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    Greeting I hope you're doing well. I can see that you're looking for donations faster, and that's a great cause! But have you connecting with philanthropists who might be interested in supporting your campaign before?

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    Look, guns are a tradition in America, but anything more then a simple single shot hunting rifle is entirely unnecessary for anybody. 

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    I demand that military type weapons be banned.

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    We need more gun restrictions in our country. There is a shooting nearly everyday in our nation. It is negatively impacted our country where everyone is supposed to be given the right to life. We are the only developed country with this issue. More action is needed to ensure the safety and protection of our citizens. 

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    Fox was created for republicans propaganda and alternative truth (lies)!

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    In light of the spate of weekend gun violence and murders of innocent "law-abiding" citizens across the nation, including the Dollar General shootings in our very own Jacksonville, it is time for some real bi-partisan action. It is time to stop hiding behind a narrow reading of the 2nd Amendment. Ownership of military-style weapons of war, whose only function is to slaughter as many human beings as possible in as short a time as possible, should not be protected. If you believe these weapons are protected by the 2nd Amendment, perhaps it's time to amend the flawed and outmoded 2nd Amendment.

    President Biden's bipartisan actions on the front end to reduce gun violence. GOP proposals address the gun violence issue at the back end. I would hope that you would work with the Biden Administration to implement programs from both directions. Maybe between the two approaches, some real progress toward reducing the horrendous daily gun violence that is plaguing our nation.

    In case you have not had the opportunity to study the recent Biden Administration proposals, I am attaching a link to help you.

    On May 14, 2023 the President detailed 13 actions his Cabinet has taken or will take to maximize the benefits of the legislation, including new steps to keep guns out of dangerous hands, ensure BSCA’s mental health funding helps those dealing with the grief and trauma resulting from gun violence, make our schools safer, and expand community violence interventions.

    FACT SHEET: President Biden Announces 13 New Actions to Reduce Gun Violence by Maximizing the Benefits of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act

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    White Christian gun violence and why!

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    I'd love to see a video of a gun sprouting legs and arms and shooting itself. 

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    I don't know what can be done regarding gun violence but I believe the fist step would be for politations to admit there is a problem. This is not the time to make purchasing firearms easier. Carrying conseaed guns is not a constitutional right! Crimes committed with a firearm need severe penalties and they Need to be enforced 

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    This has to stop! We cannot continue to be targets for gun nuts! 

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    What about Chicago? No you're careless about everyday violence 

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    I will remember the simple fact when I vote in the next election and the election after that, guns don't kill people Republicans do.

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    We need to address the gun violence issue in our country. Innocent lives are taken and families are left behind to deal with trauma every day of their lives. I have witnessed first hand children losing their parents due to gun violence. Something has to be changed. 

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    Please take the time to read through this article:


    This is no way for our children to live - to have to go to school each day and worry that they might be shot dead before the day is out. It doesn't take a psychologist to understand that the children of this generation will suffer untold psychological damage for the rest of their lives. Think back on your school days when your worst fear was being sent to the principal's office.

    If you are as truly and proudly "Pro-Life" as you claim, then you should also be as deeply concerned for the lives of these children (and adults) who daily life in fear. Adding to this carnage are recent laws in our state and others allowing permitless concealed carry. Don't you see the absurdity in this?

    In previous responses, you have claimed to be hamstrung by the 2nd Amendment and therefore powerless to act. Well, if the 2nd Amendment is your stumbling block, perhaps it's time to start looking at amending (or even abolishing!) the 2nd Amendment.

    The nation and the world are looking to you to curb this senseless and avoidable violence on our children and on the streets of the US. When groups are posting travel warnings about our state, maybe it's time for you to take some strong action.

    Thank you for listening,

    John D.

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    Very interesting read from an ex-gunshop owner  in Georgia with a conscience.

    "Georgia gun shop owner shutters store after mass shootings targeting children

    From the story 

    'Two recent shootings led Waldman to his decision, he said.

    A former student of The Covenant School in Nashville killed three children and three adults at the campus on March 27, officials said. Police shot and killed the shooter.

    “That really affected me,” Waldman said. “And then the shooting at Midtown [Atlanta] — this just has to stop. Dude killed a woman from the CDC who only wanted to help others. So I just can’t. That was the final straws.”

    On May 3, a 24-year-old man opened fire in an Atlanta hospital, killing a woman and wounding four others, before he was captured, police said.

    Waldman said that if he hadn't already decided to close his shop, another reason presented itself six weeks ago when a customer wanted to buy 4,000 rounds.

    Even 1,000 would have been reasonable, but four times that amount, Waldman said, made him question his field.

    "If you had ordered 200 to 1,000 rounds, that's fine. Anyone who shoots regularly, you're going through a thousand rounds in a month," he said.

    "But when you order 4,000 rounds, the kind of stuff that goes through engine blocks, refrigerators and vests that police officers wear, I just can't sell that," he said.

    Waldman insisted he's not pushing for greater restrictions on firearm ownership but is only advocating for more gun safety.

    "I am more of a training and learning advocate," he said. "I am more about training and safety than I am 'everybody should just have one.' You should be able to safely have one."

    He said too many gun owners don't pay the same attention to their firearms as to their cellphones.'


    That last sentence says a lot!

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    Republicans have given approval to carry a gun almost anywhere any place any time in America except for at a republican rally! If guns are going to be everywhere I want to see guns a republican rally and political events. The Republicans sacrifice the population in order to protect themselves I'm about sick of it.

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    When our forefathers wrote about gun rights they were using muskets. I see no where in the 2nd amendment that people can have any type of gun they want. Gun rights are way out of control. When I was a teen you could transport a gun if it was cased, separated from amo and carried in a people buy guns with out checks and carry concealed. This is crazy and must stop

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    The fear-mongering on right-wing media is exactly designed to drive gun sales.

    "Crime is out of control" equals "buy more guns to defend yourselves." And it's worked.

    There are more guns than people in this country, and right-wing people driven by fear are stockpiling weapons.

    The gun industry and right-wing media have cause this rise in gun violence, and they're never going to take responsibility for it.

    We the People need to fight back by forcing our government to act: reduce the number of guns and increase regulations on firearms.

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    More children die from gunshot ones in this country in from anything else!

    Guns don't kill people Republicans do!!!!

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    Enough of this! Living in fear is not freedom.