BILL: Should We Expand American Domestic Energy Production? - Lower Energy Costs Act - H.R.1

Do you support expanding American energy infrastructure, including pipelines?

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    I will only support the investment in green technologies that put the US strategically in a place of energy independence, while lowering energy costs for all. Try again!

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    While the House passed this energy and permitting package 225-204 it will be DOA in the Senate, but important pieces like streamlining the permitting process may go forward in a separate bill as their is wide bipartisan support for this in the House & Senate.

    Need a “Maybe” for this one. While it’s good to see actionable legislation from the GOP instead of culture wars, and expanding energy infrastructure & production to lower costs is a good goal, it only focuses on fossil fuels and seeks to undo progress made on renewables. 

    Currently this legislation (and numerous amendments) is partisan with 49 Republican co-sponsors, and should have been more bipartisan,  and included a blend of fossil and green energy infrastructure to manage the transition from fossil to green energy to be successful.


    (1) revising import/export restrictions

    (2) streamline infrastructure as long as it doesn’t risk safety line the recent changes to rail that has caused many hazardous accidents

    (3) transparency in drilling permitting process

    (4) increase mining of critical minerals

    (5) streamlining permitting process as it’s needed for both fossil and green energy projects, takes multiple jurisdictions which takes years


    (1) repeal natural gas taxes as fossil fuel taxes are needed to fund green energy development

    (2) ending the moratorium on new coal leasing projects

    (3) preempt state authority and autonomy to manage and protect water resources and to implement the state water quality certification program

    (4) Conservative Climate Caucus Chairs John Curtis and Mariannette Miller-Meeks (and probably many more of the 49 co-sponsors) receive large campaign contributions from oil & gas pacs.


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    Absolutely, why r Politicians hell bent, on destroying our Country, we could be supplying Europe with clean energy, instead they'd rather have Putin supplying it, at the same time he's destroying 

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    No we don't need more oil and gas production. We need to expand sustainable energy and improve our power grid and charging infrastructure.

    Do not pass this bill. We can't afford the environmental damage it will bring.

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    In the 70's our electrical company gave out interest free loans to upgrade your home with energy saving upgrades. Today our congress only looks at subsidizing big companies with green energy products. They no longer support their constituents but Carter to big businesses. These same companies our Congressional members support will take the grants and then raise rate to users. No I will not support any Bill that does not aid the users first. Lobbyists should be band and paid lobbying should be illegal. 

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    Support American energy production. Doing so provides employment, reduces national debt, and decreases energy costs for American families.

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    I oppose H.R.1 - Lower Energy Costs Act. We need to be investing in clean, renewable sources of energy, not increasing the burning of fossil fuels 

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    Nobody likes bills going up. But we need to stop using "cheap" as an excuse for doing the right thing.

    Fossil fuel industry is heavily subsidized by our taxes in order to keep prices low. They are also making record profits hand over fist. If they're so worried about the consumers price point, maybe the industry should absorb some of the cost. People need to realize that everywhere else in the world folks are paying 4 times what we are. It helps you become more efficient and less wasteful. These companies can afford to make less profit and put the difference into keeping the price point down. 

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    Although energy independence is important, removing taxes and restrictions on large companies will only allow them to produce uncontrolled pollution. Fossil fuels will run out and the process to obtain them also destroys habitats as well as pollutes the environment, so allowing companies to increase their use of fossil fuels will only result in higher energy prices for consumers. The US should be moving towards energy independence by funding more clean energy technologies which are not only clean but produce cheaper energy for consumers despite the initial start up costs.

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    Do so RESPONSIBLY. SAFELY. Hey Enbridge. You clean up Michigan yet??


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    I urge you to vote NO.

    I echo the OMB: “This Administration is making unprecedented progress in protecting America’s energy security and reducing energy costs for Americans – in their homes and at the pump. H.R. 1 would do just the opposite, replacing pro-consumer policies with a thinly veiled license to pollute. It would raise costs for American families by repealing household energy rebates and rolling back historic investments to increase access to cost-lowering clean energy technologies.”

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    We were energy independent with President Trump and day 1 Mr. Biden killed the keystone pipeline. Go energy independent again as more and more americans are being informed and track how you vote. Thank you.

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    NO to:

    BILL: Should We Expand American Domestic Energy Production? - Lower Energy Costs Act - H.R.1

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    I absolutely would support TRUE energy independence...but you need to make it green. We aren't going to get there by letting big oil & gas tear our country up and destroy even more communities. People have GOT to accept that eventually these finite-resource industries will have to go! That is a TRUE free-market! It will be a difficult transition and people will have to learn new trades...but it's necessary! Our kids and their kids don't need to be cleaning up our mess just because congress can't say no to big business...I don't care how many "jobs" they provide. This country doesn't belong to companies and the future of it shouldn't be beholden to THEIR bottom line.  

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    Green energy only. This satanic attempt by the Republicans is so trashy. Dick Durbin, stop letting Republicans blue slip too end judicial appointees for absolutely no reason. Stop being a Dick Durbin, I mean Joe Manchin or Kirsten Sinema!

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    Advantages of expanding domestic energy production:

    Energy security: Increasing domestic energy production can reduce dependence on foreign oil, which can improve energy security.
    Job creation: Expanding domestic energy production can create jobs in the energy sector and related industries.
    Economic benefits: Domestic energy production can stimulate economic growth and reduce energy costs for consumers.
    Technological innovation: Increased investment in domestic energy production can encourage innovation in energy technologies and drive progress towards a more sustainable energy future.

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    This is ridiculous, expanding production of oil and gas exports should not be our focus. Hello, global warming, come on people.  Alternative sources of renewable energy should be our focus. Wind, solar and hydrogen should be what we are exporting and expanding throughout our country. The whole weaponization thing is bull shit politicians use when they're trying to hide something. 

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    Energy independence is critic to American businesses and the future World power status.  You control this you can better control the energy consumption and help climate crisis.

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    We need to start producing our own oil like we were doing at the beginning of President Biden's  term until he stopped it!!!  Ever since gas, oil and energy prices have been getting higher!  We were energy independent but now we aren't. What are you going to do to get us back to where we were?

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    I do not support dirty fossil fuels...period!  Seeing ugly pipelines running through beautiful landscapes is disgusting and dangerous.  I support green energy because that's the only way to save ourselves, wildlife, and this planet.  The GQP can stick all this bullshit up their asses!  

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    This Gop sponsored bill is designed to put GREN in their pockets,rather than supporting Green measures!

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    This just expands fossil fuel and devastates the environment. Follow Europe's lead and expand renewable energy.

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    100% SUPPORT ENERGY INDEPENDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Anyone who believes what this administration is saying is likely in the 1%!  This continued attack on America's independence is so anti-democracy! If the Biden administration continues enhancing China's goals, we will all find ourselves homeless.  THIS IS WHAT BIDEN AND THE  COMMITTEE OF 300 plan to do!  They want to rule the world and line their pockets while destroying our destiny.

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    NO to:

    H.R.1 - Lower Energy Costs Act and Rep. Steve Scalise and ilk.

    This is just more glutenous GOP monetizing for the few at the expense of many, but really of Everything, our only place to live so far. Sadly, likely, we will always depend on oil. Keep moving to renewables in synergy with the natural environments; solar in deserts, farms in water rich environs…