DOJ Exposes Discrimination in Minneapolis Police Department

Do you support an overhaul of the Minneapolis police department? 

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    The Minneapolis Police Department should be reformed, but it should also be an example of how to reform other police departments across the country.

    3 years after George Floyd, unarmed Black people are still being profiled, attacked, and killed at the hands of police, and it must stop.

    If we can't reform these police departments, then how will innocent people ever be safe in this country?

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    Is the average person safer in downtown Mpls today or before George Floyd?

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    No police department should be held in higher esteem than the populations they are directed to protect. Discrimination can be a two-edged sword, but its basis must also be considered.

    If it is based on superficially created prejudices, based on (racial characteristics, and actual sexual identity prejudices) it must not be tolerated, and should not only be dismantled as a policy but must be exposed to the knowledge of the public.

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    So many other police departments need reforms as well!

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    I hope the change is for the better and lasting.

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    Finally, it will come to an end?  I surely hope so. They have been torturing and murdering American Indians in their jails since they first built them!  They also have a huge listing of "missing American Indian women" that they are never to quick to look for.  I wonder why? Nothing to find?

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    NOT defund, but redirect, re-educate, include instead of exclude. It ca. Be done, it must be done. 

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    Justice must be equal to be just.  


    We have a long way to go...

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    And other police departments that are the same or worse. 

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    Considering how Minneapolis has become less safe since the riots, I am sure this will help make thinks safer.  

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    I support police reform in EVERY state!

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    I have seen reorganization under federal supervision. It sucked

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    Minneapolis is one of a dozen (Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Springfield MA to name a few) city police departments that are under DOJ consent decrees.

    A 2 year investigation of 198 encounters from 2016 through 2022 found minority (American Indian, Asian, black, Hispanic, etc) residents were stopped 6X more often than white residents, deadly force was used without immediate threat, chokeholds were still being used after being banned in 2020, routine failure to administer aid to people in custody, and a reporter was pepper sprayed.

    Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) agreed to negotiate a consent decree with DOJ that includes 28 remedial measures. Officers can no longer pull people over for mechanical problems like broken tail lights nor can they frisk people who smell of marijuana. Other reforms include body and dash cams, training how to respond to to behavioral and mental health problems and de-escalation techniques.

    Aurora (CO) which is under a state AG consent decree is using an AI system to monitor video from body and dash cans to identify problematic behaviors for retraining.

    Truleo's natural language processing AI analyzes officers' interactions with the public, raising questions about efficacy and civilian privacy."

    " Truleo, a Chicago-based company which offers AI natural language processing for audio transcription logs ripped from already controversial body camera recordings. The partnership raises concerns regarding data privacy and surveillance, as well as efficacy and bias issues that come with AI automation."

    "Founded in 2019 through a partnership with FBI National Academy Associates, Inc., Truleo now possesses a growing client list that already includes departments in California, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Seattle’s police department just re-upped on a two-year contract with the company. Police in Aurora, Colorado—currently under a state attorney general consent decree regarding racial bias and excessive use of force—are also in line for the software, which reportedly costs roughly $50 per officer, per month."

    "Truleo’s website says it “leverages” proprietary natural language processing (NLP) software to analyze, flag, and categorize transcripts of police officers’ interactions with citizens in the hopes of improving professionalism and efficacy. Transcript logs are classified based on certain parameters, and presented to customers via detailed reports to use as they deem appropriate. For example, Aurora’s police chief, Art Avecedo, said in a separate interviewposted on Truleo’s website that the service can “identify patterns of conduct early on—to provide counseling and training, and the opportunity to intervene [in unprofessional behavior] far earlier than [they’ve] traditionally been able to.”

    "Truleo software “relies on computers’ GPU” and is only installed within a police department’s cloud environment. “We don’t have logins or access to that information,”

    [Note: Tik Tok could learn from this security]


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    YES!!!!  As well as the overhaul of all police departments that have similiar discriminatory practices and over use of unwarranted force.  If police departments wants the public to trust them and thus cooperate with them, then they have to demonstrate that they are trustworthy.  Unfortunately, what we've seen nationwide is that many police departments are not trustworthy and do more harm than good.

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    Of course we support an overhaul of ANY police department with racism issues that result in needless deaths!  Even better would be Federal guidance on proper procedures to avoid violations of constitutional rights and federal law, initiated by the US Congress and administrated and distributed by main Justice.