Biden to UAW Strikers: 'You Deserve Raise'

Do you support a strike?

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    I always support the right of workers to strike, but this strike threatens to cause massive economic damage to our country, so I hope the UAW can find a way to continue the fight without allowing the strike to do too much damage over too long a period. This one could really be problematic.

    However, the UAW should strike and should ask for more. The CEOs of the Big Three make hundreds of times more money during a time of record profits for the automakers, and workers should get a slice of the pie. The evolution to electric vehicles and the need to protect good-paying American jobs are important issues that need to be heard out, and the CEOs clearly aren't listening. 

    When will we stop with the corporate greed and start rewarding the workers first? 

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    At this point I support the threat of a strike, but oppose an actual strike, vastly preferring that the parties continue robust good faith bargaining to achieve a fair result and thus spare the workers and, indeed, the country the potentially crippling economic consequences which a strike will likely bring. C'mon auto union and auto manufacturers, please get back to the table and hammer out a deal before everyone suffers.

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    Republicans gave corporations a huge tax break trying to con voters into thinking money would would trickle down to workers.  Anyone with a brain knew that was a lie. Corporations are price gouging and stiffing their employees. That said getting paid for five days work when you only work four is a little much.

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    Need a "Maybe" on this one. Both parties need to come to the table with reasonable positions and negotiate,

    For instance if auto industry executive compensation increased 7% in 2022 then worker compensation packages should increase the same amount. Or consider offering stock options to workers like executives giving them a stake in the business. Offer the same health insurance packages to executives and workers.

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    I generally support labor and unions, but they're making an AVERAGE of $32/hour!

    "The union is pushing for a 46% pay raise over four years, a 32-hour week with 40 hours of pay, and a restoration of traditional pensions."

    Sorry, that's UTTERLY out of step with the rest of the country, the world, reality!  This high cost of manufacturing labor is why the U.S. is rapidly losing manufacturing to overseas.

    They mix in the issue of CEO pay, and I totally agree CEO pay is out of control and must be addressed, but that's completely different from rank-and-file union pay.

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    manufacturing has reduced the number of vehicles made and have increased the pricing.  in the past unions were needed, now the unions are not needed.!

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    Yesterday at 6:35 PM

    It's time for those who create the products that create the wealth to be paid fairly for their work. 

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    Today at 1:05 AM

    Need to balance inequalities... 

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    Today at 12:34 AM

    hell yeah 

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    Yesterday at 11:32 PM

    In theory, i do support the strike.  I have never been a full union supporter however.  I have seen in the past how the tops of the unions have misused funds and caused a pretty "fat" top layer just as CEOs have done with companies. 

    That said, i feel this strike has to answer to the increase in wages from the automakers CEOs and other high wage earners in the corporation.  Seeing a CEO (GM as an example) being fired in 2009 for their part from the taxpayer bailout in 2009 who was making $2.4 million (i think) at the time, to GMs CEO now making $29 million... YES, there needs to be accountability to that end. How many people do you know today that make 12 times the wage today that they made in 2009??? 

    And, i would argue that the trickle down plan i drank the koolaid on in the 80s is no longer something that has been working.  That went away in the 90s with the start of huge corporate GREED! Corporate GREED and the Reagan "trickle down economics" of the 80s is a problem these days. The idea of the wealthy being so wonderful that they make the jobs for us peons is out of place!  It consumer spending that drives the economy.  Higher wages drive that spending.  That spending, grows companies.  CORPORATE GREED has kept the reverse flow from working.

    The Auto Unions and their members gave up a lot in 2008/2009. There was no agreement to keep new plants in the US, or lines in the US.  It appears the ones who profited from the bailout and the conract then are the CEOs and other top members of the organizations.  And, i believe that Stakeholders are getting to be a bit more important than Stockholders.  We talk about the communities that are affected, Stackeholders consider the community, the workers, the stockholders, non-union workers, etc.  The temperature of the company as a brand in the community and to it's cusotmers.  Pandering to stricktly stockholders goes to a very narrow group of people, who don't necesarrily have a stake in anything but the stock itself.

