'Tennessee Three' Lawmaker Justin Jones Silenced Again by GOP-Led House

Contact Speaker of the Tennessee House, Rep. Cameron Sexton, and demand justice for the Tennessee three.

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    Educate all voters to enable them to understand the need to vote oute their state chambers! We need more TN3's through out our country elected to office!

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    For now, real, earnest, and hard work must first be done outside the legislative chambers of Tennessee. It seems as though the Democratic Party pretty much gave up in Tennessee. People will eventually lose interest in the plight of the Tennessee Three unless work is done. 

    The Democrats have to invest in the state. The National Party needs to send skillful strategists to the state to organize and develop current and potential leaders. Then those who wish to lead need to develop an impressive vision and policies that will advance that vision.

    The national party needs to allocate resources for statewide campaigns and acquire high-profile endorsements.

    The National and Local Democratic Leadership must work together to develop and commit to a long-term strategy, prioritize resources, train volunteers, and look to grassroots supporters to get better candidates who will represent and advance the interests of the majority of Tennesseans.

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    A straight line needs to be drawn and demonstrated to the voters in Tennessee!  Their Congress has adopted new rules that don't allow for opposition. Representative Jones, while trying to represent his constituents , broke the rules. 

    The message NEEDS to be: vote people in who will REPRESENT you, change the congressional floor rules, and those who will create laws that benefit and protect the people in the great state of Tennessee!  

    That's the only message, as nothing else is going to work. 

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    It is awful that the representatives standing up for the communities that they represent are being punished for speaking out about something that personally affects their communities, and has and will continue to hurt other communities. They were trying to make a statement and literally stated that Congress cares more about guns than children, which couldn't be more true. They shouldn't have been punished for doing what was right. If the GOP is as pro-life as they say then they would have done something about the gun violence in this country by now. Guns are the highest reason for children's deaths in this country. Not only in school do guns affect children, but they affect them at home, on the street, in stores, and anywhere they are supposed to feel safe. Why are guns more important than the children of this country?

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    They should be banned permanetly from any office

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    Leah W.

    We have a two party system in this country which most Americans agree to adhere to, as the framework of our democratic form of government.  It is only the truly un-American who rejects this by making rules that allow duly elected legislaters to be removed from office for an opinion.

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    Seems like an insurrection to me. They should be locked up.

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    Yeah, the TN3 just voted against legislation to increase spending for school security. They really aren't interested in solving the problem.

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    An old saying says:  "Give a man enough rope and he will hang himself."  Seems that the Republican Party and it's extremists are doing a very good job.  If states don't want to follow the U.S. Constitution, then they can damn well leave the country.  If it should happen, then the federal government must immediately pull all federal funding, military bases, no more FEMA, No public education, no Social Security, no medicare and medicaid, etc.  Then let us see how long they can last without my tax dollars to supliment their needs.  They can't stop people from leaving their state and all hell would break loose if they tried.  It poses to be the best show on earth.

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    As an American and strong supporter of american rights for ALL, what this congressional group has done is unconscionable and unconstitutional. How dare the silence the voices of representatives who are speaking for the majority of the citizens in their districts (as well as the majority of american citizens)! As a nation, we are a global laughing stock... What reasonable democratic nation accepts the CONSTANT slaughter of it's citizens (esp. children), considering it to be less important than the unfettered "right" to own a weapon of major destruction? Gun manufacturers and the NRA have a vice-like grip on too many goverment "representatives"/republicans! These 3 Tennesseean representatives ARE speaking for the people and trying to do something RIGHT... and make changes that are long over-due. HOW DARE THEY BE SILENCED!!! A grave, arrogant, narrow-minded mistake!!!

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    They should have NEVER been treated like that...
    But as so they were....
    HAHA on the GOP.... who thought they were making a brilliant power play and all they accomplished was to SHOW PROOF POSITIVE of their RACISM... and IGNORANCE of WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT AND WHO THE HELL they are there to SERVE....

    Thanks for giving the Democratic Party a Lift...keep at it and we will enjoy defeating you this November and every November.

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    Harry-you need to ck. your facts re. the assault weapon ban-IT DID DECREASE MASS SHOOTINGS.

    Looks like the damn Republicans in TN just lost this assault on democracy.

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    It is evident the defenders of the Tenn3 in this forum did not witness their RUDE & CRUDE behavior.  TO grab a bullhorn and try to block somebody they oppose is to be expected by DICTATORIAL THUGS on the Left. 

    Listen to Justin Pearson campaign for college STUDENT President IN 2016 & hear how he tries to sound like MLK alllllllll over again.  SUCH A FAKE! 

    The faux-guilty white lady liberal intimated SHE wasn't expelled because she was white.  (PLAY THE RACE CARD, dear!)  She forgets to mention she tried to explain & minimize her culpability, basically claiming her behavior did not warrant expulsion. WHAT A PHONY! 

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    It's no surprise Democrats send disruptive radicals to represent nothing but chaos.  They sure don't represent anything for their constituents.  Justin Jones ought to be in jail.  This BLM supporter represents no one but himself.  The same can be said for all three of these useless "Representatives."




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    Strongly I support the stricter gun control laws as the state and federal laws across our country, but I am tired but fed-up about frequent gun violence and frequent mass shootings in any places across our country. Our America is not the safe nation in North America. Otherwise I strongly defend " Tennessee 3" who are Democrats then they should be restored to be back to Tennessee State Legislature to resume their work. So that I acknowledge that all of " Tennessee 3" are strongly the gun control supporters in the law practice. The Republicans really make big mistakes.

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    Gun control laws will only affect law-abiding people. You won't stop someone wanting to committ violence from getting a gun. The orginial assault weapons ban did nothing to slow down crime.

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    Responded further to Protest Music thread.

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    Help me understand, how is the GOP  PRO LIFE, with  out strengthing 

    laws to help prevent the massive number of deaths and injuries thrrough out our country due to gun violence????????

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    The Tennessean State House just summarily canceled two of the people' representatives becuase they had the audacity to join protestors demanding realistic gun control laws in the wake of another mass killing of innocents. The House was just passing laws to greatly relax guin control laws and the protest, joined by fellow House members, called attention to their actions.

    State Republican Cartel dominated legislatures are worried that our youth can see though their entitled hipocrisy of selling political favor to their benefactors and working for them instead of the people they supposedly represent. That is why they are gerrymandering districts in violation of their own states laws and making it harder for people to vote -particularly younger voters, and those who cannot make it to distant or limited hour polling stations.

    These two young black men shined a light on their actions and the entrenched legislators used the authorities granted to them by the people to suppress the representatives of the people who dared to expose them.

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    Justice for Justin!

    We the people see the Tennessee GOP failed in their attempt to squash young Black voices in the state House, and we won't let it happen again.

    Tennessee is currently the most anti-democratic state in the union, but surely other states aren't far behind. As long state legislatures are gerrymandered to the extreme that only one party and one "side" is controlling the whole game, Democracy is not working.

    I hope the people of Tennessee rise up and make their voices heard in a peaceful, but meaningful way. And I hope that spreads to other states.