BILL: Expand the Accessibility of Federal Food Assistance? - EATS Act of 2023 - H.R.3183

Tell your reps to support or oppose this bill

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    Why do blue states let red state?

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    Yes support. But republicans only do investigations so I doubt it passes. I would like to know what my congressman has done for me nothing. He just another rich republican protecting his money. Let's start investigating some republicans if your just going to keep wasting tax dollars. 

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    The Bill: H.R.3183 - EATS Act of 2023

    Sure, I want my Representative to support this Bill. But It's likely going nowhere in this Congress.

    Let's revisit this after we turn the House Blue.

    Our only focus from now to November 2024 should be


    Blue Senate,

    Blue House. Full Stop! 



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    I can't help but notice that all the right-wingers that usually show up for the "culture wars" topics don't seem to be commenting on bills like this.

    I wonder why.

    Is it because they don't care about actual policies? 

    Or is it because they can't defend their continual attacks on the poor?

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    Definitely expand food access but where is consumer protection? Stop the wanton and ridiculous gouging by corporates 

    prices have doubled at the minimum !! Inflation may be 10% but even that is understated 

    food inflation is OVER 100% - do the math 




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    Absolutely NO one should ever go hungry in the World's Richest Country!

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    Yes eligibilty should be expanded.  There is no excuse for anyone to go hungry in this country that's supposedly the richest country in the world.  As to Larubia's comment-mandatory military service might be helpful, however, other options should be available such as mandatory community service, or job training/education.  Not everybody is suited for college work, as well as the fact that we need trained tradespeople in addition to college educated people.  I have no problems with requiring able-bodied people to participate in some kind of work/training program, but those programs should be designed to help people achieve a better life, not to punish them for needing help.  Furthermore, those programs should include needed supports to aid the individual in completing those requirements (such as child care, transportation, etc.).  We can all fall on hard times and need help, but just because someone needs help we should not punish them or impose requirements that discourage them from receiving that help.

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    Both SNAP and voting penalizes students who reside at school and need to be changed to recognize school addresses. When I was in school I lived there 11 out if 12 months/year for 3 years. I've had jobs I've moved for where I lived in a location for a shorter period of time.

    Education costs were high then and even higher now for both tuition and food plans. Plus the food available through the food plan was really unhealthy - heavily carb based and most who participated gained weight.

    I was able to buy food and cook for less, and I also got a job in a restaurant where we were able eat after working a lunch or dinner shift but there aren't always enough restaurant jobs available in locations with a large student population. When I advised my niece to do this she had a hard finding a restaurant job near her school, they wouldn't give her enough hours and then went out of business.

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    Here's a different idea: mandatory service (military or other) for a two year commitment for any able 18 year old. During service all basic necessities are covered (health, housing, food). Once completed, young adults have either a four-year degrees program or trade school tuition free. 

    Let's give the next generation something better, longer lasting, and truly make this country better for all. 

    "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” --Ugandan proverb

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    It's clear that in our country there are far too many young people struggling to feed themselves adequately, including many college students.

    The richest country in the world should NOT have hungry people. 

    Do I really need to go on?


    I just don't understand why the right, the people who claim to love Jesus, would rather waste money on a military that can't account for how they spend their money than to make sure that ALL Americans are fed well every day and night. 


    It's criminal.