BILL: Secure the Border Act of 2023 – H.R.2 – Tell Your Senators How To Vote

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    What is needed is more immigration judges or officers to immediately decide qualification for asylum seekers. 2/3rds of those applying don't qualify but get to stay in the US till it's reviewed and decided.

    Where this entire process is going off the rails is those that apply get to stay in the US until a decision is reached which can take years and people are taking advantage of this.

    To qualify for asylum, a person needs to show they've suffered persecution for your race, religion, nationality, politics, or membership in a social group. Economic reasons don't qualify, and many interviewed by journalists are looking for a better life hence the 2/3rds rejected & deported.

    "You only can win asylum if at least one of the reasons someone harmed or may harm you is because of your race, religion, nationality, political opinion (or a political opinion someone thinks you have), or the fact that you are part of a “particular social group.”

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    Because the population of the US is dwindling we have stopped allowing women to rule their own bodies, of course with the fake excuse of preserving a life, but we don't want brown people immigrating to the country.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  Do immigrants add to the population of the country?  Do they pay taxes, get jobs, earn money to buy homes, patronize stores?  Do some of them break the law?  I don't know, seems to me that plenty of 'Mericans break the law as well, since we have the highest rate of incarceration of any other civilized country, but THOSE immigrants were different?  Because remember all those good Republicans have immigrants in their background and so do all of the white people in prison!  Set aside the color and see how the story changes.  It's all about white men becoming a minority in the United States, nothing else. 

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    I believe the border should be closed and regulated. More judges to judge asylum or not. Columns separated by countries and why they want to be here. We need to slow down the influx and settle all those already here. Then we can like all other countries allow regulated entry. 

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    I support immigration reform, but it must be bipartisan and it must not waste more money on a border wall that's not effective.

    This bill can't pass the Senate, so there's no reason to support it.

    I hope someone in the House will try again with a bill that has more moderate common sense reforms.

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    Another reason Biden should have been impeached because his actions allowed our immigration laws to be violated.  I worked on the Hill years ago and know how politics works but this has gone to far with Biden and you people allowed it. 

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    Protect America

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    I oppose H.R.2 - Secure the Border Act of 2023

    This just makes it even harder for oppressed people to better their lives and our country. Building a border wall is a complete waste of money. We need to make legally coming to the us easier not more difficult.

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    Don't criminalize asylum seekers.

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    We need common sense legislation including helping the countries we screwed up thus causing this problem. Criminalizing those seeking a better life is not the answer. 

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    This is not reform, the wall is a waste of money! We can not except all those wanting to come to this country, but we need to do a better job of working with Mexico and Central American countries to help their citizens stay in their country! 
    We also need to keep the technology up to date at our boarders to keep out drug and other dangerous items! Agents have less than 15 seconds to determine if they want to search a vehicle at these crossings! 

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    Please support Secure the Border Act of 2023 – H.R.2

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    It's pure racism. 

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    We need to secure our borders and make it more difficult for nefarious actors to enter our country, but we cannot do that by stiffling all immigration. We rely on a steady pool of both skilled and unskilled workers entering the country for our continued economic stability.

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    Speed up the process for assylum seekers at the border.

    More offices, judges, social workers ect...

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    Our Borders need to be completely closed at least until ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS are Deported!!! That is what is Fair to the USA Citizens RIGHT NOW. And we should keep our Borders Closed until we can, at very least, Enforce Current Laws. And we need to End DACA, End Birthright Citizenship and Chain Migration Retractive at least 25 Years!!! We must End all these VISA Schemes and Foreign Student Loopholes and Schemes. We must Cap Legal Immigration at Fewer than 250K per year minus the number of VISA, Asylum Seekers and Refugees that are currently in the USA. Extremely Effective Tracking Systems must be implemented for ALL Non USA Citizens that are in the USA. English must become the Legal Language of the USA and we must Require ALL Immigrants to Speak English. And much more must be done before we Reopen our Immigration Process!!!

    Politicians must be mindful of what makes the USA a Constitutional Republic, that is that You do not Represent your own OPINION, YOU By our U.S Constitution are Required to Represent USA Citizens!!! You are not there to Destroy our Constitution and allow our Laws to Ignored. We are Far Afield of what we were Founded to Be!!! And the Blame IS on the Politicians. Honor and Abide by the U.S Constitution and we will get back on track and stay on track!!! The USA must come First on Every Politicians Priority List or that Politician is not fit to serve. And is actually committing Crimes against their own Country. And THAT IS TREASON.

    God Bless The USA


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    We need support, not punishment! 

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    OF COURSE there should severe limits on asylum seekers. What the Anti-American Democrats are doing is promoting invasion. 

    Hey Brown - why aren't the illegals vaccinated when they enter this country eh???? So, just let other countries empty their insane asylums and jails and just let them roam free giving them money left and right. So, why aren't they vaccinated - eh???

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    Vote to secure the border and deport all illegals. Prosecute Biden admin for not enforcing our laws.

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    Vote NO

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    Love the sound byte poll without much explanation. This is a very complex issue. And your brush is too wide! Shame on Causes for one again not giving all the fact.

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    Please support H.

    R. 2. The border wall needs to be completed, illegal migrants should be deported, and our border patrol needs to be allowed to do their jobs. There is a legal method for entering the United States that ensures immigrants are healthy, supported by a sponsor, not possessing a criminal record, and willing to integrate into the United States community. US citizens should not be footing the bill for healthcare, education, food, clothing, and shelter for illegal immigrants. American citizens should come before illegals. Most Americans are willing to sacrificially donate to those in need, but when US citizens are forced by their federal government to financially have less than the illegal immigrants the government is importing, to be exposed to disease, to face mugging, rapes, and murders, we must ask why this administration gives preference to those illegal immigrants over its US citizens. This  administration is not protecting the citizens of our country; citizens are the sacrificial lambs.

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    We should be welcoming to asylum seekers

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    Please support this H.R. 2. Our southern border is a disaster. It's obvious that the majority of the respondents are liberals. If not, why would any rational citizen not want to take control of this mess. The numbers of border crossings are staggering.