BILL: Should We Seek Environmental Justice? - A. Donald McEachin Environmental Justice For All Act - H.R.1705

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    When are people going to realize that there is no climate crisis. Go back to the 1970 to 1978 headlines and you will find that at that point in time the world was going to freeze. The northern hemisphere was going to be covered with ice in just years. we were doomed. Starting in 1979 suddenly the world was warming. The world would burn. And we were doomed. Many predictions have been made since then. there are many documented predictions such as the Greenland ice sheet would be gone by 2015. It's still there. I do not deny that the climate has warmed slightly, however, true data shows the climate has been warming for hundreds of years. Long before any of this greenhouse gas stuff ever came to be. There have been times in the past when it has been much hotter as early as the 1930s. The world will continue its cycles of heating and cooling regardless of man who thinks he has the power to change the world but does not.

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    Environmental justice is necessary, and it improves two issues: the climate crisis and racial injustice. 

    For far too long, neighborhoods of color have been burdened with unequal treatment and environmental hazards while white populations moved further into the suburbs and countryside and ignored the plight of these neighborhoods.

    As we improve our infrastructure and prepare for a harsher climate future, we need to ensure that environmental justice is top of mind.

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    We DO NEED Environmental Justice.  It shouldn't always be the rural areas, or the poorer sections that have to deal with this.

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    Good idea.  Sadly this was presented by a Democrat so doesn't stand aa snowballs chance in hell of getting passed.  Along woith the money backing of those at fault, this will never reach the needed individuals it applies to.  It is still all about power and control over the masses.  The only way this will get through is if there is  some sort of "pork" written within that will sway the vote.  Be very, very careful about what is under written.

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    "Whether by conscious design or institutional neglect, communities of color in urban ghettos, in rural 'poverty pockets,' or on economically impoverished Native-American reservations face some of the worst environmental devastation in the nation.”  

    Should we have environmental justice? YES


    Will this bill pass? NO


    Why not?    Most Congressional members have lobbyists and campaign donors, responsible for this problem, contributing to campaigns and lobbying to keep the status quo.

    We see you & you don't represent us. -LaRubia, lead poisoning survivor 


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    For sure this bill should be supported and passed.  We need to get serious about the env. before it's too late.

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    While environmental Justice is important, 72 democratic co-sponsors won't get this legislation to the floor much less passed so it will end up in the Legislative graveyard.

    In the current congressional environment of shared power, where the House is Republican controlled and Senate Democratically controlled, and a Democratic President, only 11% of bills made it out of committee and 2% enacted between 2021-2023.  

    This legislation has no chance without Republican co-sponsors making it bipartisan so is headed directly to the legislative graveyard.

    The Republican House is only interested in investigations for campaign PR & fund raising and not actually passing legislation. In the 100 days since the appropriations bills passed out of committee they couldn't get them on the House floor to vote on them, and are still working on them.