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    Yesterday at 5:10 AM

    Good stuff Brian. I think I have to go deeper. Now police recruits were given a mental evaluation for the first time and 70% of them were found to be unfit to be cops. I believe this is nationwide including the police,  CIA, congress, the senate and so on. Now you're ancestors(and I'm 66%Spanish and Portugal, 26% native by Mexican and Puerto Rican as well a 7%black) have given me a world of torturing. From when I was in school and it felt like I wasn't going to make it. You racist satanic sob story creeps are naturally so cruel. Indeed. I've been watching indisputable with Dr Rashad Richey on YouTube and I watch other sites too vote racism throughout America. Now that you have the cops cameras why are they thinking they can be racist on the job. There were many stories of whole police departments and cities and so on about their racial policies. We need to ban all racist everything. It's not legal to present a swastika in Germany or the Hitler salute either yet in America the confederacy has been working behind your back to push history in their schools to mislead their republican red states into thinking just like Hitler. They also push that slavery was a privilege and that it was greatly enjoyed. Any false teaching has no place in our country unless you are pushing for civil  war! About the electoral college putting whoever they think should be President over the vote of the people is another example of our racist American politicians. They've come with promises from Reagan that there would be a job for everyone and we'd all have homes and splendor. Reagan said giving the rich or profits of America would and will ensure for me jobs everywhere. Instead the rich hoarded and blew the money. Well Reagan(he's dead) it's been over 40 years and is it 40 or 50 trillion I forgot which amount has been transferred from the middle and lower classes to the rich. You're a treasonous thief and you're name should be known only as a traitor. Reagan, Bush, Trump, Clinton, and the rest because none of you care for nothing except far too much money in your bank account. The safest part is the politicians will give many billions and trillions for millions. They're all crazy and they're our so called leaders. We are an example to the world and our chaotic leadership has hurt the free world. It's hurt us and our allies and territories. We are cruel, Capitalist, racist as hell. You look like you're inviting the antichrist into our lives. You make no sense. You're stupid, completely unimaginative for the possible. The heart change we need to defeat global warming. So we have an expiration but it's maybe not in our lifetime. You can't think that. You're moving for our future you can't think that ever! All you care about is the tech industry because they promise they'll find us all a new planet, you're stupid letting them have power. The whole time they're just simple minded neonazi or kkk if you prefer or confederate even better- creeps who do nothing but bow down to the rich despite their extreme evil. They make them stupid in many ways. Let me name them because this is another issue. It's toxic epidemic. I think of it as a pandemic and since I can smell toxic in the air easily and shall I say naturally since I was injured in the brain, and I smell it from my neighbors, my families neighbors, and ask those in the city that stink with that stench and there are many because there's many types of toxics each worse than the next but some people have all of them and the nightmare is embedded in our brains, our bodies, our freedom and our pigs. 70% of cops are pigs, 70% of judges are pigs I'd guess too and pretty much everybody except that high percentage actually increases it to about 100%. We're a fascist country. Idiocy makes sense here. Instead of war on global warming and toxic we eat with ourselves. The antichrist is coming. You made genocide on our doorstep. You bring it and I wonder, I wonder if the people will come for those who took money to let earth be destroyed. I wonder if they may do Civil War out of sheer stupidity instead or just go to war with China like the kids in my school were sure about. In that case they'd watch me starve to death as they fight the Chinese on the rooftops. Look i know we for a nuke that could split the world in half okay. But that ain't ever gonna matter at all. What matters is rehab for all the addicted Americans. Please they're on toxic and it's atrocious side effects will always haunt you and me and her and him whoever you look at, they are in need of your help, your duty, your service, your ethics and your morality. I know Durbin will retire this time, on your way out fight because I understand the Republicans will steal this election. Fight like you know selling your soul to Satan gets you nothing. Have you gained understanding, please, show me!

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    I support banning white supremacy and the electoral count act. 

    I'm sure Kevin and Margie are never going to bring either of these up for a vote, but hopefully it's only a matter of time until they're out of power and the priorities of the majority of Americans get back to the House floor.

    The rest of the GOP bills are a joke representing their anti-policy culture war agenda.