BILL: Should We Protect Vehicles From Climate Regulators? - Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act - H.R.1435

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    My first thought is, doesn't anyone realize how much green house emissions this will generate?? Not everyone can afford to buy a new car due to this pushed requirement to drive only electric vehicles. Eventually I'll be able to claim elder abuse, regarding my personal Liberty to choose my own vehicle. Did you know, Electric cars have a terrible recall rate due to the number of accidents caused from their "self-driving" features. It has been proven. Just look it up on Tesla's website. 

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    Since when do representatives "protect" cars?


    That's not your job. 

    Here you go:


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    I'm not surprised that the Republicans are once again trying to interfer with state initiatives. Much as they yell and scream about states rights, they only care about staying in power and lining their pockets with Big Oil money. I want to breath fresh air. I want to stop climate change. Having lived through this last brutal Texas summer I can say I'm even more fed up with Republicans than ever. By the way while I now consider my self an Independent since 2016, thank you Trump, I am a recovering Republican who voted for his first Democratic President since 1976 and I have no regrets.

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    Is this clown trying to put a plastic bag over our heads filled with car exhaust?  This is the worst law I've ever seen presented!  If he wishes to leave the planet, Space X has the means for a one way ticket for him to get to the heavens!

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     Rep. John Joyce are you flipping kidding me? You actually spent time writing this piece of garbage?  You should be ashamed of yourself. All in favor of this should be ashamed. 

    We NEED action to fight climate change. California has taken the action our Congress should be taking & you are fighting it?  

    Your bill isn't about choice, it's about campaign contributions.  You were sent to office to represent people, NOT corporate interests  


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    BILL: Should We Protect Vehicles From Climate Regulators

    Oh, Hell No!

    We need to incentivize the manufacture and purchase of electric vehicles.
    We need to disincentivize the manufacture and purchase of gasoline powered vehicles.

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    Cars are huge contibutor of greenhouse gases that increse the severity and the risks from the Climate Crisis.  

    Why do republicans want to ruin the world their grandchildren must try to survive in?

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    No we should not protect the car industry.  Our focus must be on savin the env. unless we want to have even more and worse climate disasters.  The bill only impacts the purchase and use of new vehicles, not those that users already have.  It's a commonsense way to phase in EVs.  However, with that said a whole lot more charging stations need to be available than there currently are if we really go EV.

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    Legislation with 84 House Republican co-sponsors that has already passed the House 222-190 with 22 not voting that seems unnecessary as conversion to EV should be left to the marketplace and support of state and local government to facilitate growth of public charging stations and additional tax credits over and above federal tax credits.

    The county I live in is now 15% EV car registrations (increased from 11,000 vehicles in January 2021 to 25,000+ August 2023 which is a 150% in 32 months) exceeding the 10% national average,

    The county also formed a co-op to educate residents and facilitate deals at 7 local dearlerships to take advantage of Federal tax credits at the time of sale, instead of waiting to receive a rebate on your taxes of $7,500 available from the Federal government and $3,000 from the State.

    The couty has 600 publicly available EV charging plugs at 233 different locations (doesn't count private ones in homes) of which the county manages 64 in Couty parking lots.

    As of October it will be 2yesrs for me without a car using Ubers (many have been EV usually Bolt or Prius) and mass transit successfully but it's good to know if I change my mind I can get $10K off the price of an EV at purchase and not need to wait till I file taxes to claim the credit, and there are charging stations everywhere I go and where I live. I even have an account for the charging station in my building for guests that visit (and I wanted to try out how it works which is not that different than my accounts with NJ Transits and DC Metro)

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    I write to you today as a passionate advocate for the well-being of our planet and all its inhabitants. We must prevent the passing of the Senate version of HR 1435—Preserving Choice in Vehicle Purchases Act.

    This is not just about the people of one state or even our nation, but about the entire world! 

    The consequences of this bill, if it were to become law, would extend far beyond our borders, affecting the lives of people and the health of our planet on a global scale. The ramifications of such actions cannot be overstated. That is why I implore each of you to vote against this bill.

    By defeating this bill, we can send a powerful message, both to our fellow citizens and to the international community, that we are committed to protecting and preserving the environment for future generations. We have a responsibility to be stewards of our planet, and we cannot and must not neglect that duty.



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    Well we have to start somewhere. GM and the oil industry have created this monster that is the major polluter in this world, the automobile. Every day in the early mornings and late afternoons, you see thousands of automobiles and pickups with only one passenger, the driver. Even though they passed the emissions inspection, they are still aiding to the air pollution. Public transportation is far and few between. Subdivisions create the need of a vehicle just to get to work, school, groceries, doctor, hair cut, sports, after school activities. I fully understand in rural areas the need of gasoline and diesel fuel vehicles. But they are a far cry from city traffic. EV's should be mandatory within high density areas. More public transportation into subdivisions, more connecting routes for better access to places of employment, colleges, shopping facilities. Allow groceries, drug stores, dry cleaners, restaurants into subdivisions, so people can walk or ride a bicycle instead of driving. In our once small town now has thousand upon thousands of subdivisions with no better highway system. Thousands more vehicles on the roads. All burning gasoline or diesel fuel. Big SUVs and pickups are everywhere. EVs are in extreme minority. I am retired, I don't drive unless we have to. No I don't have an RV, I can stay in a lot of nice motels/hotels for what they cost. But I am not against owning one, just wish you wouldn't drive that big SUV or pickup everyday for work. Yes, we have to start somewhere. We maybe on of few nations to actually set the example.