IT: Anti-semitic incidents hit record highs in 2022, and... Should Trump be arrested?

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    This is the most absurd charge YET!  Trump has been brutally accused of many crimes, but has yet to be charged. 
    The Democrats need to stop and focus on other issues that are affecting our country.  
    Plus they should have to pay out of their own funds for all of these bogus charges.  I DO NOT WANT OUR TAX DOLLARS SPENT FUNDING THEIR ASININE TRUMPED UP BULLSHIT. 

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    Victoria J.

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    Fortunately in Trump case and so many others they have their day in court to prove their innocence. Unfortunately it slow and if you have enough money you can drag it out, which is OK. At some point your day in court will end and true will come out! 
    As far as political prisoners in other countries, these people only speak out or tweet for human rights and democracy are jailed. Not a coup, or an insurrection, or stop a legal democracy government proceeding on a election, voting or voting rights.

    The people in the US contested the elections 60 time with out any evidence of voter fraud in court! Then the radical conservative right storm the capitol with the attempt of death and destruction to a democracy to change the will of the people at the direction of their authoritarian fascist white supremacy leader. These people that are in prison are not just speaking out or tweeting about or posting, they came at the direction of the leaders to overthrow democracy.

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    I sure hope he will be arrested, convicted, and spend time in prison-like the rest of his miserable life.  As far as I'm conccerned he is a traitor who tried to overthrow our democracy and should be treated as such.  If he is not arrested, tried and found quilty of at least one of the many crimes he's committed then our justice system will be seen as a joke and it will only embolden idiots like DeSantis and other MAGA assholes to act as if they are above the law (which they already do).  So,, for my part LOCK HIS SORRY ASS UP.