National Gun Violence Awareness Day: Highlighting the International Response

What do you think the U.S. could learn from other countries?

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    That strict regulations on hunting-type weapons work. No one needs a semi-auto weapon that has a capacity for more than 3 rounds for hunting.

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    Anne Marie

    The US can and should learn from other countries that have experienced mass gun violence to swiftly enact legislation to ban assault weapons, institute stricter background checks, and enforce safe storage of personal weapons.  The one thing other countries don't have is a powerful gun lobby which is dictating the lack of swift and meaningful gun reform.  The leading cause of children's deaths in this country is gun violence.  We owe the younger generations better than this.

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    Calls for woman's arrest grow after the fatal shooting of her neighbor in Florida

    Kids playing black neighbor have gun will shoot! Many more of these to come! Can't make a turn in someone's driveway, can't knock on someones door - kids fundraising watch out / delivery - mail - door to door etc all at risk 

    home school hospital church no safe place 

    welcome to america

    Time to relocate



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    That we need more regulations! 

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    Never give up the 2nd Amendment rights - that is what you learn. You learn that the US government is a tyrannical force that needs to be broken down and simplified. You learn that government thinks they own your kids and wants to sexify them. You learn its Trump time followed by Neuremberg trials for the theft from the American people and crimes against humanity against the American people. You learn that government burecrats need to be booted and never return. You learn that government is too well compensated and Social Security and Medicare is good enough for them as well. 

    This is what you learn.. 

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    The basics. we haven't even learned them yet.

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    CAUSES ASKS: "What do you think the U.S. could learn from other countries [about how to counter gun violence)?"  ME: Very, very simple: Make it very, very hard to get and keep guns and lo!  Gun deaths go down.  This is not rocket science. 

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    Most other countries that have had mass shootings, banned semiautomatic guns and assault rifles, but not the United States. The U.S. has many mass shootings killing a number of students and people,and can barely increase the qulifications to own a gun! The Second Amendment says we have a right to own a gun, but that doesn't include assault weapons! You don't need an assault weapon to protect your home and family, for a normal gun or rifle will do that! You don't use an assualt weapon to hunt, a rifle works just fine for that! In fact, there is NO reason for assault weapons to be in the hands of anyone except SWAT teams or the military! The U.S. is the only country with so many mass shootings caused by assault weapons that hasn't yet banned them!!! How many people must die before we stop the use of assault weapons?! The NRA has bought the Republican Party, but just where do the Democrats stand on this issue? No one knows for sure. Everything good this country has achieved is being pushed back! We are actually moving backwards, not forwards! We have not learned anything from our mistakes! We now allow HATE to flourish, even though all humans are made the same! Ask youselves what is gained by hate? Absolutely nothing! Our Congress doesn't seem to follow the Constitution anymore, even though everyone of them took the same OATH OF OFFICE to follow and protect the Constitution! Do they represent their constituents or their Political Party? They all need to read Article I of the Constitution that explains what their job is! They have mismanaged Social Security and Medicare, which was never to be used for anything other than what it was created for. Yet the Republicans used Social Security money to buy computers! Those religious groups pushing for NO Abortions to "save a life" don't speak against assault weapons. It makes no sense! 

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    That -hey!  Guess what?!  GUNS kill people!

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    We could learn everything. We have sunk to the bottom of the barrel. We used to lead the world. We have become mega losers. We follow ignorant losers. We love the lowest common denominators. So we will keep dropping like a stone. When you are impressed by people we should be laughing at, like Kardashians and trumps and that embarrassment in Florida, we doom ourselves to be the laughing stock of the world. And we no longer lead. Except in the magnitude of our pond scum. 

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    We have a national health crisis with guns and it is not being addressed.We could learn from other countries, such as New Zealand, where a gun tragedy occurred several years ago and was completely addressed with stronger legislation. No further major incidents happened since then.

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    Many in the US think we are the best in everything we do and close their eyes to ideas and innovations from elsewhere. Just as one example: after one horrific shooting spree in New Zealand, it took one week before drastic gun safety laws were enacted. All we do in the US is cry big crocodile tears and then go on killing one another. If we just took that one idea, we would substantially reduce or eliminate gun deaths. It takes courage, something the NRA-beholden Republican party does not have.

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    Ban assault weapons. Create, vote and practice common sense gun legislations at all levels of government.

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    We have no right to call ourselves the "Best Country in the World" with how badly the general public is treated!

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    Look at us with the most guns and the most gun deaths and the NRA says more guns.  Look at the other countries with fewer guns and fewer deaths.  We could do the same and learn from the rest of the world.

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    The American worker should never have to work for meager wages at 2 to 3 jobs and STILL not make ends meet! Trickle down is absolute rubbish!

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    In a country where immigrants are running rabid and gangs are ruining our schools, I don't see a way around this. Our society doesn't respect human life. Our government doesn't respect parental authority. 
    Citizens need to protect ourselves and our neighbors because the police are no longer valued or are given the tools to be effective. 
    These are all signs of unlawful and disorder that our government encourages.  

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    Here's with the American people need to learn: Guns don't kill, Republicans do.

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    The countries listed here have had tragedies similar to the U.S.  The main difference, is that they LEARNED from them and banned weapons that are nothing but killing machines.  I was interested in Australia in particular, where all kinds of creatures exist that can kill a person and they have very strict (and sensible, I might add) gun laws.  In the U.S., the NRA (a NON-PROFIT this group fits this particular moniker, I have NO idea....when the head of it wears suits that cost 1000s of dollars, has multiple houses, yachts and Lord knows what...and the group backs candidates who back them with MILLIONS in campaign funds and this group pays ZERO taxes! It boggles the mind!)  preaches "2nd Amendment rights" to the heavens....One is NOT "Free" they insist, unless one has ownership of items of mass destruction!  I would submit, that living in fear of being blown away at a theater, a restaurant, a concert, a school/college, the church of your choice or a ballroom dance studio FFS, is the OPPOSITE of Freedom.

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    The US has the highest number of gun deaths and gun ownership of all developed countries, and is in a race to the bottom of the 3rd world with El Salvador and Guatemala, in gun deaths.