FTC Investigates Creator of ChatGPT, OpenAI

Should the FTC wait for substantial harm before regulating AI?

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    We need proactive investigation and legislation to prevent AI from causing damage to our society. If Chat GPT and other AI systems are spreading false information or causing harm in any ways, then we need action as soon as possible.

    I'm glad the FTC is taking this approach, even though I think it could have happened sooner, and I hope at least the executive branch will act quickly as warranted. 

    Congress has shown it's too slow and unable to be innovative when it comes to new technologies.

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    HELL NO!!!!!  We already have an idea of the harm this shit can casue, so why wait until it reeks real destructive damage.  Prevention is always better than waiting until the harm is done and then trying to play catch-up.  Yes, I know our political leaders don't have enough sense to operate in that manner, but hope springs eternal that they might actually do something beneficial for a change.

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    Don't fix it if it ain't broke.

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    Regulate a AI now, don't wait until congress understands it. Make it a priority. Get invators on you staff. Get the best. Get them from those companies. Also, regulate tech. You are way behind the eight ball, at least start with the European model. Inaction is at our own peril...and we are already in trouble. 

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    There is a wave of fear of AI. Many commenters are already expressing a high degree of wariness.

    Ever go to the police to report a threat?  I have known several people who have.

    The police basically tell you they can't do much.

    Let’s not let fear make us stupid. There are legitimate concerns but in those I have my doubts: An example Sarah Silver is claiming a copyright violation for the ingestion of her material by an AI.

    IRL many people imitate others' styles but not their acts verbatim. The imitators aren't sued. Hell, SNL and others would be sued weekly; but, instead, they are protected.


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    There is already harm according to existing lawsuits so FTC should use that as a starting point to take action.

    There are already several lawsuits globally against ChatGPT over invasion of privacy, intellectual property rights, defamation, exposing minors to inappropriate content, etc, as well as the actors and writers guilds restricting use.

    From an academic or research perspective not correctly referencing sources is plagiarism and only Bing provides references unlike ChatGPT but they are sometimes incorrect.

    In addition there may be liability associated with people taking action based on inaccurate or incomplete information.

    “Silverman sued ChatGPT-maker OpenAI for copyright infringement this week…and bestselling novelists Mona Awad and Paul Tremblay, concerns about the tech industry’s AI-building practices have gained traction in literary and artist communities.”

    “…open letter organized by the Authors Guild and signed by more than 4,000 writers. “You’re spending billions of dollars to develop AI technology. It is only fair that you compensate us for using our writings, without which AI would be banal and extremely limited….prominent authors — among them Nora Roberts, Margaret Atwood, Louise Erdrich and Jodi Picoult — signed a letter late last month to the CEOs of OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, Meta and other AI developers accusing them of exploitative practices in building chatbots that “mimic and regurgitate” their language, style and ideas”

    “authors aren’t necessarily asking tech companies to throw away their algorithms and training data and start over — though the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has set a precedent for forcing companies to destroy ill-gotten AI data. But some way of compensating writers is needed, he said.”

    "AI has also become a central issue in the writers strike, displacing more familiar fears like the rise of streaming and the decline of residuals. Writers on the picket lines fear that movie studios will use AI to write scripts – either in whole or in part – diminishing the role of writers or even making the job obsolete."

    “you may see responses that sound convincing but are incomplete, inaccurate, or inappropriate. Use your own judgment and double check the facts before making decisions or taking action “

    “The Italian Garante launched an investigation into OpenAI on a recent data breach and lack of age verification to protect younger users from inappropriate generative AI content during registration.”

    “The Italian Garante launched an investigation into OpenAI on a recent data breach and lack of age verification to protect younger users from inappropriate generative AI content during registration.”

    “Germany, Ulrich Kelber, a spokeswoman for the region’s Federal Commissioner for Data Protection, said a ban similar to those in other nations could follow if OpenAI violates GDPR or similar policies.”

    “Canada, too, appears to be following suit after its Office of the Privacy Commissioner launched an investigation into a complaint against ChatGPT collecting personal data without consent.”

    “mayor in Australia may sue OpenAI for defamation over inaccurate information about him provided by ChatGPT.”

    “GitHub Copilot faces a class action lawsuit over the legal rights of the creators of the open-source coding in Copilot training data.”

    “Sta­bil­ity AI, DeviantArt, and Mid­jour­ney face a class action lawsuit over the use of StableDiffusion, which used copyrighted art in its training data.”

    “Getty Images filed legal proceedings against Stability AI for using Getty Images’ copyrighted content in training data.”





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    Not a tech-savvy person but a 74-year-old that has a curiosity of a 10-year-old. I have used this new AI CHAT GBT and have seen what even I can do. Control it before we find ourselves under a continuous attack by users of it.

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    Regulate now! Don't wait for a disaster, haven't we learned this yet?🤦‍♀️

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    Waiting to regulate AI until severe harm occurs is like going to the hospital for a nonlifethreatening bullet wound and the hospital waits until gangrene sets in to treat it.

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    the FTC should look into and regulate Artificial Intelligence BEFORE any major harm occurs. this will prevent injury to individuals and businesses. I SUPPORT the FTC inquiry to chat gpt. 

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    I think trouble is already being caused.

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    Start now as we mean to continue; otherwise, this will turn into a monster that will eat trust and facts alive. 

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    Why the HELL would anyone WAIT for something bad to happen rather than cut it off immediately? 

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    The AI's potential for harm to Society, to individuals as well as to our democracy is huge.

    Rules need to be applied, robots do not have First Amendment Rights so making sure AI balances between liberal, progressive and Conservative view points should be mandated as well as a tracking system on any AI product.


    Owner of the AI to be held financially responsible for what its device does or how it is used.

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    If the government waits until "substantial harm" from AI occurs, it will be too late.


    Just like the climate.

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    The primary purpose of government should be to protect my freedoms from my neighbor's tyranny. In the case of these nascent AI technologies, regulation should address the potential harm that AI could cause and should be tailored to limit that harm while simultaneously balancing the ability to conduct research and make progress. Whether we continue to advance the field of AI or not, our adversaries will.

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    No.  It should be regulated now.  Once the harm is done there IS no going back.

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    Closing the door after the horse escapes does not work. This is potentially a very disruptive technology and we need to look at it closely

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    Without regulations, how can those with bad intent be prosecuted? There needs to be defined rules and penalties.

    We are not talking about new equipment or technology whos impact takes years to make a differnce, us of this will be steep exponential and a go to with those who have bad intent.

    Hard enough to stop my mom from clicking on scams already.

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    Need expert advice to control AI!