Tennessee’s Special Legislative Session Addresses Gun Violence

What do you think of Gov. Lee's proposal?

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    This is a bandaid at best, but still needs to be done. What is needed in the long run is a reduction of guns on our streets. Every other country in the world has the same problems we do but no other country has as many guns. So it isn't mental health or any other straw man excuse. The problem with deaths and violence with guns is....GUNS! Guns are the problem. We need to get rid of guns.

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    Hopefully lawmakers can get some meaningful legislation passed to protect children. I also hope that Tennessee voters also note those who stand in opposition & the vote them out when their term is up! It's time people get representatives that represent!

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    Step in the right direction by Governor Lee who has been publicly soliciting feedback since May. Sounds like a multi prong approach addressing red flag laws, mental health and proper gun storage but he has tough road ahead as the Tennessee Legislator spent the 1st day creating rules on breaking decorum so they are still trying to shoot the messengers they removed but were reinstated. And the legislators are only the 1st hurdle. Once red flag laws are passed often local sheriffs and mayors ignore them by creating safe havens.

    "Governor Bill Lee, a Republican, called the special session and asked lawmakers to bolster so-called "red flag" laws aimed at making it more difficult for people deemed to be a threat to the public or themselves from having access to firearms. He has also called for measures to address mental health and encourage the safe storage of firearms."

    "Instead of addressing gun issues on Monday, lawmakers in the House passed new rules creating tougher penalties for lawmakers who break decorum rules while speaking on the House floor."




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    DIOTS! Fools. Slaves to the NRA don't want gun violence to end.cis

    Freedom Caucus is a Nazi organization!, headed by Biggs/ Gosar of Az. is unAmerican!  They belong in Jail!

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    Blacks and Drugs are 95% of the problem.

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    It's a start, but far from sufficient.  However, with the idiots in the TN legislators anything stronger would not pass and it's a toss-up if this watered down proposal will pass.  Republicans just seem to love to kill off their voters.

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    70 % of the people who gave an opinion on this subject 

    gave a positive support of controlling guns for people considered potentially harmful. Removing guns to make things safer when deemed necessary. 

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    They will have to do a lot of catching up and getting all the people who value guns, rather than providing some protection from them, on board before meaning ful measures can de implemented.

    It is a start though.

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    In know in this group my comment will upset many of you. The problem isn't guns. The problem is this country has turned away from God. Years ago schools not only had prayers they also taught gun safety courses. Back then we didn't have these mass shootings.  When they removed God from the schools was the beginning of the problem. Instead of focusing on guns start focusing on God and mental health issues. Instead of pushing hate and anger , praying violence like the government and media has done with all the rioting lets start spreading love and acceptance of each other. Look around you God is sending us signs to turn back to Him. All the fires, storms, droughts, famine, floods. Wake up 

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    Red flag laws to prevent gun violence is a great idea. Please make it happen to stop more death.

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    The Rev Dr Edward
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    It's a start.

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    Anything's better than nothing.

    I'm always reminded that part of being a Republican is not caring about an issue that helps people until it affects you personally. I'm hoping the excessive heat throughout the country finally gets them to consider maybe doing something about the environment.

    And with regard to the 2nd Amendment, the Supreme Court has noted that every Amdendment in the Bill of Rights has some form of restriction. Despite the 1st Amdenment, there are some things you cannot print. So limits on the 2nd aren't definitively unconstitutional.

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    Blaming guns as if the guns have live of its own is, to me, ridiculous.  

    Instead do this like the car; regulate BOTH: gun and persons.  War weapons have no place for America.   Regulate what kind of guns/rifles are permitted. Regulate type of ammo; bullets that can pierce thru steel should be forbidden. 

    Now on people?  Regulate them, too. Set age limit on pistol and rifles.  Pistol maybe 18 or older, and rifle maybe 15 as many do go duck/deer/quali hunting - I did when I was mere 12 years old - maybe too young to go hunting?   Require ALL take lessons - minimum 3 days or more.  Learn how to take them apart, clean, and put them back (increases safety).  Take shooting lessons and understand what "line of sight" means. Understand what kind of ammunition is right and not.  At least 4 hours or more on anger management. 

    That is the sensible approach.   

    Enough of the killings of children, and people that are happening now.  

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    Minimal, but a start... 

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    CAUSES TELLS ME, THEN ASKS: "Gov. Bill Lee called Tennessee lawmakers back for a special session yesterday to address gun violence in the wake of The Covenant School shooting, which killed six, including two close friends of Lee and his family. Lee wants to impose a form of "red flag laws."What do you think of Gov. Lee's proposal?"   ME: I'm somewhere between some admiration for Don Quixote Lee and apathy since he hasn't a chance in hell of knocking the wind out of the MAGAGOP's gun-protected windmill's sails.  Sad.  The GOP values guns far more than it does children's lives...  I also note that these blowhards kicked the public out of the hearing.  Figures. 


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    This Red Flag Law is too little, too late and it won't even pass through the state legislature.  

    Gun Safety Laws are forbidden by the Gun Manufacturers who have bought republican state legislators...  

    This is happening all across the country --not just in Tennesse.

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    Rose Mary
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    A crying mother sobs

    Clutching tear stained clothes

    That belonged to her child


    Longing for their smell of innocence

    And familiarity


    A cold politician

    Speaks hollow words

    Rehearsed And empty

    They stand in stiff gray


    With a practiced expression And shuffle away as soon as

    Lurched over the edge of a twin sized bed

    Heaving, barely breathing

    She comes up for air

    Dried tears

    Stiffen her skin


    Into private rooms

    Filled with other

    Stiff gray suits

    So cold

    They toast

    To their wealth

    People fill every room

    Their prominence

    And line the streets

    Their power

    But she hears nothing

    As they pat their pockets

    A deafening silence roars

    Bulging with money stained

    Before the flood of pain

    With blood

    returns again

    Her mouth agape

    Her eyes staring into


    A crying mother sobs.


    A new sob begins in her belly

    And takes an eternity to reach her lips

    for Covenant

    But Republicans don't care

    Lindsey Dye

    March 27,2023

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    I am sick to death of the GOP saying that we shouldn't focus on the gun, we should focus on the person, when one of the very first things (if not THE first thing) Congress did under the Trump administration was make it easier for people with mental health issues to get guns!

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    Red flag laws can save lives.  They are a must to protect people.

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    It's better than nothing.

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    well, it's better than nothing and a start. the question is whether it will be passed and then be continued through future republican administrations.

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    Red flag laws violate the 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendments. All politicians need to follow the Constitution,

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    Nice first step. Too bad it took death "close to home" to wake him up. Let's see if any of the legislators need a wake-up call, too.