Gov Offers Free At-Home COVID Tests as ‘Tripledemic’ Looms

Will you get the next booster shot?

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    Already scheduled my appointment. A local pharmacy comes into our building and holds several clinic days each month during fall into the winter. Makes it so easy, and it's good to know neighbors and businesses in the building are vaccinated. This year they are offering the new COVID vaccine, flu, Hep B, pneumonia, RSV, Shingrix and/or tetanus.

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    Science indicates it would be the intelligent thing to do so, yes, I'll be getting my booster as soon as it's available.

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    As a researcher I have my own way of preventing getting COVID which would bother the crooked Pharmaceutical Industry which shuns cures.  By the way, I don't and will never wear a mask.

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    I currently work at a school and have been covering classes for teachers out with COVID. Because of my health & age, I will definitely be getting the booster & follow all protocols to avoid getting sick.

    There is nothing political about this. It's science & research that have demonstrated the efficacy of vaccines. I will trust the science & the epidemiology experts and not some nut job social media meme. 


    "Participants who received a bivalent mRNA booster vaccine dose had lower rates of hospitalisation due to COVID-19 than participants who did not receive a bivalent booster vaccination, for up to 120 days after vaccination. These findings highlight the importance of bivalent mRNA booster vaccination in populations at high risk of severe COVID-19. Further studies with longer observation times are warranted."

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    Of course I will get the fall Covid shot along with the RSV shot, the flu shot and I think the shingles shot.  I do it with great hesitation because these shots make me sick for a week to 10 days every time but it is better than dying from one of these conditions that we have all been warned about. Duh!

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    Government invented the Covid

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    Sometimes if you tamper with science it can come back to haunt you. China was playing with Pandora box's killing millions worldwide and lasting problems in their country and the world! Some country think it will not happen to me?

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    Florida Public Health loses 2 year court case on suppressing daily COVID data on cases, deaths and vaccinations that lead to 23,000 Floridian deaths during COVID Delta surge, and must pay all legal fees, and resume daily posting of COVID cases, deaths and vaccinations. Without data it is impossible to make an informed choice.

    "The settlement ends a two-year legal battle between the DeSantis administration and a coalition of Democrats, open government advocates and media outlets that began in June 2021 when the Florida health department ended daily updates of Covid cases, deaths and vaccinations on its online dashboard."

    "The department will pay the plaintiffs’ $152,000 legal bill and resume regular posting of the data that DeSantis’s communications team insisted at the time was no longer necessary because cases had “significantly decreased” and that Florida was “returning to normal”.

    "Critics dubbed DeSantis “the Pied Piper of Covid, leading everybody off a cliff”, as he forged ahead with an executive order banning mask mandates in schools, having already signed legislation awarding himself veto power over coronavirus mandates set by municipalities."

    "Twenty-three thousand Floridians died during the Delta surge, and not only did the DeSantis administration restrict information on Covid during that time, they repeatedly downplayed the severity of the outbreak to fit their political narrative and help DeSantis run for president. That decision cost lives,” said Carlos Guillermo Smith, a Democratic former state congressman who filed the lawsuit against the Florida health department, later joined by the Florida Center for Government Accountability."

    "Our school leaders were struggling to make informed decisions about how to mitigate the spread of Covid, whether it be masking or social distancing policies, or other strategies. They needed data, they needed information, but the state made it unavailable, then said it didn’t exist."

    "“All Floridians have a constitutional right to public records and receive them in a timely manner. And what’s interesting about the governor’s arguments about Covid is he repeatedly talks about giving people the choice over masks and vaccinations, but without critical public health data how are they able to make informed choices?”

    "the settlement became inevitable when an appeals court ordered the health department earlier this year to produce documents containing Covid data it claimed did not exist."

    “The DeSantis administration was caught red handed lying about the existence of these public records in court, repeatedly claiming that the records we were requesting didn’t exist, then saying even if they did exist, they would not share them because they were somehow exempt,” 

    “There’s no valid excuse for withholding information from the public except in the rare circumstance where there’s a bona fide concern that if you release certain data you’ll cause panic, and that the panic itself would cause more damage than the withholding of the data. I don’t think there was any case for that to be made here,” said Jay Wolfson, distinguished professor of public health, medicine and pharmacy at the University of South Florida."

