BILL: Should We Limit AI in the Work Environment? - The No Robot Bosses Act - S.2419

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    I could see them replacing management. 90% of failed businesses are directly do to management poor decisions!

    What's the matter with Kansans? Sound like a book I read!

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    Congress will go where the money lies. And it isn't with working class people. It will be with big industry and the philanthropists. We elected them, and major money rules them.

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    I am a bit concerned about going into too much studying AI because I fear we may have a real Matrix. I don't mean to use the cheesy movie title. I do fear if we try to give AI too much knowledge and trying to give them the power to think and feel like us, that may be our downfall.

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    This bill is a good start.  We just need to enhance it as we go forward in the world of employment.  All AI does is damage the human work force for no other reason but to increase profits and to hell with the rest of us.

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    I'm glad I'm retired.  



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    Human oversight is needed.  AI should just be used as a tool, not relied on to take over all aspects of our lives.  Put appropriate limits on this technology before it takes over us.

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    Both NJ and NY currently have legislation in process to set rules for use like requiring a bias audit in order to use the tool. 

    Prefer looking at rules for use instead of outright bans of AI in the employment process which is a step in the right direction, however automation of employment processes have existed long before AI and are used for more than just decisions. Selecting resumes to review is often automated to search for specific keywords.

    I have techie friends that list keywords in margins in white type so they aren't visible to human eyes but optical readers can read and do select them.

    Peopke not taking these steps may not have their resumes even selected to interview.

    "In the New Jersey General Assembly, A4909 (“A4909”) was introduced on December 5, 2022, proposing a host of legal requirements that would apply to automated employment decision tools. On January 9, 2023, New York State introduced State Assembly Bill A00567 (“A00567”), modeled after New York City’s recently passed Automated Employment Decision Tool Law, set to go into effect on April 15, 2023. If enacted, the New York State Law would prohibit the use of certain automated employment decision tools unless employers take affirmative steps to screen the technology, including running a bias audit. (Preliminary indications from the rulemaking process suggest that Rules issued under the New York City law may substantially limit its impact by narrowly defining which tools are covered.)"

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    Ban AI Bosses?  Offhand, no. 

    I have no idea how soon we could have effective AI Managers but I believe it's worth exploring.
    If the basis of a Boss AI is training in modern managerial methodology from respected MBA programs plus training with people who had such training and applied it, then I'd be curious to experience such a "manager" (if I wasn't officially retired),
    Over the years I've had maybe three supervisors I respected. Other managers had training and an MBA but still acted like characters out of a Dickens novel. I've had colleagues with the worst possible supervisors. The kind that trash people in public and are constantly disrespectful & demeaning. Hell, when I first started working I had a supervisor try to seduce me, and when that didn't work, she tried extortion. When that didn't work she got me fired but her boss set things up so I did get unemployment. I wonder what became of that sleezeball. Fortunately, in my next job, my supervisor was a true mentor and helped me get promotions.
    I'd be very inclined to be supervised by an AI.