    The biggest thing i DO NOT SUPPORT in the strike is the being paid for a 40 hour week when only 32 hours are worked.  I'm still scratching my head on that one.


    i believe the increase being asked for in wages is a bit high, but if the top management would ease their wages and stock options, this could be accomplished.  


    While i was against unions in the 70 and 80s, i have seen the middle class eroded since the 90s.  i now see that unions did have a part in that tier.  


    I wish there was more transparency in the earnings of those in the leadership roles of unions.  If we don't see that along with the company CEO accountability, we will see unions in a bad place again 10 years from now.

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    Yesterday at 10:12 PM

    The auto workers are asking for a 40% pay increase, a 4 day work week and a traditional pension. While I believe they deserve a raise, 40% is  rediculous, a four day work week is rediculous, and who in private industry has a true pension plan (not 401k)...almost nobody. They want the moon. They are not bargaining fairly. 

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    Yesterday at 7:19 PM

    Workers getting their fair share of the pie is long overdue. Republicans have done everything they can to weaken unions and strengthen shareholders

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    Yesterday at 6:01 PM

    Auto workers deserve to have benefits they gave up to keep companies afloat restored. They also deserve a fair wage hike. There should also be an elimination of tiers.

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    Yesterday at 5:58 PM

    The Auto Workers saved the Big Three Automakers in this country in 2008 by taking cuts in pay and in benefits. They have been thanked by the CEO's of Ford, GM and Chrysler by failing to provide them raises and adequate benefits while the Automakers have made Billions since 2008. This is Capitalism at its worst. This is a shameful example of the wealthy refusing to share the benefits their employees created for them. This is 2023, not 1923.

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    Yesterday at 4:41 PM

    Workers in this country need to be paid a living wage and a fair wage. Companies will do all they can to stiff workers out of pay while pressuring them to do more and more. Exec pay is out of control while workers live from paycheck to paycheck. It is time for a change. 

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    Yesterday at 5:07 PM

    Should picket Biden with his EV that cuts jobs and reckless spending causes inflation.

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    Yesterday at 5:05 PM

    NOT 42% or 4 day work week. 

    the President and Congress need to go after corporate greed.

    Any one remember why the car industry went bankrupt a number of years ago? Tax payers "bailed them out" most repaid their loans.

    Caused by unrealistic negotiations. Once again we are seeing that. 


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    Yesterday at 4:34 PM

    They can all be replaced with work visa immigrants.

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    last Wednesday

    Just heard tRump is going to OH to support UAW! That's rich. 

    This man will fought unions in his hotel in Vegas.  The culinary union finally got a contract in 2018. His workers make less than any other workers on the strip. He'll call that "good business". I call it greed & hypocrisy. 

    Don't continue to be fooled by Don the Con



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    last Wednesday

    Excellent idea. Drive the cost of automobiles up.Sales go down plants have layoffs. Win win

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    last Wednesday

    We need a FEDERAL minimum wage!

    We need to tax the rich!

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    last Wednesday

    The auto makers know their cars are made by people, bought be people, and they need to make sure their people can continue to work to make more product that people will buy.

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    last Tuesday

    I'm glad that President Biden did more than talk by showing up for the UAW workers today. Yes, this is a complicated strike and Biden's policies have put some pressure on the workers, but we can make the transition to a green economy a just transition where the workers are still being treated and paid well. President Biden knows this and has shown his support by walking the picket lines today.

    Let's not forget all the ways that Trump and the GOP have fought against workers in the past few years: weakening labor laws, cripping unions and union membership, and continuing to give handouts to corporate executives while ignoring the rank-and-file workers' needs. 

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    last Tuesday

    Got a job?  Then get your butt to work.  

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    last Tuesday

    Separation of wealth is too great! 

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    last Tuesday

    As long as the Republicans are threatening a shutdown of the government - since they can't get their shitty policies passed the democratic way - I say the whole country should go on strike until they back off!