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    Starlink , the Space X, 4000 satellites with little or no regulations on how Mr Musk's operations of this services! 
    What is done with the data collected by Starlink ! 
    Given Mr Musk's erattic behavior or allegence, the information collected could be shared with the United States advocacy's, which would be very detrimental to American security! 
    Mr Musk gets a huge amount of Taxpayer dollars to help his balance sheets! 
    Congress needs to work quickly to set some rules! 

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    This matters to us because corporations who're reluctant to change itself. No only that but they've influncing other countries like Indonesia and South Africa to stay the course for the sake of greed as a whole. This also comes as bad timing as news states the north atlantic current is in the process of collapsing soon. When happens everything that will happen in the movie Day After Tomorrow, will actually come to be. New York City will be flooded, Europe will freeze, and not only that but the entire northern hemisphere will be frozen. These can be avoided, but we need to sue the corporations and make them accountable for what they have been doing this whole time.

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    No corporation should be able to avoid paying taxes, and corporations must be held responsible for any negligence that causes consumer or environmental harm.

    This is why we need campaign finance reform and to get money out of politics. Our politicians need to be free from corporate influence that keeps us from holding corporate entities accountable.

    Make them all pay.

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    Tax Big Oil & Chemical Companies not meeting commitments or with windfall profits to fund the infrastructure changes required for higher temperatures like runways, roads & railways buckling; bridges crumbling, power generation plants losing efficiency; Chief Heat Officers to manage urban heat islands; and when that fails the FEMA funds needed to replace infrastructure, homes and businesses from climate disasters (droughts, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornados, etc)