupation? 

    shame on congress

    shame on the administration

    shame on the zionistas 

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    last Friday

    Adding truth to history! From The NY Times ...

    "Israel Knew Hamas’s Attack Plan More Than a Year Ago
    A blueprint reviewed by The Times laid out the attack in detail. Israeli officials dismissed it as aspirational and ignored specific warnings."


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    last Friday

    Why does Causes continue to use a photo that continues play on emotion. Let Israel handle Israel's. 

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    last Thursday

    Secretary Blinken has done an excellent job of negotiating the ceasefire and the hostage release.  I am so proud of the Biden administration.