Cut Emissions To Save Lives and Catastrophe, Urgently Warns New UN Climate Report

Tell your reps to take action on climate change NOW

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    Lies, Water level been rising since the last ice age.

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    Ok, so what is the plan here.  I can't even get solar heating here in the North. Do I have to buy my panels from companies in Colorado or Virginia? Why?   I also don't mind sweeping the snow off of the panels.  Just in your mind right sweeping snow off of solar panels to hauling, stacking and buring 20 cords of wood per year.  My only other heat is "base board electric" so I stopped my fire for a while and just used the electric heat  to see how much it costs and my bill is 383.19 for 7 days!  Can't do that!  I understand that the Cloverland Electric Co, that we all know is corrupt, purchased the old Edison Sault Electric Company.  It is that 2 mile long building in the St. Mary's River.  

    It has always been my greatest hope that "we the people" could purchase that old building and tear it and the Locks out and re-instate the 22 foot casscading waterfall that ran from the "head" of the canal all the way down the river passed Sugar Island.  With the electricity that we could channel from that we could cover ourselves and all outlying areas and bonus sell the rest of it to the Canadians!

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    The negative effects of climate change are already killing people and causing billions in property, crop,  and infrastructure and it's only going to get worse unless we take immediate and comprehensive action.  We've fucked around too long by sticking our heads in the sand and doing nothing and that has got to end if we want to save our planet.

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    If my roof was leaking 30 years ago and all I did was patch it aand buy big pots to catch the rain, that leak which would have cost a few hundred dollars to fix. By now, that leak would have completely rotted the wood that holds what is left of the shingles in place. And probably damaged the framing and ceiling that the roof leak spreads though.

    Instead of a hundred dollar patch when the problem was first discovered, I will now face a $20,000 - $30,000 roof, framing, and ceiling repair.

    That's where the world is now. If we do not get serious now, about spending the funds and mobilizing the world to fight climate change we will assuredly face much higher economic and humaniatarian costs from the consequences of rapidly accelerating climate change. 

    The world has already crossed the first threshold in global average temerpature which will require many years to reverse the changes to the climate. If the world reached net zero instantaneously today, the climate will not get worse but will still take many years to get better, There is still CO2 in the atmosphere form the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution. 

    The key finding of this report is that it is becoming increasingly unlikely that the world will not reach the next trigger point in global average temperature, where the rate of climate change can not be slowed or stopped by anything that mankind currently knows how to safely do at the scale need to make an impact.

    When this second threshold temperature is reached, there are global chemical reactions that cause more greenhouse gases to be released from now cold ocean depths and melting permafrost. A the oceans warm and become more acidic, phytopolanction which processes as much as 50% of the carbon captured by plant life cannot survive, lans and sea ice, which noir mammal reflects sunslight back into space decreases and allows more heat to be absorbed by the darker oceans. It is an unstoppable chemical chain reaction with the potential of becoming a major life extinction event.

    So yes, the world's leadership had better get their collective asses in gear or else there will not be much of a world left to lead,

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    While scientific consensus is 99.9% that humans are changing the climate, only 27% of US adults believe it's a climate crisis caused by humans led by senior Republican leadership since Ronald Reagan. 30 US Senators and 109 House Reoresentatives refuse to acknowledge scientific evidence.

     "The scientific consensus that humans are altering the climate has passed 99.9%, according to research that strengthens the case for global action at the Cop26 summit in Glasgow."

     "A previous survey in 2013 showed 97% of studies published between 1991 and 2012 supported the idea that human activities are altering Earth’s climate."

     "This has been updated and expanded by the study by Cornell University that shows the tiny minority of sceptical voices has diminished to almost nothing as evidence mounts of the link between fossil-fuel burning and climate disruption."

     "The latest survey of peer-reviewed literature published from 2012 to November 2020 was conducted in two stages. First, the researchers examined a random sample of 3,000 studies, in which they found only found four papers that were sceptical that the climate crisis was caused by humans. Second, they searched the full database of 88,125 studies for keywords linked to climate scepticism such as “natural cycles” and “cosmic rays”, which yielded 28 papers, all published in minor journals."

