BILL: Should We Regulate the Storage of Firearms? - Ethan's Law - H.R.660

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    How about stopping the proliferation! If everyone owns, carries its just a matter of time when it is used/abused/accidentally triggered. people are angrier 

    ‘Not safe anywhere now’: American Jews are flocking to gun training classes

    How about advocation for a proper two state solution and returning illegal settlements versus expanding! Its in YOUR hands.

    No amount of guns will keep anyone safe anywhere

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    "he was unintentionally shot and killed by an unsecured firearm in a neighbor's home"

    If one didn't know better, one would think the gun spontaneously fired all by itself and the kids were just innocent bystanders.

    "Mr. Song’s death was a tragic event in that he accidentally shot himself in the head with a .357 magnum handgun which was stored in a master bedroom closet at the location where he was shot. Mr. Song did not reside at this location and he was not related to the gun owner. This handgun was one of three which was owned by an adult male who resided at the home. On the date in question, it appears that all three weapons had been stored in a cardboard box inside of a large Tupperware container in this closet. Each weapon was secured with an operable gun lock. There is no evidence that the gun used was loaded at the time it was stored within the closet. However, ammunition for the gun was located within the same small cardboard box next to the weapon used, inside of the Tupperware container. It appears that this small cardboard box was hidden under some clothing in the larger Tupperware container. Subsequent investigation has established that the keys to the gunlocks on the three weapons were hidden in the same Tupperware container in a separate area hidden under other clothing.
    An exhaustive review has determined that during the months prior January 31, 2018, juveniles had gained access to the adult male’s weapons and played with them on several occasions. It appears that the weapons were returned to their original location after each access and there is no evidence that the gun owner knew that the guns had been retrieved by the juveniles. Rather, it appears that there was a deliberate attempt by the juveniles to withhold this information from the gun owner. There is no evidence that Mr. Song knew that the gun responsible for his death was loaded or that he had any role in loading it," the State's Attorney's report concludes.

    This was a tragedy, but not the gun owner's fault. He had locked the guns and stored them out of sight, even though he had no reason to think minors would be around them. The minors searched these guns out, and once they found them, repeatedly took them out to play with before concealing the fact that they had tampered with them. The investigation concluded that the deceased fired a gun he had pointed at his own head without checking to see whether it was loaded.

    I have no idea what motivated the minors to play with guns and ammunition, or why the deceased chose to turn a gun on himself and pull the trigger.

    It appears that the minors were old enough to be clever enough to bypass attempts to secure the guns. Unfortunately they were still immature enough to fail to consider the possible consequences of their actions.

    What if, rather than guns being portrayed as scary and forbidden (terms which tend to attract teenagers rather than dissuade them), guns were treated like circular saws, gas grills, kitchen knives, lighters, nail guns, swimming pools, motor vehicles, and other potentially dangerous inanimate household objects?

    "Don't play with matches. Don't run with knives or scissors. Treat every gun as if it's loaded. Don't play with the grill. Don't mix cleaning supplies. Don't point a gun near anything you don't intend to shoot. Don't swim alone. Don't touch the trigger unless you intend to fire. Don't play with power tools. Don't play on ladders. Look both ways before crossing the street. Don't take medication unless the doctor told you to. Be careful what kind of people you hang out with."

    A hundred years ago, kids in rural communities would take their guns to school with them so that they could hunt right after school. Their guns were tools, and schoolyard grudges were settled with fists not bullets, though they could be sure of serious consequences from their teacher and parents afterward.

    Unfortunately that cultural mindset seems completely alien today, as alien as school shootings would have seemed to my grandparents.


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    All guns need to be secured. Stiff penalities if not.

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    The good ole USA is number 1 in youth deaths resulting from firearms in the world! Guns now kill more of our children than any other reason (illness, accidents, etc.)!


    Do you think we should keep guns secure?


    Yes! Yep! Abso-freaking-lutely!!! YES!!!



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    We strongly urge you to support and pass H.R.660 - Ethan's Law.

    While responsible gun owners already make an effort to secure their firearms, it is necessary to codify the storage of firearms in all residential premises. 

    The bill sets up criminal penalties for an individual who violates the requirement. Such individuals is who stores a firearm in violation of the requirements would be subject to having the firearms seized and forfeited. 

    At the state and tribal levels, the bill requires the Department of Justice to award grants to implement functionally identical requirements for the safe storage of firearms.


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    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    A well regulated militia for each state is what this means, which each state has-IT'S CALLED THE NATIONAL GUARD(and those on The Hill know this, they are just too happy cashing their million dollar campaign donations I meant.....from the NRA)


    That does not mean every citizen in every state has a right to bear arms.


    Every person dead from gun violence-every student killed in school shootings....these are all the fault of the NRA, their supporters and members, and the law makers who cash their checks.

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    The problem with this bill is its lack of enforceability. The only time law enforcement would enter a home would be when there has already been an incident. In Central California, I doubt law enforcement would enforce his law even if it could make it through Congress. The Second Amendment needs to be rewritten with a more modern outlook, but that will never happen in the terrible state of our country and government.

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    Common sense gun safety, the storage of guns, that previously existed as H.R. 748 (117th) in 2021 and already exists in 24 states wth 206 sponsors and co-sponsors, all Democrats (206 of 212) but not 1 Republican co-sponsor so has no chance of being passed unless 11 Republicans cross over and vote for it.

    This bill has a 5% chance of getting out of committee (11% of bills in 2021-2022 made it out of committee), and 1% chance of being enacted (2% were enacted in 2021-2022).

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    We must do all we can to keep children safe from guns. Any gun owner must keep their firearms locked up safely so that kids cannot get to them and cannot use them unless under adult supervision in a safe place.

    I support this; the Second Amendment surely didn't mean to allow children to kill themselves and others with firearms.