Countries Are Banning Vapes - Should More Do the Same?

Should more countries ban vapes?

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    Voted Maybe

    Vapes should be controlled & taxed like tobacco products with all tax proceeds going to healthcare (Medicare, Medicaid, TriCare, Veterans) to fund medical care that will be needed for poor health outcomes.

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    Voted No

    I was a life long smoker, but with the use of vape products, I quit last year.

    I oppose bans on adult products. If we are going to act like we care about public health institute national healthcare, and housing for all.

    if you support this ban-do you support banning sugar in drinks?

    how about we stop subsidizing the meat industry? force people to go vegan. its much healthier.

    Alchohol is a very dangerous drug- ban that too.

    we could also force people to excersize first thing in the morning by making their T.V. tell them to befor it allows you to watch anything.

    see where I am going with this? so why go after vapes? it seems strange.

    also, many local shops have opened up- where is the outcry in support of small businesses?


  • 20.9k

    The US needs to restrict vapes due to the lack of regulatory control, and the environmental impact.

    Single-use Vapes? Eliminated.

    Limit availability to adults? Yes! 

    Issue clear regulations to the industry? Yes. 

    Mandate warnings? Yes.




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    They should be banned.

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    No.  If people want to harm themselves that is their right.   Treat it like cigarettes or alcohol.   You can't have it until you are an adult, old enough to understand the consequences of your choices.   

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    There's nothing really healthy about vapes, and their hazards outweigh the possibility of their being used as a transition away from tobacco.

    If countries care about public health and want to ban vapes, I support this. 

    I also think states in our country should be allowed to ban them as well.

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    Please do not ban vapes. As a non-smoker and non-vaper, I support people's freedoms to make bad health choices for themselves that do not affect others. A ban on vapes would create a slippery slope leading to bans of other products.

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    We have much bigger things to accomplish.