Ban Gas Stoves Amidst Health Concerns? - Gas Stove Protection and Freedom Act - H.R.1615

Should we move toward electric stoves to protect the environment and health?

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    I lived in an apartment that only had a gas stove/oven. It constantly affected the A/C. Maintenance staff had volume of residents calling about a broken A/C. 

    I stopped using the oven and stove. Mainly, had to use airfryer and toaster oven to cook. Made a lot of creative salads.

    I moved into an apartment with an electric stove and was so happy especially since it is self cleaning oven. 

    There should be other solution presented instead of just banning gas stove. We heavily rely on electricity. We really need to invest into green energy.

    We need innovators.

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    Nope. Not at all. Why are we doing this when China and India don't give two hoots about climate change? 

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    Leave it up to the GD Republicans to not give a damn about people's health or the env.

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    Sorry, I may be dense, but I don’t think this is the direction we want to go in, therefore I oppose HR 1615.

    This bill seems seriously skewed against amateur & professional cooks and bakers. Skewed against Asian-style cooking using traditional woks and wok-like pans. It is also very skewed against larger families who mostly eat at home. 

    How intelligent is it to shift and force the use of only electrical devices?
    Don't we need to upgrade the nation's electrical grid? Shouldn't the upgrade be done simultaneously with or as the second step after significantly upping the sources of electricity from (hopefully) green, fossil, and nuclear sources?

    As for max usage, how do they expect people to figure that? After the fact? Just cutting off supplies?

    Personally, we reheat 80% using a Microwave, 15% in a decent Toaster Oven, and 5% on the stovetop. 

    We cook 7 days a week minus a few meals out or delivered. 90-95% of the cooking is on the stovetop mostly on medium or medium-high heat. Often several pots and pans at once for soup, entrees, and sides. Some items like soups, anf pasta sauce are simmered at low heat.  

    We have an electric drip coffee pot and a regulated countertop electric hot water pot to make hot water for various teas—black, oolong, & green, hot chocolate, etc.

    Representatives, oppose this ill-conceived bill! 

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    This was a study as too breathing difficulties and atmospheric pollution. It was not a Democrat idea to Ban natural gas and propane stoves. It was only a study. Then some intelligent Republican brought this up for vote to BAN gas stoves. Brilliance at its highest mode. Attempting to pass blame on the Democrats. Again this is more clowns in our congress attempting to use their scare tactics in attempting to earn support. Folks need to be aware of Bills like this. Read up and study as to why. 

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    In almost seventy years, I have never lived in a house or apartment that had a gas stove! Always electric. I prefer it!

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    God taken out of the Pledfge of Allegiance, the attack on Christianity, and now a ban and seizure of gas stoves! Wow! When will the right stop creating outrage out of fake news?


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    A step in the right direction of making sure new gas stoves are efficient and safe, and phasing them out eventually which can be improved on as new technoligy becomes available.

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    I think we need a more nuanced solution. 

    While I still support phasing out gas stoves because they use fossil fuels and we need to get out of that energy source completely, I would be ok with putting guidelines that only gas stoves that pass certain emission and health protocols can be bought and installed.

    It sounds like the appliance industry has known for decades how to make "cleaner" gas stoves, but has failed to sell them. We can force them to do so now while we continue the energy transition away from natural gas.

    That would allow us to stop the outrage on the anti-climate right while still moving us in a healthier, lower emission direction.


    Personally, though, I would completely ban gas stoves if I thought we could get legislation passed and stop the faux outrage.