BILL: Should Kids Be Banned From Social Media? - The Protecting Kids on Social Media Act

Do you support restrictions on social media use for kids under 18?

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    The young people I spoke with wanted to know why big government wants to police their friendships on social media but doesn't care if they get murdered in their classrooms. Fair question.

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    I support parental approval requirements, but ultimately this should be up to the parents.

    Why is the government continually trying to tell parents what to do in raising children?

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    I'm torn on not allowing kids to utilize social media. I truly believe that social media use by youth exacerbates any mental health issues that child may suffer. The reach for perfection and constant excitement is a recipe for anxiety and depression. Most social media outlets do not allow anyone under 13 to have an account. Yet, I know many kids much younger than 13 years old with an account. 

    As a former principal of an elementary school, I cannot even give you a number of the times I had to investigate some type of threat or bullying behavior that happened outside of the school day, but affected the school environment!  These incidents were numerous. Often parents were either unaware their child had an account or that the site had age restrictions. 

    I do not see how laws will change this, as there becomes an enforcement issue. 

    Perhaps, we put time & energy into a PR campaign targeting PARENTS?  Or, make social media sites responsible for age verification with stiff financial penalties for allowing youth on their platforms? Or, create programs that are developmentally appropriate, vigorously monitored, and safe for teenagers?


    Technology is moving & adapting faster than humans. Ethically & morally, we need to protect our kids. Im just not sure we can legislate non-use without being able to effectively implement this. 

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    Need a "Maybe" fior this one. Decision should be the parents but every device & app should have adequate parental controls to enforce and provide surveillance on use to parents.

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    Who is going to enforce this idea, the login police?

    Again, with technology getting away from everyone who didn't think it through first. This seems to be a theme...

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    CNN circus act of smoke, mirrors, lies and stupidity!

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    last Wednesday

    In 1993 Congress tried to regulate violent video games and pretty much got no where other than having meetings but no action.  It took states to act on it but some states that did act were later taken to court for violating the 1st Amendment.  

    I agree that something needs to be done but it's 30 years too late.  Best analogy to try and keep young kids from getting on the internet is like putting a condom on after having sex, totally useless.  Kinda like our government, useless  

    The decision to keep kids off the internet should belong to the parents but Congress wants to get involved in the decision of what is age appropriate.  Speaking of age appropriate at what age should a kid decide what gender or if gender reassignments need to be. 

    Is Congress again trying to legislate morality or is the general voter population just willing to hand over all control of decisions and parenting.  

    30 years too late.  What we need is a less intrusive, much smaller government and much, much less of a Socialistic government. 

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    Isn't this supposed to be called Being A Parent?

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    I support this as long as it still allows healthy access for our kids. They should be able to interact with each other in positive uplifting 

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    No universal banning of kids. However kids signing a platform's agreement shall NOT be binding. Social medias can design age appropriate into their algorithms.

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    I urge you to vote NO. I echo the digital rights advocates at Electronic Frontier Foundation: "Requiring that... users... tie their accounts to their age, and ultimately, their identity, will lead to fewer people expressing themselves, or seeking information online."

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    What idiot is supporting banning teenagers from social media? 
    kids need to be able to express themselves. If god forbid they aren't safe at home they need to be able to reach out. 

    this isn't about keeping them safe it's about controlling what they see and talk about so they can't make informed decisions when they are old enough to vote. It's so they can't acess information about protests they would be interested in joining. 

    it's all about controlling and infatallizing older teens. 

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    Kids don't need to be banned. 

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    Children's brains are being corrupted and diluted by social media, which is mostly not real life. Children need to be protected, including from social media, and they should not be allowed on social media until age 18. 

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    As a young adult I grew up with technology without many restrictions. My parents had never discussed internet safety with me because it was fairly new to them as well as they did not know the dangers. There were many predators. You tube was full of them and Omegle too, where you can talk to strangers. Many YouTubers went on this site for videos. I thought what harm could it be? Men three decades older than I, older women as well, preyed on me even after I had told them my age. Now as an adult I wish my parents never let me use their laptops. Technology can be amazing for school, but the web and media has poisoned many children. 

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    Psychological research has shown that social media can cause diffiucltes for both adults and children.  Children are typically unable to decern limits in this area and can be easily influenced. 

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    not agreed 

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    The proposed bill sounds reasonable.

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    Fucker Carlson and Donald Trump should be banned from social media because they're both filthy liars and Donald Trump is a molester. These are actual facts substantiated by the court of law.

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    If every parent would purchase their child a flip phone...texts and phone calls only until they could afford their own cell phone the problem would solve itself. Yes they'd have access to computers, iPads etc but nonstop, constant, in hand use would stop. Any middle and high school teacher will tell you that kids are always on their phones, in class, at lunch, after school and before class which adversely affects their lives. 

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    Not good for kids below 18yrs to use social media due to distraction and other health hazards!

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    I think parents need to take the lead on this not the govt

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    I do support restrictions on social media for kids under 18. I also support that kids of certain ages shouldn't be allowed to see x rated films. Too many social media sites are very suggestive to young minds and too any parents allow way to much unrestricted access. I think the development of kids today has been hampered by too much computer and phone use. Pick up a book or a newspaper, write a story or in a journal -in cursive. Kids don't know how to write either. They need to use their whole brain, left and right sides to meet their potential.