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    waiting for the apt ! Getting vaxed is not only for myself, but also for my family, friends and community.

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    At our age my wife and I would be reckless not to get the booster.  We have had the entire series and thank God, no COVID. 

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    I have already requested the free Covid home tests and will get the booster when it is available (I just called the pharmacy and they have not gotten their shipment as yet.)

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    I already got the booster. I don't understand why Republicans have made such an issue of the covid vaccines, when they don't seem to have an issue with the flu or RSV vaccines. They took the lead of the orange idiot early on and can't let go of that warped view. 

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    Yes, I will.  I am not an idiot and I do not have any desire to die of Covid

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    The boosters as well as masks being put back in place in public places are necessary and should be free to all.

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    YES!!!!!  I have no desire to get sick and risk getting Long COVID.

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    I will get the next booster shot along with my flu shot. I do not intend to get long COVID, nor to have any serious version of either disease. 

    I'm glad these will be available, but I still wish our government were doing it all it can to prevent and plan for the next pandemic.

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    This is a very good proven vaccine. It will prevent hospitalization and serious illnesses in majority of vaccine receivers. It will also increase herd immunity in the community thereby reducing the transmission.

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    "Recent findings published in September 2023 in the peer-reviewed Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease suggest that a combination of three specific vaccines may help protect your brain down the road"

    "Paul E. Schulz, MD, senior author of the study and the Umphrey Family Professor in Neurodegenerative Diseases at McGovern Medical School, commented: “The findings suggest to us that vaccination is having a more general effect on the immune system that is reducing the risk for developing Alzheimer’s.”

    "In May 2022, Dr. McGovern’s team also presented research revealing that getting just one influenza vaccine could reduce Alzheimer’s risk by 40%, compared to those who didn’t get vaccinated."

    "Individuals who received the Tdap/Td vaccine exhibited a 30% decreased risk of Alzheimer’s."

    "Researchers evaluated older adults aged 65 and above with no history of dementia in the past two years. Over an eight-year period, they compared two groups closely matched in characteristics: One group received vaccinations against tetanus, diphtheria, shingles, and pneumonia, and the other group didn’t. The goal was to determine how much these vaccines influenced the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease."

    "In perspective, 7.2% of the vaccinated group developed the disease, compared to 10.2% of those who weren’t vaccinated. (The researchers’ formula to arrive at the 30% difference was: Risk in unvaccinated – risk in vaccinated / risk in unvaccinated X 100%)"

    "those inoculated with the herpes zoster (or shingles) vaccine saw a 25% reduction in Alzheimer’s risk, with 8.1% of the vaccinated cohort developing the condition compared to 10.7% unvaccinated. The pneumococcal vaccine was associated with a 27% diminished risk. In this case, 7.92% of vaccinated patients developed Alzheimer’s, as opposed to 10.9% of their unvaccinated counterparts."

    "Avram Bukhbinder, MD, a pediatric neurology resident at Massachusetts General Hospital and alumnus of UTHealth Houston, suggests that “vaccines may change how the immune system responds to the build-up of toxic proteins that contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.” Dr. Bukhbinder further posits that the vaccines might improve the efficiency of immune cells, enabling them to clear toxic proteins more effectively or modulate the immune response to minimize damage to healthy brain cells."

    "some vaccines protect against conditions like shingles, which can contribute to neuroinflammation, which is a potential factor in Alzheimer’sdevelopment."


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    I received all the previous vaccines and contracted Covid. My symptoms were mild and I recovered quickly, I am 73 years old and have had open heart surgery. I trust in science and believe that the vaccines helped in my bout with Covid.

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    Just got it!!

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    I don't get a flu shot and I will not be getting a covid shot. I got the original shot and after seeing how misleading a lot of the information that was pushed I realize absolutely any further shots are completely unnecessary. 

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    At 71 I was not in love with needles but less desiring illness. So I got my first of many more shots to come. I will wear a mask if needed and run from anyone who coughs. Now at 74 not having had COVID and having watched several younger friends die or become seriously disabled I take every shot they will give me.

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    Yes to the latest booster.