BILL: Should the U.S. Leave the World Health Organization? - WHO Withdrawal Act - H.R.79

Tell your reps to support or oppose the bill

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    Yes! Please leave the stupid thing. It's pretty interesting how certain people would like to stay and the rest of people that they choose to ignore. Won't be heard

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    Definitely in support of leaving the WHO.  They did not serve us or the world well on Covid and who knows how many other times.  I don't want an organization siding or conspiring with our enemies.  We would better serve ourself by leaving along with our money.  

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    Are we merely sheep to do the bidding of international organizations, or are we Americans that are able to stand up and fight for our lives, our rights, and our health without any foreign medical 'royalty' to tell us, "that is simply not how we do things. And you are not able to decide for yourselves what is right." I say we exercise our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by choosing to support health by doing what's right. The road less traveled is going to be bumpy, but the hard road is usually the right road!

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    This must be opposed!

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    Whenever the US leaves an international organization it ultimately loses influence.   This legislation, proposed by a MAGA insurrectionist, is exactly the wrong political and economic direction.

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    Being members of the world, we are part of a larger community, not living in isolation. COVID should have shown us we live in a global society; if problems are not addressed globally, they will persist. Being a part of the World Health Organization allows us a global voice in more significant health issues. Does the voice also cost money? Of course, it does, and that money is well spent. 

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    Typical insular shallow thinking

    we should strengthen WHO not weaken it 

    when things don't go our way we resort to unilateral actions and do not want any accountability 

    ref the pandemic its still not too late to establish and expose source and hold all accountable for the immense damage inflicted on the world 

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    CAUSES ASKS ME: "Should the U.S. leave WHO? Tell your reps to support or oppose the bill."  ME: Pointless to contact my magagop rep and ask him to vote against it -- would not at all surprise me if he helped write it.

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    Leave the WHO.  They spread disinformation and want to censor people who are telling the truth.  Democrats are guilty of this too.  Our government is taking away our freedoms and the digital dollar will be the last straw.  NO to Government and any other governments that want to take our freedoms.

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    Withdrawing the United States from the World Health Orgaization is terminally stupid.  

    Trust me, I'm a doctor...  

    There will be more Pandemics and if we don't have a coordinated response Tens of Millions will suffer and Millions will die unnecessarily!

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    This is the same man who: Signed Texas amicus brief
    Objected to certification of electoral college votes in one or more states
    Made false and/or irresponsible public statements against democratic system
    Voted against impeachment or conviction of Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection
    Voted against creating an independent commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack
    Voted against holding Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress


    He has it in for Biden and anything Biden does. This is about destroying our president's legacy and not about public health and safety. I do not support this bill. We should be doing exactly what Biden has done, strengthen the WHO, because the next pandemic may be right around the corner. 

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    Why would we even consider a bill from a known traitor to the US, who even now is trying to incite a civil war in defense of his cult leader?

    Beyond that, if we withdraw from the WHO, we're just ceding more ground to China in influencing public health efforts throughout the globe. Is that really what we want?

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    We've already seen the results of ignoring and withdrawing from WHO under the Trump Administration when the US which represents 4%-5% of the global population had 15% of COVID deaths. 

    A WHO COVID test kit existed end of Jan, most countries had that test mid-Feb but by March the US had no test kits, and had to let every hospital, lab, university, etc develop its own kit with very results. Meanwhile COVID spread like wild fire with no way to detect and isolate. The only option was isolate everyone in shutdowns affecting the economy and the US still had the highest death rates in the world.

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    Leavng the WHO is like leaving NATO.  We are not an island.  We are a part of a global network and what impacts one part of the network, impacts other parts.  If nothing else the pandemic should have taught us that we are impacted by many, many forces that are outside the US and we can't wall ourselves off from the world and think that we'll be safe.  Furthermore, why the hell would we want to listen to an idiot Republican when the damn Republicans make up the majority of the anit-vaxxers, and spread all kinds of mis-information about COVID.  We are a part of a global society, whether we like it or not and as such we have to be involved in that society.

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    So, this guy want to ensure people know he's an idiot, by put it in writing?

    Somebody should've pointed out to him what a bad idea this was. 

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    Since pandemics are world wide problems, we should remain in contact with the other peoples of the world to combact them.