LGBTQ+ Rights & Trans Bans

Demand your reps take action on LGBTQIA+ rights

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    last Friday

    The people in the government have turned their backs on the trans people who live in the United States. We must stand up and let the lawmakers know we won't stand for this; we must stand together now. We need to stand together; otherwise, so many people will die. There is no excuse for not standing up and fighting directly. 

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    last Thursday

    It appears we have had it pretty good in America with personal freedoms. Now it seems like the right wing federalist are seeking to destroy our freedoms for dictatorship. Yes we still have our issues in this country. Mainly personal freedoms such as prejudices of color, nationality, religions, sexual, expression, assembly, privacy, speech. We are loosing these freedoms. What is their main goal? Why are they afraid of personal freedoms. We need to really research these individuals prior to casting your ballot. Are we turning into the land of wimps? Where we just standby and allow these federalist run our lives. We are the richest country in the world, made by every American. We should have no poverty, no discrimination, no homelessness, best education system costing very little. But then here comes folks who want power over the meek. Wanting to destroy the American Freedom. My only assumption is you just can't fix stupidity. It is running rampant in our country. 

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    last Wednesday

    Arkansas and their cruel lying governor Sarah "Hellscape" Huckabee Sanders have decided to monitor school bathrooms to prevent transgender children from using the bathroom of their gender identity.

    It's so good to see that Arkansas schools have the staff and resources to monitor restrooms and be sure that nobody gets to the freedom to use the restroom they identify with. I'm glad that all the parents and residents of Arkansas will feel safer now from the scourge of thousands of trans children using the wrong restroom.

    More reason to never visit Arkansas.

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    last Monday

    Anti-LGBTQ is yet another example, like the antiabortion laws, of politicians in government imposing their religious beliefs on others and practicing medicine without a medical license.

    Healthcare is private (and protected) between a doctor and patient. When underage (or incapacitated) between doctor and parents or guardians with patient assent. 

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    Bills like SB 140 have no place in Georgia. They are a violations of privacy, bodily autonomy, and the rights of parents to make decisions for their children. Endless evidence supports that gender affirming care and support of Trans Children saves lives. Protect Trans Children! Vote no on DB140

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    This is really quite simple.

    Our country affords people 'certain inalienable rights'. The only people who are denied some of those rights are those that willfully and improperly use their rights to take away, impede or interfere with the rights of others.

    People in this context are all of the people protected by our laws and includes non-citizens and citizens alike, dfferent genders, different religious beliefs, different races, ethnicities, skin color, and also the diversity of members that make up the LBGTQ+ community.

    Different groups of people may not like the beiiefs of 'others' but no group of people, none - especially groups of politicians bound by oath to the Constitution, has the right to take away the rights of others in their personal 'pursuit of happiness'. Only those that willfully act to take the rights of others to pursue their own 'happiness' need have their rights limited.  

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    The right wing federalist society members not only push right wing judge, spout "radical new theories" and secession from the United States, anti-abortion, but also anti democracy and pushing authoritarian regimes dictatorship.

    People are fools if you think the fasces federalist society is for democracy and freedom !!!

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    Remember how in 2022 all the Republicans were running on a platform of reducing crime, reducing inflation, securing the border, and lowering taxes?

    Why is it that in 2023 there are more bills that are against LGBTQ+ people across this country than there are about any of those other issues which the American people seemed at least somewhat interested in?

    Do the Republicans really think these bills are going to turn out enough votes to win again in 2024?

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    The anti-gay/trans policies are un-democratic and inhererntly wrong.  Being gay/trans is not a choice and you can't pray or legislate it away, thus all these idiotic actions are doomed to fail and divert attention and energy away from other issues that are of more importance.  Thus, our homophobic legislators need to direct their actions at matters that are more pressing rather than trying to impose their homophobic views on all people living in the US.  The actions/behavior of the LBGTQ community is not harmful to others and quite frankly, I don't give a shit about who has sexual relations with who as long as it is not forced on unwilling participants, minors, those who cannot provide informed consent, or it includes violence.  As long as all sexual activity of straight and homosexual individuals is carried out within those boundaries and is not conducted in public places then it really is no one else's business.  So stay the hell out of it and let people live their lives as they see fit.

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    More children hurt by the top than the bottom. Hear me F'in Reps!

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    The rights of all people need to be protected! Allowing gender affirming care to these young people b gives them more time to figure out who they are, it also allows them to live with dignity. It is hard enough being a tras kid... without  you're state telling you, you don't or should not exist!