BILL: Should Prior Drug Offenders Get SNAP Benefits? - RESTORE Act - H.R.3479

Do you support or oppose repealing the ban on SNAP benefits? Tell your reps.

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    If they qualify for benefits the answer is YES!!!  Now, what they do with those benefits should be the real issue of concern.  If they sell these benefits to get drugs, then the benefits need to be suspended and drug treatment should be mandated.  Suspending benefits should be done in all cases where the individual is selling those benefits rather than using them to get food regardless of the reason for selling the benefits.

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    Should they get food? Are you kidding me? This shouldn't even be a question. Yes, people who needs it should be able to get food. 

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    Drug use doesn't carry a penalty of death by starvation. Depriving drug users of food will also lead to more crime as they will do anything to get food before they die of hunger.

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    No human deserves to go hungry, especially not in the richest country in the world.

    People make mistakes, and either we believe that rehabilitation is possible or we don't. If someone has faced the justice system and done their time, then they should be eligible for all the rights and benefits afforded to all citizens after their punishment.

    If we don't believe that, then what's the point of behaving while in the justice system? Just keep them in jail if you don't believe in rehabilitation...and pay millions more to keep them locked up.


    I'm tired of the cruelty of the American penal system.