     "The authors said their study, published on Tuesday in the journal Environmental ResearchLetters, showed scepticism among experts is now vanishingly small."

     "a 2016 study by the Pew Research Center that found only 27% of US adults believed that “almost all” scientists agreed the climate emergency was caused by human activity."

     "Many senior Republicans continue to cast doubt on the link between human activity and the climate crisis as market researchers have advised them to do since at least the presidency of George W Bush. According to the Center for American Progress, 30 US senators and 109 representatives “refuse to acknowledge the scientific evidence of human-caused climate change”. Several big media organisations and social networks also promote climate-sceptical views that have little or no basis in science."

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    It's time to stop the denial and excuses. 

    I don't know why Republicans are so eager to see Florida, Louisiana and Texas end up like Pakistan was just last year, but it's coming. People in the South are some of the most vulnerable to the effects of larger and more severe storms, and it's only a matter of time. 

    We must reduce emissions everywhere we can by transitioning to sustainable energy, and we must stop drilling and stop heating up the climate with fossil fuels. We can't afford any more excuses.

    I wrote to all my representatives with a copy of this report attached, did you?

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    I would be willing to lay down good hard earned cash to bet that ending ALL war efforts, eliminating firearms, tanks, missles, aircraft, ships, submarines, drones and such other wasting of tax dollars would greatly slow down the climate changes that we are seeing to day.  BUT----God forbied that anyone investing in such military corporations should lose their profit margin.  Politicians seem to think that human beings are expendable and easily replaced.  Why else would they get rid of planned parenthood, and legal abortion.The fact still remains that we are slowly destroying our planet and the politicians and others in charge don't give a damn as long as they get theirs.  It is a well known fact that war is a money making effort, even the aid given to those displaced by it.  Sadly, the only way we can, as individuals, accomplish anything is through our vote and they are rigging that so only those of like minds will be allowed to vote.  Our politicians turn a blind eye and deaf ears to the demands of the people they are supposed to WORK FOR.  Their staff is trained to ignore any thing that doesn't fit into their political scheme allowing them to keep their privileged position at a cost to the less fortunate.

    I've come to the point of thinking that every volcano in existance should blow their top.  Up to and including the Yellowstone caldera.  With any luck, suriviors will have commoin sense enough to NOT REPEAT the mistakes of previous governments.  Then again, I'll not hold my breath.  I'm not afraid to die.  the good Lord isn't ready for me, YET.

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    There has been a push for climate change for over 100 years. I read an article published around 1914. It said that we would only have 10 years because of climate change then!. I just read an article from the UN on countries and their pollution. I worked in a coal-fired generating plant when I came off active duty. Their scrubbers took 90% of harmful contaminants out of their exhaust. And they were in the process of adding on to the existing scrubber that would remove the last 10%. And that was in 1972. This country has been one of the forerunners in cleaning up our industrial emissions. It is hard to believe that Asian countries and also a lot of the European countries and Central and Southern American countries are ahead of ours in this attempt.  They have all been trying to hold our manufacturing efforts back for decades, just so they could get ahead of us. 

    The UN has become nothing more than a political organization. And, I believe that the goal is not to have our interests in mind. This finding on climate change is not accepted by everyone in science. Remember what is said to be true today is usually disproved in the future. These people are crying WOLF without a plan to control our weather. That only happens in SyFy movies!



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    we can act now, or doom ourselves forever...easy choice. but capitalist symps just want to bury our heads in the sand...well, thats what will be left for your children...sand.

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    Obama and others purchased beach front property. I thought they were going to flood. And how did Obama and many others afford that???  Who was paying them millions upon millions and don't tell us book deals where NO-ONE buys the book. 

    Climate change BS... China, India etc will polute until the cows come home.  This is another leftist - communist - Democrat melarky. 


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    The evidence of Climate Change being an emergrency is not valid and and the actual data suggests we should not allocate any funds to Climate Change. First, you will do more harm than good, such as putting money to Electric Vehicles and second, the cost will be too destructive. Finally, there is no emergency.

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    The destruction of the earth has been repeatedly being predicted for the last sixty years.  When will these climate change fanatics admit that the whole climate change crisis is nothing more than a HOAX?