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Demand your reps take action on LGBTQIA+ rights

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    Stop regulating our bodies and start regulating guns.

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    Attacks on LGBTQ+ rights are attacks on human rights and the rights of all citizens.  Congress should stand for the rights of citizens, but seems to only stand for money (and then only if they get a cut).  We elected people to represent the voters, not the party! 

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    Vote against harming LGBTQ Community on ALL levels

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    Rose Mary

    The LGBT community has been under attack from right wing religious zealots. Parents rights are under attack and lives are in danger from these bigots. 
    These discriminatory practices must be stopped. Please save lives and stop the religious zealots from hurting people who were born differently than the typical white straight person. 

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    I support Trans rights and recognition of equal opportunity and treatment for Trans persons.

    In America, we're supposed to lead by extending virtues such as freedom and equality to all people. Especially citizens. Regardless of sex, gender, identity, political ideology, religion, race or ethnic group, age, or other factors. Please vote in-kind. 

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    WHY IS THERE AN ATTACK ON THE DIVERSE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY!? The strength of our nation is because of the diversity of it's people.

    All of these measures to restrict people based on fear is absurd. Our country is being threatened by much more pressing issues than LGBTQ+ and Trans people. Focusing on these issues takes this country backwards as the world moves forward.

    Our lawmakers need to focus on the threats to our economy such as the efforts to make the US Dollar a secondary currency for oil payments, Kenya to stop using USD, India canceling payments in USD,  BRIC and South Africa developing a new currency. THOSE ARE JUST A COUPLE THINGS LAWMAKERS NEED TO FOCUS ON TO KEEP OUR STANDING IN THE WORLD!


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    For those that can't see it this is what's really happening here, this is a smoke screen something to divert peoples attention and the fact that more children are being shot to death in this country, death in droves from more than from anything else. Nothing even comes close accidents, cancer, viruses, birth defects, nothing kills more children than guns. If the Republicans can get people thinking about the "gay people doing gay things" they feel they can take their minds off of the simple fact that nothing kills more children in this country than Republicans. This is an old sick game the Trump invented point the finger at the other guy point the finger at the other thing no matter how ugly what you're doing yourself is. It's also the playbook of another man from history Adolf Hitler.

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    How many bad ideas can the Republican Party come up with, just when you think they had ran out of bad ideas they succeeded in a new one. Just Another fear mongering tactic!😱

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    Oops.  Guess I got MTG mixed up with Boebert in my comment yesterday.  Boebert is the uneducated one.  MTG is the one who got $183,594.00 in student loan debt forgiven.  Yet God forbid any of us see even a dollar in assistance under her reign.

    The Lesley Stahl interview was absolutely disgusting.  MTG's comment calling Biden a pedophile, because he believes trans children should be helped, and Lesley's handling of that comment, were unbelievable.  There were quite a few other comments just as horrid, that were let go without a word from Lesley also.  I did not watch it, but have seen enough clips from Meidas Touch, et al., to see how outrageous this interview was.  If I were Lesley I would be ashamed of how I handled that interview.  I would not go out in public for a few days after that fiasco!

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    I need you to stand up against the flood of bigotted attacks on the LGBTQIA community and especially the attacks on trans youth seeking gender affirming care.

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    Transgender people deserve to have rights like everyone else. Let's protect people instead of causing division. 

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    I am not sure if we should support to help prevent violence or additional school shootings. Or if we should pass bills requiring psychological help to treat people with gender dysmorphia.
    If what was supposed to be an immutable characteristic is now mutable based on a whim and not a diagnostic, is it now possible to start identifying other ways that were once thought could not be changed.  

    Say if I feel I am black, can I get skin pigmentation and force others to recognize me as such? If I were not accepted as son, should that be a hate crime?  If people can be anything based on how they feel, this could over time become over reaching.  

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    On this Trans Day of Visibility, let us remember our trans friends and neighbors. Trans people have always existed in this world, they are just more visible now. Trans people will continue to exist in the world, and deserve the same human right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And trans people will live in the future, where they will hopefully be free of persecution and discrimination.

    If you don't know a trans person, I hope you'll take some time today thinking about what would you say to trans person to recognize their humanity.

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    We The People-....that's all of us,....right?

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    Any laws that identify groups of people by race, gender, religeon, age, or "class" and restricts them is a transparent attempt to bypass and invalidate constitutional rights.  This is true in general of restrictive federal, state, and local laws.  Elected officials are sworn to protect those individual rights and the constitution!  If you are an elected official and not a criminal, get on that.  NOW!  

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    I stand with Ron Desantis and you should too.  

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    What happened to small government? This is government over reach.

    Mind your own business

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    Just now 3 children were killed in a "religious" school in Nashville.

    But what are Tennessee legislators doing about it? Banning drag shows and trans athletes.

    I sure hope the parents see how much safer their kids will be now.